Chapter 313: Become a couple

Song Qingshu came up with this idea not because of his entanglement with Zhang Wuji, but out of his own consideration. 

Zhao Min’s mission to the Southern Song Dynasty, if it was really for peace talks, then Mongolia would most likely attack either the Jin Empire or the Qing Empire with all its strength. If they attack the Jin Dynasty, it would be okay, but if they attacks the Qing Empire, all his previous plans would go down the drain.

After all, according to his previous plan, he wanted to use the Golden Serpent Camp to grow step by step and gradually digest the strength of the Qing Empire. If Mongolia launched an all out attack at the moment, even if Song Qingshu overthrew Qing Empire, in the end it would be to lure wolves into the house and bring a more powerful enemy! That was naturally what Song Qingshu didn’t want to see.

At present, stalling the Mongolian mission was the most cost-effective plan. As long as Mongolia fails to negotiate the peace treaty with the Southern Song Dynasty for some time, it wouldn’t be able to attack the Qing Empire from all fronts, and Song Qingshu would have plenty of time to make preparations.

However, Song Qingshu didn’t act immediately, but planned to wait and see the battle between Monk Jinlun and Xuancheng first. After all, he knew a thing or two about Monk Jinlun from the original book, but Xuancheng only had a few words in the original book. His strength was really a mystery.

He had just witnessed Xuancheng perform all kind of techniques from Shaolin’s Seventy-Two unique martial arts, and no matter how profound the technique, there was always a way to break it. But that Vajra Body Defending Divine Skill was really a headache, once Xuancheng uses that technique, it would be near impossible to hurt him, then how could he win? 

Song Qingshu patted his head with a headache.

Thinking back to some of the martial arts movies in the previous life, he remembered that there were quite a few similar martial arts. Although that kind of martial arts made the body invulnerable, there was always a part of the body that couldn’t be practiced, and that was the so-called “achilles heal”, a weak-point. That weak-point would be extremely fragile, as long as it was struck precisely, it could completely break the opponent’s defense.

“Where is this weak-point?” Song Qingshu held his wine glass and stared at the two people fighting in the middle of the inn. His eyes narrowed, and countless thoughts flashed in his mind. According to the rules in movies, the weak-point was usually located at the most vulnerable place of a man. However, film and television were works of fiction after all, and it was really hard to predict whether they were reliable or not. What’s more, it was said that the Shaolin Temple had a martial art that made “that place” like iron, and if Xuancheng also practiced it, wouldn’t he just stare blankly like a fool?

Zhao Min thoughtfully looked at Song Qingshu’s direction, and saw him just sitting there all calm and carefree. She was full of curiosity in her heart. The former Song Qingshu always gave her the impression of just a spoiled young master, and not long ago he was in despair, as he had his meridians destroyed. 

‘What kind of encounter caused this man to undergo such an earth-shaking change?’

Song Qingshu turned his head thoughtfully and met Zhao Min’s gaze, so he couldn’t help but show a smile and give a nod, prompting Zhao Min to quickly turn her head, as she felt resentful in her heart, ‘No matter how much he changes, he will always look annoying!’

At that moment, Monk Jinlun had already exchanged quite a lot of attacks with Xuancheng, and every time the Golden Wheel touched the Zen Staff there would always be a screeching sound, accompanied by a series of dazzling sparks.

Xuancheng’s staff technique was indeed extremely powerful. With a swing of the Staff, an invisible force came striking towards him from afar. Monk Jinlun didn’t lose the momentum, and swung his right hand, accompanied by crackling sound, Xuancheng’s invisible force vanished into nothingness.

However, Xuancheng has been known as the number one martial arts master in Shaolin Temple for two hundred years. His skill was really unfathomable. So occasionally, Monk Jinlun used the Golden Wheel in his left hand to block the True Qi that he couldn’t dissipate.

Zhao Min frowned when she saw that once Xuancheng began to use the Zen Staff, Monk Jinlun quickly fell at a disadvantage. She glanced at the Xuanming Elders, and saw that they were gloating. After a little consideration, he understood their inner thoughts. Knowing that it would be impossible to make the two of them to join forces with Monk Jinlun at the moment, she could only give up and said in a loud voice,

“Great Monk, no matter what hatred and grievances there are between Shaolin Temple and this Princess, my trip to the south is for Mongolia and the Southern Song Dynasty to negotiate peace. It is really for the great merit of saving hundreds of millions of lives. Aren’t you afraid of going to Avici Hell after passing away?” (G: In Buddhism, it is the lowest level of the Naraka or “hell” realm, with the most suffering, into which the dead who have committed grave misdeeds may be reborn.)

Hearing Zhao Min’s words, Xuancheng’s heart moved, and his movements really became a bit hesitant. He obviously weighing the pros and cons of the matter. Monk Jinlun finally got a respite, and slowly recovered his stamina.

Seeing such a situation, Song Qingshu understood that it would be impossible to watch the fire from the other side anymore. His figure disappeared in place, like an arrow leaving the string, rushing towards Zhao Min.

Although the Xuanming Elders were enjoying Monk Jinlun fall into an embarrassing situation, they didn’t dare to ignore the safety of the two noble ladies. Seeing Song Qingshu rushing towards them, they hurriedly waved their weapons to stop him.

There was a sneer on the corner of Song Qingshu’s mouth, as the Wooden Sword suddenly appeared in his hand, and he waved lightly at the Xuanming Elder. The two at the receiving end felt an extremely sharp and irresistible Sword Qi faintly penetrated into their bodies. Feeling horrified, they dodged to both sides.

Seeing Song Qingshu approaching in an instant, Zhao Min froze for a moment and then raised her palm to attack. But who knew that her dainty wrist would easily be grabbed by Song Qingshu, and then she felt her waist go numb! 

Song Qingshu had already sealed her acupoints, and twisted her arm behind her back.

Gently sniffing the fragrance of the beautiful woman in his arms, Song Qingshu showed a hint of admiration, and said to the two people fiercely fighting not far away, “Great Monk, I will leave this place to you first, and I will be taking my leave.”

As soon as the words fell, Song Qingshu jumped out of the window with Zhao Min in his arms. After this great change in the situation, the fierce battle between the two people had already stopped, Monk Jinlun was shocked and angry, and threw the Golden Wheel at Song Qingshu’s back from a distance.

Song Qingshu chuckled, swung his sword, and knocked the whistling Golden Wheel back. However, he didn’t expect that Xuancheng would also attack him from afar. Feeling the harsh wind from his palm, Song Qingshu frowned, raised his toes, and kicked a copper pot ​​towards the incoming attack.

 The copper pot was quickly compressed into a thin layer of copper scraps as if it had been hit hard with some great force. And before Song Qingshu had time to react, Zhao Min let out a pained snort, as a trace of blood spilled from the corner of her mouth, and her delicate face quickly turned extremely pale. 

Song Qingshu’s eyes turned serious. He hugged Zhao Min’s slender waist, then lightly tapped his toes on the ground, and his figure disappeared out of the window like a wisp of smoke.

Monk Jinlun was about to set off to chase after him, but Xuancheng had already blocked his way, “It is said that the Traceless Sand Treading Steps is the absolute fastest in the martial arts world. If you could catch him with your speed, it wouldn’t have maintained that reputation for many years.”


“Let… let me down.” When Song Qingshu was running fast, he suddenly heard a breathless but resolute voice from his arms.

Guessing that he had completely thrown off the pursuers, Song Qingshu stopped and gently placed Zhao Min under a tree.

“I didn’t expect that Xuancheng would use the Great Vajra Palm, which is best at transmitting power through objects. I’m really sorry for causing you serious injuries.” Song Qingshu said apologetically as he looked at the beautiful pale face in front of him.

Zhao Min frowned slightly, slapped away Song Qingshu’s hands that was supporting her and struggled to sit up. She slightly leaned on the tree, and weakly said, “You can leave me here, and when my subordinates catch up, they will naturally save me. “

Song Qingshu hesitated for a moment, then shook his head and said, “With the skill of that Great Monk, your subordinates may not be able to save you.”

“They don’t have the ability, so could it be that you have the ability?” Zhao Min said angrily. Although she had seen Song Qingshu’s martial arts just now, she was still judging Song Qingshu by his past self.

“Of course I can save you, but that would be a big loss for me, and you may not be willing as well.” Song Qingshu said with a wry smile. He was naturally referring to the Dual Cultivation technique of the Joyful Meditation Method. 

Zhao Min’s martial arts was far inferior to his. If he used that method to save her, he was afraid that his strength would be almost reduced to half.

“I didn’t expect you to be able to acquire such a powerful martial art after left the Shaoshi Mountain in the past.” Zhao Min didn’t really care about Song Qingshu’s way of saving her, and let out a sigh.

“On Shaoshi Mountain, the Princess was accompanying the Ming Cult’s Master Zhang with a happy and loving expression. So why did you return to Mongolia now, and running around for Prince Ruyang?” Song Qingshu also sat down on the grass beside him, and smiled lightly.

A look of surprise appeared on Zhao Min’s face, she looked at Song Qingshu carefully, and curiously asked, “At the beginning when your meridians were destroyed, I thought you would die for sure, but who knew that it wouldn’t be long before you became famous in the Qing Dynasty, and become the number one expert in the Qing court. What kind of fortune did you encounter to go through such an earth-shaking change?”

“One fate, two luck, three feng shui, the key to change fate is in one’s grasp. It can only mean that I was not fated to die.” Song Qingshu curled up one foot, put his hands on his knees, and said with a carefree demeanor, “But you, Princess, are clearly seriously injured. Aren’t you afraid that you’ll lose your life?”

Zhao Min blushed, and snorted, “Didn’t you just say that there is a way to save me, then why should I worry about it?”

“How do you know that I will definitely save you?” Song Qingshu wondered.

“Whether it’s the grievances between you and Zhang… Zhang Wuji, or my status as the princess of Mongolia, I’m more valuable alive than dead.” Zhao Min said with confidence.

“You really can talk.” Song Qingshu glanced at her unexpectedly, his tone full of admiration, “But I’m curious about what happened between you and Zhang Wuji. As far as I know, didn’t you elope with him? So why did you back to Mongolia again?”

As if she had remembered something painful, Zhao Min’s already pale face became even more bloodless, and she coldly said, “None of your business.”

Song Qingshu didn’t get angry at all, but smiled instead, “I am very curious about the reason why the witty princess, who is like a sly fox would lose her composure.”

Zhao Min snorted coldly, her face turned frosty, but she didn’t answer.

“Could it be that the Princess found out in your bridal chamber that Zhang Wuji is actually inept?” Song Qingshu speculated with his dirty mind.

“You are so shameless, it’s no wonder that Leader Zhou of your family likes Brother Wuji more.” Zhao Min gave him a contemptuous look, and fired back.

Song Qingshu was different from the past, so he wasn’t irritated by Zhao Min’s harsh words in the slightest, and even jokingly said, “Since your Brother Wuji likes my Zhiruo, why don’t we become a couple, and get back at them, how about it?”

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