Chapter 321: Shining spear and sword shadow

Ren Yingying also had a complicated look on her face. She thought she would be very happy seeing this frivolous perve*rt about to be stabbed to death, but the joy she imagined did not appear as expected, and was replaced by bursts of disappointment.

She didn’t understand why she had such a reaction, she could only blame it to the fact that she didn’t want this nasty guy to die by other people’s hands.

Song Qingshu was also caught in a dilemma, he didn’t expect that Yang Miaozhen’s Pear Blossom Spear would be so unpredictable. One must know that in Prince Bao’s Mansion in Shengjing, he could calmly shoot down the rain of arrows one by one, but he was not at all sure if he could do the same with Yang Miaozhen’s spear stabs.

Although the rain of arrows was dense, the strength attached to each arrow could be predicted, and there were little difference in the strength attached to each of the arrows. As long as he distributed the strength of each sword strike, he could naturally deflect the arrows one by one.

Although Yang Miaozhen’s 108 stabs were brilliant, Song Qingshu could see the trajectory of each stab very clearly, so it was not at all difficult for him to stop them. The real difficulty lay in the fact that Yang Miaozhen’s Pear Blossom Spear acted akin to a living thing, and the strength of each spear stab constantly circulated between false and real. Its flow of strength was uncertain, and it was impossible to figure out by mere visual inspection.

If Song Qingshu still wanted to use the method of shooting down the rain of arrows, his biggest problem would be to figure out how to distribute the force of each sword thrust.

If the distribution of strength was insufficient, when countering Yang Miaozhen’s full-strength thrust, it would collapse at the first contact, and the opponent would be able to drive the spear straight in. 

On the other hand, if he used too much strength against a false stab, it would be like thrusting at empty air and the rhythm of his swordplay will be affected by the disharmony of the Qi. His swordsmanship was all about building momentum through harmony of his movements, so if one sword move were to be messed up, he would definitely not be able to stop Yang Miaozhen’s remaining spear stabs. 

Originally, with Song Qingshu’s current attainments in swordsmanship, he had the ability to change his rhythm, and it also wouldn’t be impossible for him to match Yang Miaozhen’s unpredictable 108 spear stabs with a swordsmanship that combined both strength and softness. 

It’s a pity that Yang Miaozhen’s spearmanship was just too fast, and he had already lost his chance. Even if he managed to block the first round of 108 stabs, he would be greeted by another 108 more stabs. That way Yang Miaozhen was able to build up her momentum indefinitely.

At the moment, Song Qingshu was secretly regretting his decision to let the opponent make the first move. But he quickly got rid of all the negative emotions and started thinking about what to do next.

In fact, he had the option to use the Return of the Myriad Swords that he had comprehended some time before. Although Yang Miaozhen’s spearmanship was exquisite, she had only reached 108 stabs at the moment, but the Sword Qi hidden within the Return of the Myriad Swords was more than ten million! 

Therefore, once he used that technique, there could only be two results. That is, the Pear Blossom Spear would be defeated by the Sword Qi and Yang Miaozhen would be seriously injured. That one move would decide life and death!

Thinking of Yang Miaozhen’s intention to let him go before, Song Qingshu couldn’t bring himself to take her life, so he quickly made a decision. He concentrated his True Qi around his chest, and let Yang Miaozhen’s first stab connect with his body.

Although Song Qingshu’s internal strength had gotten extremely powerful, he was, after all, not indestructible. 

Yang Miaozhen’s spear tip pierced his body with force, and blood spattered everywhere in an instant.

“Brother Song!” Zhao Min yelled out loud. She called Song Qingshu ‘Big Brother’ before because of the presence of outsiders and used it to hide her identity. But this time it was different.

“A good person doesn’t live long, and a scourge lasts for thousands of years. That bas*tard wouldn’t die so easily.” Seeing Zhao Min’s appearance, Ren Yingying frowned, and thought in her heart, ‘That bast*ard actually managed to get a women who likes him this much, but this woman probably doesn’t know Song Qingshu’s true nature. If she knew, would she still care about him so much?’

‘Hmph, I have to find a way to expose his true nature.’ Ren Yingying seemed to be in distress, apparently unable to think of any good way. It turned out that it was absolutely impossible for Miss Ren, who cared very much about her modesty, to tell others what happened in the bathtub that day.

Yang Miaozhen suddenly found that Song Qingshu didn’t intend to dodge, and was also shocked. While she was hesitating whether to continue her attack, Song Qingshu had already used the strength of her spear to quickly retreat.

“Marvelous!” Yang Miaozhen couldn’t help admiring Song Qingshu’s figure which suddenly disappeared like a green smoke.

Yang Miaozhen naturally knew that Song Qingshu’s injury was not as serious as it seemed. Her spear was deflected by layers of his protective True Qi, so it was only able pierce the flesh and didn’t hurt the meridians.

Knowing that Song Qingshu had risked getting injured to get out of her attack range, Yang Miaozhen dared not be neglectful, as the Pear Blossom Spear chased after Song Qingshu’s figure like a tarsal maggot.

The Traceless Sand Treading Steps was one of the highest level movement techniques in the world. With the advancement of his martial arts realm, Song Qingshu has practiced it to the peak. In terms of movement techniques alone, even if Song Qingshu wasn’t the number one in the world, he would at least be in the top three.

Song Qingshu had risked getting injured in exchange for a chance to counter-attack, so how could he let the opportunity be wasted so easily!

Yang Miaozhen suddenly saw Song Qingshu disappear from before her in an instant. When she chased after him with her spear, Song Qingshu had already reached a big tree several feet away. The sudden dull pain she felt made her realize that the piercing Sword Qi had slashed her skin.

“Good technique!” Although Yang Miaozhen was shocked, she didn’t feel flustered at all, and, as a silvery light burst out from the tip of the Pear Blossom Spear, she moved to bravely confront her opponent.

The weapon Song Qingshu was using was obviously a wooden sword, but when the spear and the sword connected, there were bursts of sounds of akin to clashing of metals. As the Sword Qi and Spear Qi scattered, the spectators were shocked to find that there were bloodstains on their skin, and they hurriedly retreated several feet away.

“Thank you, Miss Ren, for saving me.” Zhao Min was seriously injured, and she was unable to dodge. But who knew that Ren Yingying would suddenly came to her side, and moved several feet away with her arms around her slender waist.

“If I didn’t save you, there would be a few hideous scars on your snow-white face, would your Brother Song still like you then?” Ren Yingying looked back at her and asked.

Seeing that Ren Yingying had clearly helped her, but she was putting on such an act, Zhao Min was secretly amused, ‘This woman has quite an arrogant temperament.’

“I’m not sure whether Brother Song would still like me or not, but I know that Brother Song won’t like you anymore.” Zhao Min pursed her lips and smiled.

“Why would I need him to like me?” Ren Yingying was taken aback.

“Miss Ren must be aware of this…” Zhao Min put her hands behind her back and watched the contest in the distance, then she casually said, “A woman is guilty of seven crimes if she is jealous. How could Big Brother Song dare to marry such a woman, if she let her fellow sister suffer and chose to stand by?”

Zhao Min didn’t know about the grievances between Ren Yingying and Song Qingshu, so she tried to test it out. She was born in Mongolia, and she didn’t have as many reservations as a typical Han woman, so she didn’t really care about making jokes about her modesty.

Zhao Min had actually thought that Ren Yingying was also Song Qingshu’s lover, and that why she had saved her fellow sister. Understanding the meaning behind Zhao Min’s words, Ren Yingying’s pretty face flushed red, and she angrily said, “That bast*ard, why would I like him!”

Seeing that Ren Yingying didn’t look like she was telling a lie, Zhao Min couldn’t help but ask, “Then why do you hate him so much?” 

In Zhao Min’s view, when a woman hated a man, it was mostly out of love. Whether it be love or hate, no matter what, emotional entanglements had to be involved.

“I…” As soon as Ren Yingying opened her mouth, she suddenly woke up. ‘How dare I say such a thing!’

Seeing that was Ren Yingying hesitating to speak, Zhao Min gave a sly smile, “Since you won’t say anything, then I’ll take a guess. Hmm~ Brother Song should have done something very bad to you, right?”

‘More than just bad’ Ren Yingying hesitated for a moment, but still nodded slightly.

Thinking of the word “humiliation” that Ren Yingying had used before, Zhao Min was suddenly taken aback, and asked in a low voice, “You… he couldn’t have stained you, did he?”

Remembering what happened in the bathtub, where she was naked and touched by Song Qingshu all over the place. So naturally, her body was indeed stained by him. 

Ren Yingying nodded subconsciously, but noticing Zhao Min’s strange expression, she realized that the word ‘stained’ could have another serious meaning, so she hurriedly explained, “It’s not what you think.”

Her reaction made Zhao Min even more convinced, and she thought that Ren Yingying was just annoyed and accidentally revealed the truth, so she quickly moved to comfort her.

After seeing that no matter how much she explained, Zhao Min still looked at her with sympathetic eyes, Ren Yingying didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, so she could only bitterly glare at Song Qingshu, “It’s all caused by this bas*tard.”

Zhao Min nodded in agreement, and sneered, “He is indeed a bas*tard.”

At the moment, the battle situation had changed quite a lot. Yang Miaozhen was caught off guard at the beginning, and for some reason, she found a flaw in Song Qingshu’s movements in the middle of the fight, and gradually the fight had become evenly matched. 

However, after a few hundred moves, Song Qingshu’s figure gradually turned into a blur, as he successfully surrounded her to the center, attacked from all directions, and sent one sword thrust after another without stopping. Yang Miaozhen was unable to use her exquisite spearmanship, so she can only hold on. She knew that the range she could dodge was slowly getting smaller and smaller, and when she ran out of any more room to move, she would lose this battle. Her loss was inevitable.

From the eyes of bystanders, it was a different scene. At first, the light of the Pear Blossom Spear was suppressed by the sword shadow. After a while, the Pear Blossom Spear suddenly shone with silver light, and the sword shadow was forced to move around and dodge. Afterwards, there was only a gorgeous silver light, but no sword shadow. Most people present thought that Yang Miaozhen’s victory was assured.

Ren Yingying was secretly shocked when she saw it, and thought in her heart, ‘This Fourth Lady really deserves her reputation, her spearmanship is so unpredictable, it seems that even my father may not be her opponent, but I wonder if she would be afraid of the Cosmic Absorbing Power. It seems that I will have to be careful when discussing an alliance with the Red Coat Army.’

Zhao Min also showed a slight frown, ‘I thought when the spies reported about Yang Miaozhen, they had greatly exaggerated her spear skills. Now it seems that it would be even more difficult to subdue the Red Coat Army and use it for Mongolia… Song Qingshu, that bas*tard, was so majestic at the inn before and now even he can’t win against this woman. Doesn’t that prove that Monk Jinlun and the others can’t be this woman’s opponent?’

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