Chapter 320: The splendor of the spear

As soon as she said it, she found Yang Miaozhen and others staring at her strangely, and Zhao Min realized that there was ambiguity in her words, as if she was one of those women who loved him deeply. She couldn’t help but blush, but at the moment she felt too embarrassed to open her mouth and clarify.

“I thought you wanted me to die.” Song Qingshu glanced at her in surprise and gave a faint smile.

“Hmph, I naturally wish for you to die, but I just hope that you die in my hands, instead of ending your life for such a ridiculous reason.”

Zhao Min was very smart, and she knew that Song Qingshu has always been very confident in his martial arts, but this time he sent her away ahead of time, so it must be because he wasn’t that confident about dealing with these people. After staying with him these past few days, her impression of Song Qingshu had changed a lot. 

Although she didn’t really have any deep feelings for him, she still didn’t want to see him fall into a near-death situation for a woman from the Jin Empire who was but a mere stranger.

Madame Tang also spoke up as she bowed slightly to Song Qingshu, and softly said, “This Concubine is already very grateful for Young Master Song’s thoughts. But there are so many of them, so even if Young Master Song stays it will just be another waste of life. The Young Master should take his brother to treat his wound as soon as possible.”

Zhao Min on the side curled her lips in disdain, “A vixen who advances by retreating.”

“The reason why I want to save Madame Tang is not because of her beauty, but because of the way in my heart.” Song Qingshu smiled lightly, he didn’t really care about Madame Tang’s thoughts. It’s just that although he wasn’t a good person, he had his own set of ideals. Regardless of her motive, Madame Tang had been kind to him. So it went against his heart to just stand by and watch her die. 

When martial arts is practiced to a certain realm, it often becomes more important to cultivate the mind than to cultivate the martial arts itself.

“When a person receives a drop of water, he should repay it with a spring. Young Master Song really has the demeanor of a great chivalrous man.” Yang Miaozhen sincerely praised, with a look of admiration on her face, and then her face straightened, “If it was someone else, we would have given the Young Master some face, and let her go. It’s just that this Younger Sister was entrusted to kill this woman, so I hope that the Young Master will forgive me.”

“Fourth Lady doesn’t need to worry about that. Please.” Song Qingshu stretched out his hand, and welcomed her to make a move.

Yang Miaozhen frowned, if they really attacked together, no matter how good Song Qingshu’s martial arts was, he might not be able to escape death. But, she had a lot of admiration for the man in front of her, and she didn’t want him to die in such a way, so she felt very conflicted in her heart.

Zhao Min was also feeling anxious. Although Song Qingshu took advantage of her from time to time, she knew that Song Qingshu would never really hurt her. However, the group of people around her were very different, one was the saintess of a demonic cult and the other was the leader of a rebel army, so she didn’t really feel safe with them. Not to mention with her sensitive identity, it was unclear what awaited her if she fell into their hands.

Noticing Yang Miaozhen’s hesitation, Zhao Min saw through her thoughts, and quickly came up with an idea, “I have a proposal to rid us of our current predicament, you two might as well listen to it.”

“Oh?” Song Qingshu looked at her curiously, thinking that he had to be careful about her proposal, otherwise he would still count the money for her after being sold.

If Zhao Min knew about Song Qingshu’s current thoughts, she would’ve been so angry that she would’ve  immediately given up, not caring if he lived or died.

Yang Miaozhen also looked at her in surprise, and said with a smile, “Let’s hear it.”

Feeling the pain from the wound on her body, Zhao Min frowned, then softly said, “Everyone must have heard that Brother S… Song’s martial arts is very powerful, and he will fight with his life on the line later. Brother S… Song naturally has a great chance of winning. Even if he dies, Fourth Lady’s subordinates may suffer heavy casualties, and Fourth Lady may also be seriously injured. The Fourth Lady and Brother Song are both generous and righteous people, so it would be a pity if one died and the other suffered injuries for a mere Jin people.”

Although Zhao Min’s voice was weak, her words seemed very convincing. Seeing that everyone was staring at her, she pursed her lips and smiled, then continued, “Since the Fourth Lady is known as ‘a pear blossom spear, invincible in the world’, in my opinion, it would be better for the two of you to have a fair competition. If Brother Song wins, the Fourth Lady will let us all leave; if he loses, he’ll have to give up, what do you two think?”

Zhao Min’s plan was very thorough. She had seen Song Qingshu fight with her own eyes, and he was able to abduct her even with so many top masters present at the inn. She didn’t believe that the Fourth Lady’s martial arts would be better than Shaolin’s number one martial artist in two hundred years, or Monk Jinlun, the state teacher of Mongolia.

Yang Miaozhen’s eyes lit up, she smiled and asked the subordinates beside her, “What do you all think?”

All the subordinated have always respected the martial arts of the Fourth Lady, and Song Qingshu’s reputation was only limited to the Qing Empire. No one thought that Yang Miaozhen would lose, so they clapped their hands and applauded.

Yang Miaozhen looked at Zhao Min with a faux-smile, and whispered, “You came up with a very effective plan for your lover, no matter whether he loses or wins later, he has nothing to lose…”

Zhao Min blushed, and was about to explain, but Yang Miaozhen turned around and shouted to Song Qingshu, “Young Master Song, I have no problem with this, do you agree?”

Song Qingshu glanced at Zhao Min in surprise. He also didn’t expect that Zhao Min would try her best to help him, and nodded, “This Song has long wanted to experience the Fourth Lady’s invincible Pear Blossom Spear.”

“Then what if it’s a tie?” Ren Yingying on the side suddenly said.

Seeing that Zhao Min was about to speak, Song Qingshu raised his hand to stop her and said, “The Fourth Lady has all the advantages, yet she is willing to put herself in danger and fighting this Song alone. This is already a huge concession. If it really ends up in a tie, we’ll take it as my loss.”

“Young Master Song is indeed a modest gentleman.” Yang Miaozhen nodded approvingly, “Please!”

Hearing Yang Miaozhen praise Song Qingshu so mush, Ren Yingying’s lungs almost exploded in anger. Thinking of Song Qingshu’s wanton and frivolous behavior towards her in the bathtub on Heimuya, how could that be related to a modest gentleman? But, she could never explain the reason to outsiders, so she had to stand there alone and sulk.

After witnessing Yang Miaozhen’s amazing spearplay just now, Song Qingshu naturally didn’t dare to underestimate her, and for the first time in a long time, he held the Wooden Sword in his hand from the start and stood there with a dignified expression.

When they saw the weapon in Song Qingshu’s hand, all the black-clothed men couldn’t stop themselves from laughing.

“A sword made of wood? Young Master Song should change his weapon.”

“Our Fourth Lady’s spear is very sharp, wouldn’t that thin piece of wood break at first touch?”

“It seems that Fourth Lady will win this time.”


Zhao Min naturally knew that iron swords and wooden swords were no different for Song Qingshu. Hearing the noise from the black-clothed crowd, she rolled her eyes, and suddenly thinking about something, she said to Ren Yingying, “Brother Song is too disadvantaged in terms of weapons, so considering that you two are acquaintances, I hope that Miss Ren will lend the sword in her waist to Brother Song for this fight, and after using it, he will return it to you again.”

It turned out that although Zhao Min had confidence in Song Qingshu’s martial arts, she thought that since Yang Miaozhen was known as “a pear blossom spear, invincible in the world”, she must be a master among the masters. On the surface, it seemed as if she was asking Ren Yingying, but she was actually deliberately saying it for Yang Miaozhen’s ears. If Yang Miaozhen was really misled by her and underestimated Song Qingshu’s Wooden Swords, she would inevitably suffer a big loss in the battle.

Ren Yingying said angrily, “Why should I lend it to him?”

She held a short sword in her hand, which had several precious gemstones inlaid on its scabbard. The name of this sword was Yi Dian (Striking Thunder), and it was a famous treasure of the Sun Moon Holy Cult. Although compared with ordinary long swords, this sword was much shorter and looked closer to a dagger, but this sword could even cut through gold and iron as if cutting through butter.

“If he accidentally dies under the spear of Fourth Lady, who would you seek revenge from?” Zhao Min lightly said with a slight smile.

“I really hope that Sister Yang stabs him to death.” Ren Yingying said bitterly, but she hesitated in her heart. If Song Qingshu died like this, it would be too easy of a punishment for his sins. ‘But, in the current situation, if I lend him my beloved sword to compete in martial arts, what will other people think?’

Through the veil, one could vaguely see that Ren Yingying’s complexion was dazed and uncertain, she was obviously struggling. Zhao Min gave a sly smile, then ignored her, and turned her attention to the competition on the field.

Yang Miaozhen had a good vision, and she didn’t underestimate the Wooden Sword in Song Qingshu’s hand like others. Seeing Song Qingshu standing on the same spot with a wooden sword in his hand, she felt a sense of awe rise in her heart, so she quickly cleared her mind.

“You’re a guest from afar, so Young Master Song should make a move first!” Seeing that Song Qingshu had no flaws in his stance, Yang Miaozhen really didn’t want to make a move first.

“Ladies first, so I humbly invite the Fourth Lady to make a move first.” Song Qingshu said with a faint smile.

“Since that’s the case, it’s better to respect your words. Young Master Song, be careful!” Yang Miaozhen no longer refused, her Pear Blossom Spear technique was not only good at attacking openings, she was also good at actively creating openings through a rainstorm of pear blossom attacks.

As soon as the sound “Haa!” was was heard, Yang Miaozhen arrived three feet before Song Qingshu in a flash!


At that moment, two women’s exclamations was heard at the same time.

One of the sounds of exclamation belonged to Zhao Min. She was startled when she saw that Yang Miaozhen had used the same attack she had used to take the life of Madame Tang’s Guard Captain in the blink of an eye. Another sound of exclamation came from Ren Yingying, who angrily glared at Zhao Min, “Why are you pinching me!”

It turned out that Zhao Min was too nervous, and subconsciously grabbed anything that was near her. Ren Yingying was also engrossed in watching the competition, and was caught by the seriously injured Zhao Min without any precautions. Zhao Min’s long nails had pricked her and she couldn’t help but cry out in pain.

Very few people in the scene paid attention to the small episode here, and they all watched Song Qingshu’s response intently.

Song Qingshu was a famous martial artist, so Yang Miaozhen wouldn’t be as casual as she was with the Guard Captain just now. Although it was the same move, there are hundreds of changes in its execution.

Everyone saw that the body of Yang Miaozhen’s Pear Blossom Spear suddenly trembled, and the tip of the spear burst forward a dazzling silver light in an instant. The spear had only one tip, but it turned into hundreds of spear tips in that instant, like pear blossoms blooming all over the sky. It enveloped Song Qingshu’s whole body.

Song Qingshu met the gorgeous move head-on, and he felt the threat it posed first hand. He could clearly see that there were a total of 108 spear tips aimed at 108 vital points on his body.

Yang Miaozhen was able to bend the body of the spear with internal energy, making the tip of the spear flicker, which in turn created the illusion of 108 spear tips stabbing forward in an instant. 

Now the problem was, out of those 108 spear tips, which one was the real one?

The thought flashed past Song Qingshu’s mind in an instant, and he was about to unleash his sword strike, but suddenly his expression went thought a drastic change, because the faint force coming from the tip of the spear told him that every shot was real!

“Ah!” The blood on Zhao Min’s face faded, because she saw that Song Qingshu had been locked by Yang Miaozhen’s attack because of his misjudgment.

If he failed to stop the stab, he would be seriously injured, or killed on the spot!

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