Chapter 319: Fourth Lady’s Pear Blossom Spear

Remembering the embarrassing scene of that day, the green-clothed woman thought, ‘How is it possible for me to say that in public!’ and she hesitated on whether to just simply order her subordinates to shoot the poisonous liquid. 

Right at that moment, the sound of laughter was heard from behind.

“Which man had the ability to make my sister so angry, I want to see him.”

A tall and beautiful woman walked out from the crowd, but what impressed people the most was not her appearance, but the spear she had behind her back, which was longer than her body. It gave the woman a heroic spirit that was rarely seen. 

The heroic woman looked at Song Qingshu up and down, as her eyes lit up, ‘He is such a handsome man!’

Considering the status of the green-clothed woman in the Wulin, if an ordinary man offended her, he would never live until now. This man was so handsome, and considering the blush on the green-clothed woman’s face just now, she judged that they might be a pair of lovers. The young lovers were having a lover’s conflict, that’s why the green-clothed woman didn’t kill her all this time.

However, the green-clothed woman was notoriously thin-skinned. And, as she had already spoke about killing the man, it would be hard for her to take it back. If her subordinates were really allowed to shoot the poisonous liquid, that man will be crippled even if he didn’t die. ‘Why not just capture him alive? When we return, I will give him to her as a secret gift.’

All that happened in the blink of an eye, as the heroic woman arrived at a decision. She then smiled slightly, and said to the green-clothed woman, “It would too lenient to just kill him if he had offended our Miss Ren. Let this Sister capture him for you. Then Little Sister would be able tor*ture him to de*ath.” 

The heroic woman cleverly worded her suggestion, not only taking care of the other party’s face, but also giving her a way to back down, and the green-clothed woman didn’t object.

Hearing the heroic woman’s words, Song Qingshu finally came to his senses, then looked at the green-clothed woman, and said in a low voice, “So it’s you!” 

Thinking of the charming woman who he had met at Heimuya and remembering the scene where he had to hide in the bathtub with her in the past, he couldn’t help but feel his heart twitch.

Noticing that Song Qingshu’s eyes were aiming at her legs, Ren Yingying suddenly felt a burning sensation in the place where his gaze swept over. Thinking of the scene where he had held her legs in his hand and caressed them in an wanton manner, her whole body almost went limp and powerless. Ren Yingying felt ashamed and angry at the same time, and when she heard her companion’s suggestion, she also thought it would be too lenient to just kill him like that.

But she also knew that Song Qingshu’s martial arts was not trivial, so she couldn’t help but speak with worry, “But his martial arts is very high…” Then, caring about her companion’s face, she didn’t finish her sentence, but the meaning couldn’t be clearer.

Unexpectedly, the heroic woman raised her chin, and spoke with a proud look on her face, “Don’t worry, did you forget your sister’s nickname?”

‘You say that… but he last time I had seen this despicable man make a move, his unpredictable swordsmanship was not even under Brother Chong’s Nine Swords of Dugu.’ Ren Yingying suddenly smiled and said, “My sister is known as the Pear Blossom Spear, which is considered invincible all over the world. This younger sister was really worrying too much.” (G: She’s talking about Linghu Chong, visit the wiki page for more info.)

Hearing Ren Yingying’s words, Madame Tang’s Guard Captain laughed loudly, “You’re just a delicate little girl, and you dare to claim to be invincible all over the world. In my opinion, no matter what kind of Pear Blossom Spear you use, it would be useless before the invincible spear used in bed. And I have that spear below my cro*tch!”

Originally, considering his low status, the Guard Captain would never dare to be so vulgar in front of Madame Tang, but looking at the dense crowd of black-clothed men around him, he knew in his heart that he might die today, and under despair, he didn’t have so many reservations.

The heroic woman’s face turned cold, she raised her spear, and in a flash, stabbed him in the throat from a distance of several feet!

Since the Guard Captain could become the leader of Madame Tang’s guards, he was definitely not a weak person. Seeing her stab from such a distance, he couldn’t help but feel contemptuous. But who knew that the opponent’s spear would suddenly appear in front of him in the blink of an eye! 

So the Guard Captain hurriedly readied his sword to slash at the incoming spear.

Although the Guard Captain’s sword wasn’t a treasured weapon, it was sharp enough to split hair. The spear shaft of the heroic woman was made of wood. He wanted cut the opponent’s spear head with his sword, and then the crisis would naturally be resolved.

The heroic woman sneered, and the tip of the spear suddenly acted like a snake, as it twisted in the air! 

The Guard Captain slashed into the empty space with his sword, and before he had time to change his move, he felt a sharp pain in his throat. Hurriedly throwing down the sword, he covered his throat with both hands, and looked at the beautiful woman who had already returned to her place in horror, “You… you…”

The heroic woman was annoyed by his obscene words, so she deliberately shot through his trachea ( windpipe) and avoided the main artery, so that he could only die slowly in pain.

Song Qingshu was hesitating whether to rescue the Guard Captain or not, but the dust had settled in an instant, and he stared blankly at the spear behind the beautiful woman, then blurted out, “Are you the Fourth Lady of Shandong, Yang Miaozhen?”

A look of surprise flashed across the beautiful woman’s eyes. People in the Wulin often called her the “Fourth Lady”. And, as time passed, no one knew her real name except for the people closest to her. Therefore, she couldn’t help but give Song Qingshu a strange look, “May I have the Young Master’s name… how exactly did you know my maiden name?”

Seeing that Yang Miaozhen didn’t refute him, Zhao Min also looked at Song Qingshu strangely, based on Mongolian information, she only knew that the lady with the spear was called the Fourth Lady, so she couldn’t help but smile and said, “Is there any girl in the world whose maiden name you don’t know? “

Song Qingshu couldn’t explain that he saw her maiden name from the history books. When he read about her life and deeds, he subconsciously started to admire her, so he was very impressed with this heroic woman from history. He hesitated on if he should give a false name, but considering that Ren Yingying was present, he had no choice but to say, “Song Qingshu greets the Fourth Lady.”

Thinking of the other party’s evaluation as the “a pear blossom spear, invincible in the world” in the official history, Song Qingshu thought that this woman might not be worse than Wu Jue or something, and her amazing stab just now, even he would suffer disaster if he was careless, so he hastened to be on guard.

Hearing Song Qingshu’s name, Yang Miaozhen was even more surprised, “Is the Young Master that Song Qingshu, who was the number one master in the Manchu Qing Dynasty in the past, and later abandoned his glory and wealth to assassinate Kangxi?”

It turned out that although Song Qingshu was notorious before, it was rumored that he failed to assassinate Kangxi and was defeated instead. Such a bleak end made heroes all over the world sigh in admiration.

In addition, Sang Feihong was grateful for Song Qingshu’s past kindness. Although she couldn’t avenge him, she used the power of the Five Lakes Sect as much as she could, and asked the sisters in the sect to make his story into a song and sing it on the streets. (G: She is the woman who the MC saved and prepared as his personal secret force for gathering information in chapter 242.)

Of course, various beautifications were added in the story, as Song Qingshu was described as a hero who endured humiliation, sacrificed his personal honor and lived in disgrace in order to gain Kangxi’s trust, and finally failed to deal the final blow and died. This widespread propaganda completely uplifted Song Qingshu’s image to a glorious and majestic level.

“Fourth Lady, just ask Miss Ren who is beside you, and you will know immediately.” Of course, Song Qingshu didn’t know all that, so seeing Yang Miaozhen’s expression turn strange, he just thought it was because she was curious why he was still alive.

Seeing Ren Yingying nodding hesitantly, Yang Miaozhen quickly put away the spear and enthusiastically spoke up, “It turns out that it’s the Hero Song! I have really been quite disrespectful, but before Kangxi announced to the world that the Young Master has…”

Zhao Min also stared intently at Song Qingshu. That assassination incident seemed quite suspicious to her, but she hadn’t had time to ask him yet.

Song Qingshu hesitated and gave a weary smile, “It’s a long story.” It seemed like he was unwilling to go into details.

“It must be due to the emperor of the invader becoming angry and cursing at you.” Yang Miaozhen nodded understandingly, then quickly frowned, and pointed at Madame Tang and her group, “By the way, why is Master Song with these Jin people? “

Madame Tang felt frightened when she was pointed at, and nervously pulled on Song Qingshu’s clothes.

Song Qingshu pulled Zhao Min and explained, “My companion was seriously injured. I wanted to take him to Kaifeng City to find the famous doctor, Ping Yizhi, and treat his wounds. Unfortunately, the gate of Kaifeng City was closed before we could reach it. This Madame Tang happened to pass by and heard about our difficulties. So she offered to take us inside the city.”

‘It’s obvious that this vixen was just trying to ho*ok up with a man!’ Zhao Min couldn’t stop but curse in her heart. Hearing what Song Qingshu was saying, she understood that he wanted to defend this coquettish woman! She felt so angry that she had the urge to strangle him, but considering the current situation, she didn’t dare to act out her intentions.

Yang Miaozhen’s eyesight was exceptionally good, and although Zhao Min had deliberately concealed it, but her disguise couldn’t fool her eyes. Unlike Madame Tang, she had a lot of experience in the world, and she immediately recognized Zhao Min as a woman disguised as a man. Although her face was pale from serious injuries, her features were quite feminine, and she had an air of grace and elegance, which was rare in the world.

 Yang Miaozhen finally understood why Ren YingYing was so angry, ‘With such a beautiful woman beside her lover, it’s no wonder she’s acting out in anger.’

“So that’s the case, then I humbly request Master Song and your companion to leave and rest first.” Yang Miaozhen turned to her subordinates and asked, “Although we are ruffians, we also know honor and value heroes, do you think we should embarrass Master Song? “

There was a quick response from the black-clothed men, “No!”

“I like listening to the stories of Master Song the most!”

“Young Master Song, please sign an autograph. My mother-in-law at home admires you the most!”

Song Qingshu was frightened by their enthusiasm, and thought, ‘When did I become so famous?’

Hearing their shouts, Ren Yingying became anxious and hesitated to order her subordinates to spray poisonous liquid. She knew that if she did that, she would definitely become enemies with the Fourth Lady and the others! Then thinking of her father’s great cause… Ren Yingying stomped her feet, and finally put down her hand.

Noticing Ren Yingying’s expression, Yang Miaozhen was really surprised, ‘I just rescued your lover, why you don’t have any happy expression?’

There was a valid reason why Yang Miaozhen was ignorant of their matters. The world was quite vast, and except for some people related to the Sun Moon Holy Cult and the Five Sacred Mountain Sword Sect, not many people knew about the relationship between Ren Yingying and Linghu Chong.

“Thank you, Fourth Lady for your generosity. It’s just that Madame Tang had helped us out of righteousness, and this Song really can’t abandon her at a time of crisis.”

Madame Tang gratefully looked at his back after hearing her words, but Zhao Min’s expression changed, and she was about to speak out, but Song Qingshu grabbed her belt and gently spoke to Yang Miaozhen, “If this Song unfortunately dies today, I just hope that Fourth Lady will send my companion to Kaifeng to seek medical treatment.”

Song Qingshu was quite concerned about the poisonous liquid of the Sun Moon Holy Cult, and was unsure about his chances of protecting Zhao Min, so he simply handed her over to Yang Miaozhen.

Zhao Min was pushed by a soft force, and lightly landed on Yang Miaozhen’s side. 

As soon as she landed on the feet, she angrily cursed out, “Song Qingshu, so many women who love you deeply are waiting for you. Are they any worse than this vixen? Is she worth risking your life for her!”

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