Chapter 324: Untie

“Hey, little sister, don’t leave!” Seeing Zhao Min’s figure move, Madame Tang quickly grabbed her hand.

Although she misunderstood her as a man before, but after the incident with Yang Miaozhen and Ren Yingying’s just now, even a blind man could see that Zhao Min was a woman disguised as a man, and her relationship with Song Qingshu was also unusual. 

Just as she was about to say something, her expression suddenly changed, “Huh? How does little sister usually groom herself? The skin on your hands is so smooth, I’m so envious.”

As Madame Tang kept stroking her hand, Zhao Min suddenly felt a chill and she quickly withdrew her hand, then angrily asked, “What are you doing?”

In Madame Tang’s eyes, Zhao Min was now acting like a jealous little girl, so she didn’t get angry and gave a slight smile, then softly said, “If the little sister doesn’t mind, then I can serve Young Master Song together with you.”

Hearing her words, Song Qingshu almost chocked on his breath, and began to cough violently. Madame Tang quickly patted his back, and asked with concern, “What’s wrong, Young Master?”

‘Shameless, too shameless!’ Zhao Min cursed in her heart, she was lost for words and her face turned green to red for a moment. ‘This vixen! She thought that I and Song Qingshu are lovers, and actually made such a shocking request!’

‘Even if I am really Song Qingshu’s woman, how could I be willing to share my man with other woman!’ Zhao Min angrily cursed in her heart.

“No need, Madame alone will be enough.” Zhao Min coldly said and stood up, then turned around and lifted the curtain, wanting to go out.

“But I’m afraid I can’t handle it alone.” Madame Tang said in a tired voice.

‘I’m not Song Qingshu, so why are you flirting with me with such a sweet voice?’ Zhao Min secretly cursed, then she hesitantly looked at Song Qingshu’s body, and said with a sneer, “He’s not that strong, not to mention he’s injured now. So whether the Madame can handle it is uncertain.”

“What is my sister talking about?” Madame Tang gave her a blank look, “I want to bandage Young Master Song’s wound, but I haven’t done it before. I’m worried about hurting Young Master Song, so I want my sister to help.”

Zhao Min was taken aback for a moment, and then her pretty face turned red. Seeing Song Qingshu looking at her with a faux-smile, she couldn’t help but but curse in her heart again, ‘This bastard must have been enjoying it as I was making a fool of myself.’

Although Zhao Min was annoyed, she was very clear about some matters in her heart. In the Jin Empire, Song Qingshu’s identity was quite sensitive, and it was the same for herself. However, now that he was seriously injured, Song Qingshu was still relatively safe under the protection of this vixen. She, on the other hand, had no one to count on other than Song Qingshu for protection. 

Therefore, Zhao Min gave a cold snort, and had no choice but to sit down again.

“Little sister should help Young Master Song take off his clothes. I’ll prepare some medicine for his wound.”

Madame Tang said while opening the medicine container. She didn’t mind helping Song Qingshu undress, but when she considered that Zhao Min was Song Qingshu’s woman, and she herself was but an outsider, it might offend her (Zhao Min) and cause unnecessary trouble if she helped her (Zhao Min) man undress.

Zhao Min was stunned. All her life, she didn’t even bother to look at a man, let alone help him take off his clothes. Now that she was told to do exactly that, she started feeling ashamed and anxious, and she saw Song Qingshu looking at her with an embarrassed smile on his face.

“I’ll be relying on the Princess.”

Song Qingshu’s faint voice came to her ear, and she saw his lips move slightly. Zhao Min understood that Song Qingshu had secretly transmitted his voice to her. Looking at the blood stain on Song Qingshu’s chest, she hesitated for a moment, and finally stretched out her trembling hand.

Seeing Zhao Min’s hands that were as smooth as white jade, Madame Tang secretly praised, ‘What beautiful hands.’

When Zhao Min’s slender fingers touched the skin of Song Qingshu’s neck, it felt like an electric shock, and the heat she felt made her heart tremble.

“Why are your hands so cold? Is it due to the injury?” Song Qingshu frowned, and looked at her with concern. He was worried that her injury would cause a lack of energy and blood.

“No.” Seeing that even though his chest was still bleeding, but he still cared about her own injury first, Zhao Min couldn’t help but be stunned. Her agitated mood finally calmed down, her hands became steady, and she took off Song Qingshu’s bloody clothes layer by layer.

But looking at Song Qingshu’s naked upper body, she still blushed a little, and quickly turned to look at Madame Tang, “Is the medicine for his wound ready?”

“This is a top grade medicine, and it’s excellent for treating wounds, it’s just…” Madame Tang showed a look of hesitation.

“What?” Zhao Min was startled.

“It’s just that the bandages they gave us smell of sweat. These soldiers must have been keeping them close to their bodies for a long time.” Madame Tang sniffed the bandages in her hand, and casually threw it out of the window with a look of disgust.

“Hey, why did you throw away the bandage?” Zhao Min cried out in a hurry, and quickly stuck her head out of the window, but it had already gotten very dark, so there was no trace of the bandage.

“What should we do now?” Back in the carriage, Zhao Min gave Madame Tang a cold look.

Unexpectedly, Madame Tang wasn’t unsettled, but softly said to Song Qingshu, “Young Master, lie down first, and this Concubine will apply the medicine for you first.”

Seeing that Madame Tang was slightly leaning in his direction, and pointing at her thighs, Song Qingshu realized that she was telling him to lie down on her lap. Song Qingshu gave a slight smile. He had a nature of going with the flow, so he didn’t refuse, and naturally rested his head on her supple thighs.

“Are you feeling uncomfortable?” Madame Tang softly asked while applying medicine on Song Qingshu’s wound, her face slightly flushed red.

“Of course not. Madame’s thighs are very soft.” After speaking, Song Qingshu adjusted his posture to a more comfortable one.

‘These adulterers!’ Zhao Min turned her head away, and looked out of the window. After a while, she still couldn’t help turning her head around, then pointed at Song Qingshu’s bleeding wound and said, “Are you just going to apply medicine like that? You also have to tie it with a bandage to stop the bleeding.”

Madame Tang was a noble lady, so it was normal for her not to know these things. But, as a person from the Wulin, how could Song Qingshu not know such a simple thing. It’s just that he wanted to enjoy Madame Tang’s lap, while disregarding his own injuries, and it caused Zhao Min to became even more angry.

“Ah?” Madame Tang exclaimed, and said apologetically, “It’s all because of my ignorance. I threw away all the bandages on the spur of the moment.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Song Qingshu said with a smile, thinking that he had already taken enough advantage, so it was time to use acupuncture to stop the bleeding, otherwise it wouldn’t be worthwhile to cause a serious injury.

“Ah, I though of a way!” Madame Tang’s eyes suddenly lit up, and she began to slowly untie her dress.

Song Qingshu frowned, although he didn’t mind taking advantage of the beauty, but this Madame Tang was just too much. 

Zhao Min was also dumbfounded, and thought, ‘This woman is just too shameless.’

Madame Tang smiled sweetly, as she untied her dress, and a pair of round and firm thighs were open for eyes to see. 

Zhao Min was stunned, and found that the other party suddenly pulled out a gleaming dagger from her inner thigh, and her expression went through a drastic change.

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