Chapter 325: Chastity Guard

“What are you doing?” Zhao Min quickly tried to stop her, and the moment she got excited, the injury on her body was affected, and she subconsciously cried out in pain.

Noticing Zhao Min’s excited expression, Madame Tang was startled and understood that the other party had misunderstood, so she explained with a slight smile, “Sister, you misunderstood, I didn’t mean to hurt Young Master Song.” After speaking, she raised the dagger in her hand .

“Then why are you drawing a knife without reason?” Zhao Min said with a dissatisfied expression, while clutching her aching chest.

“Because I’m going to make some bandages.” Madame Tang carefully inserted the dagger into her clothes as she spoke. There was a crisp sound of silk being torn, and soon Madame Tang blushed and took out a long brocade, “Young Master Song, you won’t dislike it, will you?”

Zhao Min was able to recognise at a glance that it was cut from the inner lining of Madame Tang’s inner wear, and couldn’t help secretly cursing in her heart, ‘What a vixen!’

Song Qingshu stared blankly at the brocade in front of him. A faint sweet fragrance was still lingering, and he seemed to still be able to feel the residual body temperature on it. He reacted very quickly, and laughed, “It’s far better compared to the bandages of those stinky men, why would I dislike it? This piece of fragrant cloth is an expression of the Madame’s love. I really feel a little bit sad to ruin it.”

Seeing that he didn’t care at all, Madame Tang was overjoyed, and said with a sweet smile, “The Young Master has saved my life, so I will not repay you with all I have.”

Zhao Min got goosebumps all over her body as she heard their cheesy lines and quickly turned her head away to look out the window again.

When Madame Tang bent down to fix the bandage on his wound, her two lumps of snowy mounds peaked through her neckline, and the hanging hair touched his naked skin. Song Qingshu hurriedly cleared his mind to up to avoid distraction and started to play with the dagger she had put aside.

The scabbard of the dagger was inlaid with precious gemstones, Song Qingshu didn’t think much of it at first, but when he took it out to have a look, he saw that the blade was as sharp as a razor, so he couldn’t help admiring, “Good blade.”

Madame Tang took a look and said with a smile, “Young Master, you are not from the grassland. You may not know it. On our grassland, it’s either you kill me or I kill you. There is a deep hatred among the tribes, so attacks will happen from time to time. Once a tribe is defeated, the women of the tribe become the enemy’s spoils of war.”

“The laws on the grasslands are different from your Han people. They don’t value chastity very much. Many women will commit themselves to the enemy in order to survive. For example, when Temujin, the Great Khan of Mongolia, was weak in his early years, his wife was also captured by hostile tribes. After accumulating strength for a year, Temujin snatched her back. However, by that point, not only did she lose her chastity, but she was also pregnant with the flesh and blood of the enemy.”

Hearing her mention of that incident, Zhao Min snorted coldly to express her dissatisfaction, but considering that what Madame Tang was saying was the truth, she didn’t refute it out loud.

Madame Tang glanced at her in surprise, and continued, “Temujin was generous, he didn’t blame his wife for anything, and he treated that ba*tard child as his own son. It’s a pity that not all men in the world are as open-minded as Temujin…” 

At this point, Madame Tang showed a strange look on her face, and fell silent for a moment.

Song Qingshu felt strange, he had just praised her dagger, so why was he getting a history lesson?

Madame Tang quickly came back to her senses, and showed a faint smile, “And not all the women on the grassland are like Temujin’s wife, who are willing to serve their husband’s enemies. These women often value their chastity very much. If they are captured by the enemy, then the dagger hidden on the inside of their thigh is their last line of defense. They use it to either kill the enemy while he is not prepared, to avenge their husband, or if nothing can be done, then commit suicide in advance to prevent their chaste body from being tainted by the enemy. So this kind of dagger also has another name, it’s called a ‘Chastity Guard’.”

Zhao Min suppressed her smile, then looked at the coquettish Madame Tang with ridicule and though, ‘Don’t you don’t find it ironic to wear a ‘Chastity Guard’?’ 

Of course, worried that Madame Tang would become angry, Zhao Min didn’t say anything out loud.

Song Qingshu came from a later generation, and his views on this aspect were much more open. Hearing the origin of the ‘Chastity Guard’, he showed a slight expression of disapproval on his face, “It’s the husband’s incompetence that caused their woman to be insulted, so why should the she bear the terrible consequences? It’s really unfair to women, this ‘Chastity Guard’ is really unnecessary.”

A look of surprise flashed across Zhao Min’s face, and she looked at him up and down as if she was getting to know him for the first time.

Madame Tang was also taken aback, then she became thoughtful, and then she said after a while, “Then what if a couple lives a life of love and bliss, but suddenly some bandits come in, and kill the husband, and want to take turns in humiliating his wife, and that wife is powerless to resist? If she is unable to even commit sui*cide due to the absence of a ‘Chastity Guard’, wouldn’t her fate be even more tragic?”

“This…” Song Qingshu became lost for words for a moment, as he didn’t think to that extent, “The Madame’s words are very true, but I always feel that this ‘Chastity Guard’ is a really ominous presence.”

Madame Tang smiled, looked at the dagger in his hand, and asked, “Young Master, what do you think of this dagger?”

“Its sharpness is enough to split hair with ease, it’s really a rare treasure.” Song Qingshu replied truthfully.

“Then this treasure should be given to a hero. Since the Young Master likes it, I will give this dagger to you.” Madame Tang said.

“How can this be? This dagger is Madame’s… such an important thing, how can I take it?” Song Qingshu never thought that Madame Tang would want to give him her ‘Chastity Guard’, and declined in a hurry.

“Didn’t you just say that this is an ominous presence?” Madame Tang said, “I’m not that fortunate, so I’m afraid I won’t be able to stop the misfortune brought by this dagger. I have to rely on a person with deep blessings like you to resolve it for me. So I hope that the Young Master will not refuse.”

“This…” Song Qingshu was caught in a dilemma. Now that the beautiful woman had said as much, he couldn’t accept it, nor was he able to refuse.

“Besides…” Madame Tang said coyly with lowered head, as her face became slightly flushed, “I don’t need this ‘Chastity Guard’ in front of the Young Master.”

The atmosphere in the carriage was suddenly tinged with ambiguity. What Madame Tang said had two meanings. One was that Song Qingshu’s martial art was strong, and with his protection, she naturally didn’t need this “Chastity Guard”. The other implied that if Song Qingshu wanted to do something to her, she would be completely willing and would not use her ‘Chastity Guard’.

Song Qingshu had previously thought Madame Tang was an extremely sl*tty woman, but when he saw that she was wearing a ‘Chastity Guard’, he was in awe for a moment, and his impression of her changed greatly.

He didn’t know what Madame Tang meant, but he decided to be silent, considering that it be too embarrassing if he misunderstood her.

Zhao Min also had a faux-smile on her face and said, “Madame Tang is handing over such an important thing to you, which means she believes in you. Why should you refuse? Will you be so cruel and refuse a beauty?”

Song Qingshu hesitated for a moment, but thinking that the Golden Serpent Camp might have dealings with the Jin Empire in the future, it would not hurt to make friends with this noblewoman of the Jin Empire. So he nodded and said, “If that’s the case, then I’d rather obey orders than be disrespectful.”

Madame Tang smiled in satisfaction, and tied the cloth strip with her dexterous hands, “It’s tied up, Young Master, don’t do strenuous activities in the near future, lest the wound burst again.”

At that moment, the carriage suddenly stopped, and it turned out that they had already arrived at Madame Tang’s mansion.

“It’s gotten quite late. I heard that the famous ‘Murderer Physician’ has a weird temper. If you disturb him so late and make him unhappy, I’m afraid it will delay this Sister’s treatment. The two of you should take some rest in this Concubine’s mansion for a night, and how about you go look  for Ping Yizhi tomorrow morning?”

Madame Tang graciously invited her two guest.

Song Qingshu hesitated for a moment, thinking that it would be inconvenient to go to the inn at this time, so he nodded and said, “Then we will be bothering the Madame.”

After entering the mansion, a group of servants greeted them, Madame Tang ordered them to tidy up the room for Song Qingshu and his companion, prepare snacks and so on.

Zhao Min looked around and asked in surprise, “Why didn’t we see Lord General?” 

It turned out that when she heard that Madame Tang was the wife of the General of the Chongyi Army, she became curious about the General, and wanted see what kind of person could have such a big face that even the Kaifeng city guard had to give him face.

“Sister might not know it…” Madame Tang said with a slight smile, “He has been fighting outside all year round, and he rarely lives here.”

“Is that so.” Zhao Min suddenly thought, ‘No wonder you act so coquettish, and you don’t have any scruples about staying with strangers late at night.’

“I’ve arranged for you two to rest here tonight. If you need anything, just order the servants to prepare it. I won’t be bothering you two.” Madame Tang stayed in the room for a while, then got up and said goodbye.

Seeing that Madame Tang had arranged her to stay at the room next to Song Qingshu, Zhao Min finally breathed a sigh of relief. She was worried that Madame Tang would make the two of them share the same room due to her misunderstanding. So she looked at the coquettish and enchanting woman with some appreciation.

After seeing Madame Tang away, Zhao Min leaned against the door and looked at Song Qingshu with a faux-smile, “I didn’t expect you to be so popular with women. How long have you been together? She even gave you her most private ‘Chastity Guard’. Doesn’t that imply that if you go to her room to find her later, she will never refuse?”

“You’re the one who encouraged me to take it!” Song Qingshu said angrily.

“If you’re not tempted, it would’ve been useless even if I encouraged you.” Zhao Min snorted contemptuously.

Song Qingshu understood that it was most unwise to reason with a woman, and with that thought, he decided to bring the flames of war to her. So he lowered his eyes and stared at her thigh ambiguously.

“What are you doing?” Noticing his gaze, Zhao Min panicked.

“According to Madame Tang, some women on the grassland will tie a ‘Chastity Guard’ on their inner thighs…” Song Qingshu paused, and showed a harmless smile, “Then will the Princess show me her ‘Chastity Guard’?”

 He didn’t foolishly ask Zhao Min if she had it, and didn’t give her a chance to deny it.

Sure enough, Zhao Min fell for the trick, as she blushed, and angrily said, “Don’t even think about it.” 

Her ‘Chastity Guard’ was hidden near her most intimate place, so how could she take it out for him to play. Wouldn’t it be the same as touching her own thigh?

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