Chapter 344: Murong Jingyue’s plan

“Is sister-in-law feeling jealous?” Song Qingshu asked with a strange smile.

“Why would I be jealous?” Bing Xue’er was interrupted by his comment, and forgot to continue her lecture for a moment

“Did Sister-in-law think that I have some sort of relation with those two women?” Song Qingshu laughed even more happily.

Bing Xue’er blushed, and spoke with a slightly angry expression, “This sister-in-law will be happy if they have something to do with you, why would I be jealous?”

“Sister-in-law, you think too much. The relationship between me and them is pure and clear, and it’s not the kind of relationship you are thinking.” Song Qingshu explained, “Besides, why is Sister-in-law being so overly modest? In terms of appearance and temperament, how can Sister-in-law be inferior to them?”

“That is not the point of our discussion.” Bing Xue’er was feeling anxious, “I mean you don’t have to…”

Song Qingshu interrupted her again, and then said, “Sister-in-law, I understand what you mean. But love is a mysterious thing. As long as you and I develop genuine love for each other, then why bother to force us apart?”

Bing Xue’er was at a loss for words for a moment, then she couldn’t help snorting, “Yes, yes, I can’t explain it to you logically, but I still hope that Brother-in-law can understand that it is impossible between you and me.”

“Why?” Song Qingshu said in a deep voice.

“Impossible is impossible, there’s no reason for that.” Bing Xue’er turned her face to one side, and decided not to talk to him anymore.

“Is Sister-in-law worried about worldly etiquette? Or do you care about other people’s eyes?” Song Qingshu asked.

“You are my Brother-in-law and I am your sister-in-law, isn’t that reason enough?” Bing Xue’er expression turned frosty, “Brother-in-law, if you raise this issue again, I will be angry.”

“Okay, I won’t talk about it any more.” Song Qingshu smiled wryly, “Then let’s find a nearby shrub to practice.”

Bing Xue’er hummed without showing any emotions.

Fortunately, Ping Yizhi’s residence was originally located in a beautiful and quiet valley, and the two soon found a luxuriant flower shrub, which was several feet long, densely packed, and fragrant.

“Sister-in-law, why don’t we practice here. We will be separated by the flower shrub, so even if we both take off our clothes, we won’t be able to see the other.” Looking at the flower shrub in front of him, Song Qingshu was full of admiration.

Bing Xue’er jumped up a nearby tree, looked around, and saw that the southeast, north, and west were all peaceful and quiet. There was only the sound of nearby spring and birdsong, and no one else was around, it was indeed a good place to practice.

Even though her graceful figure landed on the branch with a light leap, the branch didn’t tremble at all. Song Qingshu praised the movement technique of the Ancient Tomb Sect, and secretly admired Bing Xue’er’s soft as if boneless figure.

“This place is appropriate.” Bing Xue’er softly said as she slightly nodded her head.

Song Qingshu said, “Sister-in-law, please tell me the Jade Heart Sutra.”

Bing Xue’er went silent for a moment, then slowly said, “Not yet, let’s talk about it tonight.”

Song Qingshu was taken aback, and quickly understood her thoughts. Although there would be flower shrub blocking their sight, it was still too difficult for her to undress in front of him in broad daylight, so he didn’t continue to force her.

The two returned to Ping Yizhi’s wooden house. They spent their time by taking about what they had encountered after they had separated. After chatting for a while, the relationship between the two became much closer.

“Is the food I cook unpalatable?” Seeing Song Qingshu’s embarrassed expression, Bing Xue’er asked for confirmation.

It turned out that the two of them noticed that it was getting late and planned to have dinner before they went to the flower shrubs to practice. 

As a woman, Bing Xue’er wouldn’t let Song Qingshu to do the cooking. And after working in the kitchen for a long time, she finally presented a table of meals.

“Not many men in the world can have this blessing of being able to eat the food cooked by my Sister-in-law. How can it be unpalatable!” Song Qingshu looked indifferent on the surface, but endlessly complained in his heart, Bing Xue’er’s cooking skills were really not that good.

Bing Xue’er knew about her own ability quite well, and her face turned red, “Brother-in-law, don’t lie to me, I know that it tastes terrible. In the past few years, I have been traveling around, and I rarely had the opportunity to cook. Even Fei’er doesn’t like to eat what I cook, so we generally always go to restaurants to eat, and eat dry food when we are on the road.”

“But I truly like Sister-in-law’s cooking.” Song Qingshu ate a few mouthfuls of rice to show that what he said was true.

“You truly know how to make me happy.” Bing Xue’er chuckled when she saw Song Qingshu gobble up the rice, “Slow down, hey…”

After taking a good rest, the two came to the flower shrub they had chosen during the day. The valley was very quite at night, and the fragrance of flowers were even stronger. 

Bing Xue’er explained the formulas for practicing the Jade Heart Sutra, and Song Qingshu quickly memorized it. This internal method was indeed extremely dangerous. After asking about the difficulties and confusions, Song Qingshu quickly became familiar with the method.

The two stood at the opposite sides of the flower shrub, and Song Qingshu slowly took off his clothes. Bing Xue’er hesitated for a moment, and after seeing that she really couldn’t see the situation on the other side, she finally felt at ease.

“Brother-in-law, can you promise me to keep your eyes closed when practicing?” Bing Xue’er said in embarrassment.

“Sister-in-law, are you still not at ease?” Song Qingshu smiled wryly, but seeing Bing Xue’er’s eyes were full of pleading, his heart softened, and he quickly nodded, “Okay, I will close my eyes.”

Bing Xue’er saw that he had really closed his eyes, and then slowly took off her dress as well. Then she slowly moved her left arm through the flowers shrubs, and touched Song Qingshu’s right palm. This way, as long as one encounters difficulties during the practice, the other would be able to sense it and would be able to use their Qi to provide immediate help.

The soft touch of the woman’s palm made Song Qingshu’s heart flutter. But he understood that this technique was extremely dangerous, so he quickly calmed down.

Song Qingshu’s martial arts attainment had reached a very high degree. Although the Jade Heart Sutra was mysterious, it still wasn’t considered a top-level internal method in all of Jin Yong’s novels. So after a few tries, Song Qingshu successfully reached the ninth stage of the Jade Heart Sutra.

Guided by Song Qingshu’s True Qi, Bing Xue’er’s practice speed became much faster than ordinary people’s. 

After just a few hours, she had already reached the seventh stage of the Jade Heart Sutra. It seems that in another two hours, she would be able to completely master it.

However, Song Qingshu suddenly found that the True Qi in her meridians suddenly became disordered, and the snow-white skin on her face changed from normal to a blushing red.

“What’s going on here?” Song Qingshu was at a loss, he had been guiding Bing Xue’er’s True Qi with utmost care, so there shouldn’t have been any problems.

What he didn’t know that when Murong Jingyue saw Zhao Min’s incomparable beauty, he was deeply moved. But, because there were so many people during the daytime, it was inconvenient for him to make a move, so he quietly poured aphr*disiacs into the water tank.

According to his plan, he would use detoxification as a reason to make Zhao Min stay there. His appearance as Ping Yizhi was very old, and along with his identity as a genius doctor, it would be difficult to arouse suspicion from others, so the success rate of keeping Zhao Min with him was very high.

Worried that Zhao Min would struggle too much, Murong Jingyue put the aphr*disiacs in the water tank in advance, and planned to prepare some tea when it was the right time. No one would be able to guard against such a full proof plan.

Of course, Bing Xue’er didn’t know about that, and she used the water in the water tank when making the meal, so she was also poisoned with that obscene aphr*disiacs. 

And, when the dru*g’s effect took hold, she was on the verge of losing control of her True Qi .

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