Chapter 345: Obsession

Although Song Qingshu also ate, but the Joyful Meditation Method he practiced was originally the progenitor of passion and desire, so he was naturally immune to similar dr*ugs.

“Sister-in-law, calm down, don’t practice for now.” Song Qingshu anxiously called out.

It’s a pity that Bing Xue’er was so immersed in the practice that she couldn’t hear his voice at all. Although she subconsciously felt that it wouldn’t be appropriate to continue practicing, she failed to realize the danger.

“Hahahahaha, what a pair of shameless adul*terers!” Suddenly, a man’s laughter was heard from not far away.

“Not good!” Song Qingshu screamed danger in his heart. 

This person had rich True Qi, and his realm was also extremely deep. His laughter which was mixed with genuine internal energy even caused Song Qingshu to feel like his ears were buzzing, not to mention Bing Xue’er who was practicing.

“Pfft!” A mouthful of blood spewed out of her mouth, and Bing Xue’er finally woke up with a start, having suffered serious internal injuries.

“Bas*tard! Where are you!”

Seeing Bing Xue’er vomit blood, Song Qingshu couldn’t help but become furious! He raised his left hand, and imbued the nearby petals and leaves with his internal energy, and they shot towards the place where the sound came out like sharp blades.

Song Qingshu took the opportunity to grab the clothes and wrapped them around Bing Xue’er, and worriedly asked, “Sister-in-law, are you alright?”

Seeing that Song Qingshu had suddenly rushed over, Bing Xue’er felt a little agitated, but she also understood that there was a reason for the incident. After looking at Song Qingshu’s concerned gaze, her slight anger disappeared, and she weakly said, “I feel so hot all over, I feel so uncomfortable…”

Seeing Bing Xue’er’s watery eyes, Song Qingshu was taken aback for a moment, and thought in his heart, ‘Could it be that my Sister-in-law has been affected by some kind of drug?’

“To be able to hurt people with even leaves and flowers petals. How can you reach such a state at such a young age?”

A masked man in black clothes walked over in an embarrassed state. He had one or two cut marks on his clothes, presumably he hadn’t been able dodge completely just now.

Song Qingshu saw that there were only two cuts on his clothes, and they didn’t actually hurt his body, and a strange look flashed in his eyes, “Your Excellency also has superb martial arts.”

“Brother-in-law, this person is so annoying~” Bing Xue’er seemed to have no strength in her whole body as she gently snuggled into Song Qingshu’s arms, her voice was different from the usual calmness, and became sweet and sultry.

“What kind of dr*ug did you use?” Song Qingshu glared at the man in black. 

There were only three people present at this place, and Bing Xue’er was suddenly acting strange, so who else could be the perpetrator other than this stranger. Song Qingshu became even more cautious when he thought that the other party was able to silently dru*g Bing Xue’er under his nose.

Hearing Song Qingshu’s words, the man in black laughed out of anger, “What a shameless pair. You are the ones having se*x in the wild, but you are slandering this old man.”

Hearing his words, Bing Xue’er’s chest rose and fell, and with a cough, she spat out another mouthful of blood.

Song Qingshu was very agitated just now, so just after saying the words, he realized that he might have wronged the other party, but he became furious when the man’s dirty words made Bing Xue’er hurt even more. So he gently picked Bing Xue’er up from the ground and helped her lean against a nearby tree.

“Sister-in-law, wait for me. I will kill this person first, and then come back to treat your wounds.”

The man in black clothes didn’t expect that Song Qingshu would attack so fast. And before he could even say anything, he felt a huge force rush towards his face. He was shocked and quickly used his skills to dispel the force of Song Qingshu’s palm.

Song Qingshu’s palm was like a immovable wall, and the man in black clothes was shocked to find that he couldn’t dispel it at all. So he hastily used his special technique to diverted the palm strike aside, and with a bang, a clump of dead flowers and leaves rose from the ground.

“Huh?” Song Qingshu looked at his palm in surprise. He didn’t expect that the blow that was bound to hit would be diverted by the opponent.

The man in black clothes secretly broke into a cold sweat, and said with a chuckle, “Could it be that Your Excellency wants to kill me to silence me?”

“Who are you?” The exchange just now made Song Qingshu understand that the other party wouldn’t be easy to deal with, and his realm might not be inferior to that of Western Poison Ouyang Feng.

“I heard that during the day someone had used the rumored ‘returning you with your own way’ around here, so this old man came to this place to take a look. But who would’ve known that such scandalous acts would be taking place here, hehe!” There was no lack of sarcasm in the man’s tone even though he had just experienced Song Qingshu’s unfathomable martial arts. The man in black clothes had been roaming the wulin for decades, and he had never been afraid of anyone, so how could he show weakness in front of a junior.

“Nonsense!” Bing Xue’er panicked, and became agitated once again. She had difficulty breathing and felt extremely depressed.

“A charming young woman who has been in a drought for a long time, a young man with a body full of vigor, haha, what a good pair of brother-in-law and sister-in-law. This old man will not disturb your good business, so I will take my leave.” The man in black clothes was also afraid of Song Qingshu’s martial arts in his heart, so he wanted to turn around and leave.

“You think you can just leave!” How could Song Qingshu let him leave like that. He didn’t know the stranger’s background, so if the man was allowed to leave and he talked nonsense afterwards, it would spell a disaster. 

Song Qingshu himself didn’t care that much since he was thick-skinned, but it would surely harm Bing Xue’er’s reputation.

Although the man in black clothes had turned around, he was always on guard. When he saw Song Qingshu rushing towards him, he quickly raised his palms to meet his attack. 

The two attacked, then counter-attacked as their inner energy lashed out in all directions and the originally luxuriant flowers bushes around them were messed up.

“Hey brat, you really wants to take my life?”

“Only the dead don’t go around talking nonsense.”

“Want to kill this old man? You are too overconfident.”

“Whether I am overconfident or not, you will know when you try.”

The two flashed about and exchanged dozens of moves. 

The man in black clothes noticed that Song Qingshu’s gestures and moves would change from certain martial arts he was familiar with to other unfamiliar ones in regular intervals. It never stayed constant.

Even after fighting for so long, the man in black clothes had never seen Song Qingshu use a complete move from a fixed martial arts. Each of this moves had the essence of multiple martials arts sects, and he would change the angle of attack and the strength at any time according to the situation he was in.

‘Could it be that this little brat is no longer confined to techniques, and has reached the legendary state of returning to the source?’ The man in black clothes became more and more frightened as he fought. He became convinced that after another two or three hundred moves, he would be completely under his opponents mercy!

‘But this little brat is obviously very young, and even if he practiced martial arts from his mother’s womb, it would be impossible for him to have such a state!’

This happened because the man in black clothes was severely limited by his experience in the wulin. How could he know that Song Qingshu was not a person born and bred in this world. Song Qingshu, who came from a modern time, had read many martial arts books, and seen many martial arts movies. 

Even the most ordinary people of the modern world were familiar with the philosophy of— “To win without making a move” and “To win a swordfight without a sword”. Although they didn’t understand what it really meant, everyone knew about their existence.

After coming to this world, and with the improvement of his martial arts, Song Qingshu slowly integrated the philosophies of his previous life with his martial arts way, and he deliberately pursued that direction. Therefore was able to avoid many limitation the people in this world had imposed onto themselves.

The biggest characteristic of the wulin in this world was that they cherished their own self. For example, it was taboo to learn martial arts secretly, and masters would never pass martial arts to disciples of other sects, etc.

Therefore, the masters who grew up with this kind of philosophy had become limited to their own groups, and in the end, they have to to take many detours to reach the state of returning to the source. This world had thousands of amazing and brilliant people, but in the end, only a few manage to vaguely realize that state after they become old.

After another dozens of moves, Song Qingshu also secretly admired the high level of martial arts of this man in black clothes, which was quite rare. He sifted through all the characters of Jin Yong’s books in his mind, and suddenly thought of a certain someone who matched the description, so he couldn’t help blurting out, “The Great Cosmic Transformation, are you Murong Bo?”

After being identified by Song Qingshu, the eyes of the man in black turned cold and he gave him a vicious look.

His faked death was one of the biggest secrets of the Murong family, and in order to hide it from the world, he didn’t even tell his own son, Murong Fu. If he hadn’t been concerned about Song Qingshu’s martial arts, he would have rushed forward and killed the two before him

“Your Excellency is young, but you have a lot of experience.” Murong Bo stopped trying to argue, and took off his mask. He was a master, so he naturally had the pride of a so-called master.

Murong Bo had gray hair, and his face showed the ravages of time. 

Song Qingshu was suddenly filled with emotion. This man in front of him was the most notorious villain in the novel Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, although his martial arts realm was high, but he relied too much on underhanded schemes. Even after decades of hard work, he would fail in the end, and choose to stay as a monk for the rest of his life.

There were many among the Ming Cult, whose martial arts realms were on par with him, let alone Yang Dingtian and others, whose martial arts realm were far superior to him. But even so, he used his resourcefulness to forcefully make the Ming Cult, a behemoth, almost be wiped out. 

In the end, he had to lose to the protagonist’s plot armor, which was quite unfair.

“Young Master Murong was kind to me in the past, so I will not embarrass his father. As long as you promise to keep this matter a secrets, we shall forget what happened today, what do you think?” Song Qingshu knew very well in his heart, that with Murong Bo’s skills, it would take a lot of time and effort to take his life, and he himself might have to pay the price with serious injuries. Considering that he had to quickly save Bing Xue’er, he didn’t have the choice to waste time and energy on him.

“Your Excellency is so young, but you have already reached this level of martial arts, I really admire you.” Murong Bo’s expression darkened, and though in his heart, ‘If Fu’er had his abilities, with us two father and son joining forces, would we have to be afraid of anyone? And I wouldn’t need to hide my name like this as well.’

“But does Your Excellency really think that this old man is afraid of you?” A younger junior was letting him go because of his son’s face. The fact hurt Murong Bo’s pride as a martial arts master, not to mention that he still had his family’s special martial arts, so he didn’t think he would really lose to the opponent.

“Murong’s family’s Great Cosmic Transformation and Chaotic Connection Finger, has been famous in the wulin for a long time. But the time and place are not right at this time, so may we meet again later.” Seeing the hesitation on Murong Bo’s face, Song Qingshu continued, “The old man has great ambitions. Do you want to fight to the death with me for such a trivial reason?”

Murong Bo was taken aback, he always used the deeds of Emperor Gaozu of Han, Liu Bang and Emperor Gaozu of Tang, Li Yuan to motivate himself. In order to revive the Yan Dynasty, he wouldn’t hesitate to endure even the humiliation of becoming an eunuch, let alone such a trivial matter.

“Boy, you are right. I promise you, today’s matter will not be revealed to anyone, and we shall meet at a later date.” Murong Bo clasped his fists, then turned and disappeared into the darkness.

All these years, he had been secretly protecting Murong Fu, but today he was delayed on the road because of another matter, which was why he had arrived late. Judging from the news he got, that Murong Jingyue’s martial arts was far superior to Murong Fu’s, so he was worried that something might happen to him, so he hurriedly pursued him.

Seeing Murong Bo leave, Song Qingshu hastily came to Bing Xue’er’s side, seeing that she was in a semi-conscious state, he quickly poured a burst of True Qi into her body, and anxiously asked, “Sister-in-law, how are you feeling?”

Bing Xue’er slowly opened her eyes, “Brother-in-law, I feel so sleepy… I really want to sleep.”

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