Chapter 346: Concubine Tong

Song Qingshu checked Bing Xue’er’s pulse, and his face darkened. Practicing the Jade Heart Sutra was inherently very dangerous, and if you don’t pay attention, you would go crazy. What’s more, Bing Xue’er didn’t even know what kind of dr*ug was affecting her, which caused all the mood swings and a sharp rise in body temperature.

In the process of practicing the Jade Heart Sutra, a lot of heat would be generated, so practitioners had to take off their clothes and practice in an open place to let the heat dissipate in time. Unfortunately for Bing Xue’er, due to the effect of the dr*ug, the heat generated by her body had more than doubled.

The skin on Bing Xue’er’s body felt as hot as fire. Song Qingshu realized that her life may be in danger if she doesn’t get treated very soon.

Holding her in his arms, Song Qingshu mobilized his True Qi without hesitation, and hurried to the wooden house. After returning to the wooden house, Song Qingshu found a large metal bathtub. 

And when he was about to add water to it, he suddenly thought back to the reason why Xiao Longnu didn’t practice the Jade Heart Sutra on the cold jade bed. It was because she was worried that the heat generated in her body would be forced back inside the body by the cold jade bed due to the sudden difference of temperature. It that happened, it could cause harm ranging from serious injuries to death.

Therefore, Song Qingshu didn’t dare to directly add cold water in the bathtub to dissipate Bing Xue’er’s body heat, but decided to use warm water that was close to her body temperature first, and then lowered the temperature of the water little by little to let her body adapt.

When Song Qingshu was about to lift the lid of the water tank to add water to the bucket, a thought suddenly flashed in his mind. He realized that with his current martial arts realm, it was absolutely impossible if someone wanted to dr*ug Bing Xue’er without him noticing.

Then the only time Bing Xue’er had the chance of being drugged was when they were eating just now. So Song Qingshu hesitantly leaned over to sniff the water in the water tank, and he smelled a faint strange smell, 

“Ping Yizhi that bast*ard, he really mixed aphro*disiac in the drinking water!”

Song Qingshu cursed the vile man in his heart. He knew that Ping Yizhi was a pervert, but he didn’t expect that the other party was planning to use such a thing against Zhao Min.

He hurriedly ran to the mountain stream outside the house to fetch a new tank of water. Now that he had become much stronger, he could carry a large tank full of water with ease, and he didn’t have to expend much effor.

Pouring water into the tub, he added firewood under it. Then Song Qingshu went to check up on Bing Xue’er, and saw that she had passed out completely. He was starting to feel very anxious. He only hated that the heat of the fire was not strong enough, and why the water hadn’t gotten warm yet.

This was because he was feeling too anxious. He had added firewood only just now, so how could the water heat up so quickly. 

Song Qingshu waited for a while, but couldn’t sit still any longer. He stretched his hands into the bathtub, and tried his best to use his True Qi to generate heat.

After realizing that the temperature of the water in the tub was just about what he wanted, Song Qingshu hurriedly ran to Bing Xue’er’s side, and hurriedly took off the clothes on her body.

“Sister-in-law, I will be offending you.” 

Song Qingshu was very anxious at the moment, so he didn’t have any thoughts to appreciate the beautiful woman’s captivating body. He gently put her in the bathtub, and then placed his palm on her chest. Then, he injected his True Qi into her body to help her clear up the vile dr*ug.

In the past two years, Song Qingshu had encountered several cases of women being affected by aphro*disiac, especially the one with Shuang’er, which left a deep impression on him. At that time, he had to run around all over the city with Shuang’er in his arms, and he was lucky enough to find human milk to detoxify her.

Afterwards, Song Qingshu was terrified of the possibility of that kind of thing happening again in the future. He wouldn’t able to find human milk all the time and he also couldn’t use his body to detoxify other girls like he did to He Tieshou.

This world wasn’t like his previous one, and the women in this world attached great importance to the concept of chastity. If he used that method to take advantage of women, how would he be different from vile villains like Tian Boguang, Yun Zhonghe and the others?

So Song Qingshu has been secretly thinking about how to detoxify women in similar situations in the future. Because aphro*disiac was not exactly poison, and it only amplified people’s deepest desires, so it couldn’t be alleviated by other dr*ugs.

After Song Qingshu practiced the Joyful Meditation Method, which was built on the principles of male and female desires, he understood some interesting facts.

Song Qingshu, who came from a modern era, was well-informed and understood that it wasn’t necessary to have real intercourse between men and women to relieve sexual desires, so he unexpectedly figured out a way to use internal force to guide and use water to dissolve the effects of aphro*disiac.

Of course, Song Qingshu, who came from a modern era, deeply understood the principle of linking theory with practice. In order to verify this method, he had to do a lot of experiments on Concubine Tong when he was at the Forbidden City. During those days, devil Song Qingshu often fed aphro*disiac to Concubine Tong during their sessions. At the beginning, the method failed a lot, and devil Song Qingshu often had to detoxify Concubine Tong himself.

During that time, he accumulated a lot of experience, and later Song Qingshu finally succeeded. But the poor Concubine Tong had to go through many days of nightmarish happiness, and she had been completely ruined to the point that her body went limp and wet with single touch of a man.

That devil Song Qingshu was later helped by Dongfang Muxue, Zhou Zhiruo, and Xia Qingqing, and regained his sanity, but he still remembered things he did in the imperial harem.

Thinking of Concubine Tong, Song Qingshu secretly apologized to her once again in his heart, and when he left the Forbidden City, he also asked Dongfang Muxue to treat her and the family behind her well to make up for his evil deeds when he was pretending to be Kangxi.

“Even though Dongfang Muxue agreed quite easily, she smiled very strangely at the time. I don’t know if she will really follow through…” A thought suddenly flashed in Song Qingshu’s mind, but he quickly calmed down and concentrated on detoxifying Bing Xue’er.


At that exact moment, in the inner palace of the Forbidden City thousands of miles away.

Concubine Tong’s eyes were blurred, her clothes were lying messily on the golden couch, and her whole body was still twitching from time to time. 

Dongfang Muxue stroked her pristine body contentedly, “The body of girl is as soft as cotton and her bones are so flexible… that bast*ard Song Qingshu is really blessed. But I wonder how that brat and Xia Qingqing are doing now, the imperial court’s troops are about to be dispatched…”


Song Qingshu’s True Qi guided the remnants of the dru*g in Bing Xue’er body through the pores of her skin, and then gradually dissipated in the warm water around her body. The temperature of Bing Xue’er’s body finally dropped. 

Song Qingshu wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, thinking that the vile dru*g had finally been driven out.

However, expelling the dru*g was only the first step. Bing Xue’er had not yet received treatment for the internal injuries she suffered from practicing the Jade Heart Sutra. What’s more, because of the aphro*disiac in her body and being disturbed by Murong Bo’s sound waves mixed with internal energy, the internal injuries she suffered were far more serious than the internal injuries suffered by the Xiao Longnu when she practiced the Jade Heart Sutra in the original book.

“What kind of internal method did Lin Chaoying invent? Her disciples vomit blood at every turn, and goes mad at every turn!” Song Qingshu was extremely annoyed, and couldn’t help cursing the master a few times in his heart.

In fact, it wasn’t actually that difficult for him to save Bing Xue’er. Using the method of dual cultivation from the Joyful Meditation Method would not only make Bing Xue’er recover but also improve her skills to a higher level.

Although Song Qingshu would lose a lot of True Qi in that way, but he could regain that True Qi again in time, so he wouldn’t mind giving them to Bing Xue’er. It’s just that Song Qingshu also understood that Bing Xue’er would never agree to do that.

In the ancient era, taking a life might be a small matter, but maintaining morality was very important. 

Although Bing Xue’er was a martial artist from the wulin, different from those ladies locked in their homes, but she still missed her late husband Hu Yidao in her heart, and with her gentle temperament, she would never do anything that might wrong him.

Song Qingshu knew Bing Xue’er’s character very well, and he could imagine that if he saved her in that way, although she would never blame him after waking up, but he would lose her forever.

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