Chapter 349: Little girl

“Thank you for allowing us husband and wife to enter the house to hide from the rain.” Although the man in black clothes had some doubts about Song Qingshu’s identity, he still politely greeted him.

Because their clothes were wet from the rain, the woman in white clothes instinctively half-hid behind her husband, blocking the sight of Song Qingshu, who was a stranger.

Song Qingshu was an experienced man, he immediately understood what the other person is thinking with a single glance, and he couldn’t help but slander in his heart, ‘No one wants to watch you, my Bing Xue’er is much prettier than you…’

Song Qingshu’s evaluation was probably very biased. The appearance of the woman in white clothes was indeed very delicate, but the elegant and quiet temperament she had was rarely seen among ordinary women.

Sensing the vigilance of the two, Song Qingshu didn’t bother to greet them with a smile, and indifferently said, “There is firewood and a stove in the next room, which can be lit to drive away the cold. Please do as you please, as long as you don’t enter this room. My wife doesn’t like to be disturbed.” After speaking, he turned and walked into the back room.

The couple looked at each other, and the woman in white said in a low voice, “Brother, this man is so indifferent.”

The man in black clothes nodded slightly, “Junior sister, this person’s hands are like jade, and there is no trace of labor. He may not be the master of this place. It will be better to be careful.”

The two brought the firewood and lit a fire in the house. The woman in white clothes looked in the direction of the back room, and judged that Song Qingshu probably wouldn’t come out any time soon considering how tightly he had closed the door after entering the room. The drenched coat felt extremely uncomfortable, so she whispered something in her husband’s ear, then took off the coat, and sat by the fire in only her underwear.

The man in black hastily set up a shelf and hung his clothes to dry on it. If the owner suddenly came out, he could temporarily block the view long enough for his wife to put on the clothes.

After Song Qingshu entered the room, Bing Xue’er angrily said, “Brother-in-law is taking advantage of me again.”

“No way!” Song Qingshu knew what she was referring to, and quickly explained, “If I tell them that you are my sister-in-law, wouldn’t it be more troublesome?”

Bing Xue’er thought about the matter again. The two of them were staying in the same room, so if Song Qingshu bluntly stated the relationship between the two, it would only seem more ambiguous.

“I just can’t win against you.” Bing Xue’er sighed lightly, but she didn’t worry about it anymore, “How much True Qi have you recovered?”

Song Qingshu replied, “Sister-in-law, you don’t have to worry about me, but you are recovering from internal injuries, so you should rest more and go to sleep, I will keep watch.”

Bing Xue’er took a deep look at him, and suddenly asked, “Have you properly closed the door?”

“It’s closed.” Song Qingshu subconsciously glanced at the door. He was worried that outsiders would see what was going on inside and damage Bing Xue’er’s reputation, so he purposely fastened the door bolt firmly.

Bing Xue’er looked concerned, “We have to hurry tomorrow morning. I know how dangerous the way to Shandong is. How can Brother-in-law recover with just meditation? You should come to bed and rest. I have slept enough anyways.”

Song Qingshu shook his head and refused with a smile, “There is no way I will sleep on bed and let you sleep on the ground.”

Knowing that he would not agree, Bing Xue’er hesitated for a while, then said in an almost inaudible voice, “Brother-in-law, you can actually come to bed and sleep together.”

“Ah?” Song Qingshu was taken aback for a moment, and soon revealed a look of surprise.

Bing Xue’er blushed, and quickly said, “Brother-in-law, don’t misunderstand. This bed is big enough to fit two people. And… and it’s not like we haven’t slept together before, I know Brother-in-law is a sincere gentleman.”

Song Qingsho recalled the time when his meridians were destroyed, and Bing Xue’er accompanied him to seek medical treatment all over the world. One night, he was affected by the cold air on the ground and his whole body was in pain. Bing Xue’er noticed it and let him sleep on her bed regardless of the concern about the modesty. Even though the two were separated by a quilt, Song Qingshu, who had hit rock bottom at the time, felt that his relationship with her became very close.

But there was a valid reason for that incident at the beginning, and although the two continued traveling together, they never had the opportunity to “share the same bed” again.

Song Qingshu knew in his heart that the relationship between the two were very close, and full of ambiguity, but Bing Xue’er has always abided by her integrity, and didn’t allow any behavior beyond the common etiquette. Of course, touching while treating her wounds several times was a last resort, and she was powerless to stop it.

In the past, the relationship between the two had been very pure, so Bing Xue’er could share the same bed with Song Qingshu out of pity and sense of chivalry, and it didn’t cause any ripples in her heart. But now, the relationship between the two were very different, so Bing Xue’er probably had to muster up ten times more courage to make such a decision this time.

“Let’s forget it, I’m afraid of doing something that mind offend you.” Song Qingshu changed his usual attitude, and his face didn’t have the same joking expression as before.

As soon as she had offered to share the bed, Bing Xue’er had let go of her heart, but when she heard Song Qingshu’s words, she blushed and snapped, “It’s fine if you don’t come.” After speaking, she turned sideways and turned her back to him.

Song Qingshu’s mind swayed, and struggled for a long time, then finally he walked to the bedside and lay down beside her, “I won’t take off my clothes, so don’t worry, Sister-in-law.”

“I’ve always trusted you, otherwise I wouldn’t let you on the bed.” Bing Xue’er chuckled lightly.

Song Qingshu was moved, and enjoyed the rare moment of tranquility. He didn’t know when it started, but he began to silently count the number of Bing Xue’er’s breaths per minute.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

At that moment, there was another knock on the door, “Excuse me, is the master at home? This Miao and his daughter are passing by your place, can we come in and take shelter from the rain for a while.”

Song Qingshu was secretly annoyed at the sudden noise, but Bing Xue’er trembled when she heard the sound, she obviously extremely nervous.

“What’s wrong, Sister-in-law?” Song Qingshu hurriedly asked.

Bing Xue’er bit her lips, “It’s him!”

“Who is he?” Song Qingshu was furious, “Could it be that this person has bullied my Sister-in-law, and I’m going to kill him right now.”

“Where are you going?” Bing Xue’er grabbed his wrist and gave him an annoyed look, “This person is an old friend of mine and Brother Hu, but… I don’t want to meet him in this situation.”

Song Qingshu suddenly spoke up, “Miao Renfeng?”

Bing Xue’er nodded, and hummed inaudibly.

“I heard that this man once declared that ‘I am the only one who is honored in the heaven and the earth; throughout the ages, I am invincible in the world’,” Song Qingshu sneered, “I don’t believe that he can beat me. Sister-in-law doesn’t need to be afraid of him.”

“Back then, he took that nickname just to provoke Brother Hu to come out to a duel with him, and it had no other meaning.” Bing Xue’er said with a smile, “Everyone says that the ‘Golden Faced Buddha’ Miao Renfeng is simple minded, but I don’t think so. If he only called himself ‘invincible in the world’, I am afraid that Brother Hu wouldn’t have been interested. With the temper of the five masters of the Central Plains, they would’ve found his first.”

“It’s just that he added ‘heaven and earth, throughout the ages’ before it, and the top experts with status all regarded him as a delusional person. So the didn’t think of his as an opponent.”

“So that’s the case. It seems that this Miao Renfeng is really not simple.” Song Qingshu nodded, but a strange feeling rose in his heart. If he really was so intelligent, why did he lose his wife to Tian Guinong? Thinking of Nan Lan ripe body, Song Qingshu felt hot all over. His wife has been enjoyed by two other men one after another, so this Miao Renfeng was really very unlucky.

Bing Xue’er looked at Song Qingshu, and noticed the strange expression on his face, so she couldn’t help asking, “What are you thinking?”

Song Qingshu’s face turned red, and he quickly shook his head, “I didn’t think about anything… oh, by the way, since my Sister-in-law is  not afraid of his martial arts, what is she afraid of?”

Now it was Bing Xue’er’s turn to blush, and she lowered her head and shyly said, “That day in Cangzhou City, Miao Renfeng and Brother Hu hit it off and became friend, and I was there at the time… although I dare not compare myself to the Three Heroes, but at that time the three of us did intend to travel together, but we didn’t expect that calamity would strike us later…”

Song Qingshu knew what she was talking about. Hu Yidao and Miao Renfeng wanted to exchange pointers for a martial arts competition, but someone smeared their weapons with highly poisonous substances, as a result Hu Yidao was poisoned and died.

Song Qingshu quickly patted the back of Bing Xue’er’s hand to show comfort.

Bing Xue’er pulled her hand away, and softly said, “Speaking of which, although Miao Renfeng and Brother Hu are not sworn brothers, their relationship is much closer than that of you, the fake sworn brother. If he sees you and me like this, how will I explain things to him?”

Song Qingshu said anxiously: “What fake sworn brother! Fei’er represented his father and we became authentic sworn brothers.”

Bing Xue’er snorted coquettishly, “It’s okay if you don’t want to talk about it… at that time, Fei’er and I really thought that you admired Brother Hu and wanted to be sworn brothers with him, and we were still full of gratitude to you. Now that I think about it, you really had ulterior motives.”

Song Qingshu said with a wry smile, “My sister-in-law still saw through it.”

Under the candlelight, Bing Xue’er’s pretty face was three points more beautiful than usual. Song Qingshu was about to speak, but Bing Xue’er quickly made gesture to keep silent.

It turned out that the woman in white clothes who was drying her clothes hurriedly got dressed when they heard the knock on the door. The couple went to open the door, only to see a tall and thin middle-aged man with a yellowish complexion and a sickly face standing at the door, holding a little girl in his arms. 

The little girl who was dressed in jade green dress, and her big black eyes were curiously looking at the couple in front of her.

The first thing the man in black clothes noticed was that the newcomer’s hand. His palm was as big as a cattail leaf fan. It should be a hand that was very good at using a sword.

What the woman in white noticed was that the father and daughter were holding an umbrella together. The little girl was not dripping with water, but the father’s back and arms and other large areas were already soaked. As a mother, she felt the same way, and quickly welcomed the father and daughter in.

“Thank you for letting me in.” Entering the house, Miao Renfeng felt a rush of heat, and quickly thanked the couple.

Only then did the woman in white realize that she was not the owner of the room, and quickly explained in embarrassment, “We are also guests passing by to hide from the rain, and the owner and his wife are in the room at the back.”

Miao Renfeng hummed in surprise, hurriedly came to the door of the back room, and loudly said, “This Miao is passing by here, if the master finds it inconvenient to let me enter the house to hide from the rain, just say so, this Miao will never make things difficult for you. It’s just that my daughter is still young, her body is weak, and she can’t stand the wind and cold, I hope the master will allow her to stay in the house, this Miao will be very grateful.”

“Lan’er doesn’t want Daddy to get in the rain, Lan’er wants to be with Daddy.” The little girl tugged on Miao Renfeng’s sleeve.

Song Qingshu smiled at Bing Xue’er, and said in a low voice, “This Miao Renfeng possesses peerless martial arts, but is so polite to ordinary people, he can really be called a benevolent man, and his love for his daughter is really amazing.”

“Brother Miao is indeed a rare gentleman in the world.” Bing Xue’er nodded approvingly, “Quickly answer him, lest the little girls outside worry about her father.”

Song Qingshu turned his head away, and said in a rough voice on purpose, “Please do what you want.”

“Thank you for you generosity.” Miao Renfeng clasped his fists and spoke with a rare look of joy on his depressed face.

“Thank you, Uncle.” Little Ruolan was also very sensible, as she smiled and shouted at the door.

Song Qingshu trembled all over, and looked at Bing Xue’er with a strange expression, “Why did this little girl call me uncle of all things?”

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