Chapter 350: Strange uncle I

Hearing Song Qingshu’s words, Bing Xue’er looked at him with contempt, “You… you won’t have any strange thoughts about such a young girl, would you?”

Song Qingshu woke up, and smiled, “No, I just said it casually.” 

But in his heart, he thought to himself, ‘Just how many times have I had se*x with this little girls’s mother, so how could I have any thoughts about her daughter… but Miao Ruolan’s voice seems really cute when she was young.’

“Brother-in-law, I found that my previous evaluation of you was wrong.” Bing Xue’er looked thoughtful.

“What’s wrong?” Song Qingshu asked.

Bing Xue’er chuckled, “I feel that Brother-in-law’s preferences are not normal. He also likes little girls, and he likes, and he likes…” Her face turned red, and she suddenly couldn’t continue.

“And I also like a gentle big sister like Sister-in-law?” Song Qingshu salivated and moved closer.

Bing Xue’er snapped, “Don’t talk nonsense… the people outside are all martial artist, so they might hear us.”

“So what if they hear us?” Song Qingshu said with a smirk, “Anyway, in their minds, they also think we are a couple in the countryside. Everyone in the wulin cares about face, so why would they go out of their way to listen to the secrets between husband and wife?”

But Song Qingshu understood that Bing Xue’er had a thin face, and was worried about offending her, so he deliberately lowered his voice.

“Who is your wife?” Bing Xue’er stopped Song Qingshu’s approaching body with one hand, and angrily said.

After thanking the owners, Miao Renfeng and his daughter found a clean place and sat down. Little Ruolan couldn’t help dozing off due to her young age, and soon fell asleep leaning against her father.

The man in black clothes carefully looked at Miao Renfeng. There was a trace of white air above his head, which meant that he was drying the clothes on his body with internal force. The man in black clothes couldn’t help admiring this stranger. Then he thought back to the time when the man mentioned his surname as Miao just now, and he couldn’t help but think of a well-known figure in the wulin, and hurriedly cupped his hands and asked, “Is your excellency the Golden Faced Buddha Miao Renfeng?”

Miao Renfeng opened his eyes, glanced at the two of them, and said in a deep voice, “Yes I am, I don’t know who the two are…” 

“This one is Shi Qing, this is Min Rou.” The man in black clothes replied.

“It turns out that the pair is the famous ‘Black and White Swords’ from the wulin. It is a pleasure to meet you, who travels the wulin on the path of chivalry. This Miao has always admired you.”

Miao Renfeng was slightly moved, and the Black and White Swords belonged to the Shangqing Sect, one of the five branches of the Wudang Sect. The Shangqing Sect has always produced masters in large numbers. Their previous sect master, Daoist Yucha, was not as good as Abbot Miaodi of Shaolin in their generation. So now, in order to devote himself to practicing martial arts, he has passed the position of the sect master to the eldest brother Daoist Tianxu, who has mastered his swordsmanship and was unrivaled in the martial arts world. In recent years, he has seldom made a move.

The second brother, Daoist Chongxu, had the honor of being taught by Zhang Sanfeng himself, and he has practiced Taiji Sword to perfection. He was a famous swordsman. In the past, when Miao Renfeng was traveling in the wulin, he came across Daoist Chongxu by chance. The two competed with each other in swordsmanship, and with hundreds of moves, neither was the winner nor the loser.

Although the martial arts of Daoist Lingxu, the third brother, was not as good as that of his two senior brothers, he could still be called a master.

Even their disciples like Black and White Swords had achieved great fame in the wulin. Together with Feng Wanli of the Snow Mountain Sect and Mei Fanggu of the Plum Blossom Sect, they are collectively known as the “Fenghu Yunlong” (Gale Tiger Heavenly Dragon).

Of course, Shangqing Sect also has a few black sheep, such as Daoist Zhangxu. The man had high martial arts skills, and was a menace for several years. No one could punish him until he met Murong Bo, and he died because the opponents ‘returning you with your own way’.

Miao Renfeng and Black and White Swords exchanged courtesies, and Miao Renfeng suddenly asked, “The virtuous couple are traveling at night in a hurry, may I know the reason why?”

The Black and White Swords looked at each other, and Shi Qing cupped his fist and said, “Hero Miao has always taken it as his mission to fight against the Qing Dynasty. Us husband and wife admire it very much, so we won’t hide it from you. This time, us husband and wife were invited by Nan Siqi to go to Shandong together to help the Golden Serpent Camp.”

Miao Renfeng smiled slightly, “What a coincidence, this Miao is also going to Shandong to help the Golden Serpent Camp during this trip.”

It turns out that after Dongfang Muxue assumed the identity of Kangxi, she started to build momentum according to their plan, and spread the news of the imperial army’s march against the Golden Serpent Camp in advance. Now everyone in the world had learned that the Qing court has raised 100,000 troops to completely wipe out the Golden Serpent Camp in Shandong.

Xia Qingqing contacted the former allies of the Golden Serpent Camp early on to push the leaders of each mountain to elect a new Golden Serpent King, but no one wanted the person other than them to be the leader.

After arguing endlessly, a consensus was finally reached, and the news were widely distributed— heroes from all over the world were invited, and a capable person would be selected as the new Golden Serpent King. The leaders of the respective hilltops had a good plan. From their point of view, the new Golden Serpent King who would come from outside would have no foundation in the Golden Serpent Camp itself. After using him to survive this calamity, they could cross the river and demolish the bridge. Even if he was allowed to stay, he wouldn’t be able to touch the interests of their respective hilltops at all.

Although Xia Qingqing wanted Song Qingshu to become the new Golden Serpent King, her aloof identity came from Yuan Chengzhi after all. Now that Yuan Chengzhi was dead, she didn’t actually have much real power. Each of the mountains had their own agenda, and the role she could play was also very limited.

Although things were different from what he had expected, Song Qingshu didn’t take it seriously. With his current martial arts realm and Xia Qingqing as his internal support, it wasn’t a big problem for him to compete for the seat of the new Golden Serpent King with confidence.

After the Golden Serpent Camp announcement, heroes from all walks of life to rushed to Shandong one after another. There has never been a shortage of ambitious people in the world. Some people, like Song Qingshu, also fancied the strength of the Golden Serpent Camp and wanted to take the opportunity to achieve great things. However, there were some other people, who just wanted to lend a helping hand due to the fact that the Golden Serpent Camp has always been a rebel army fighting against the Qing forces.

Black and White Swords belonged to the later group of people, they didn’t have any ambitions, they were completely driven by chivalrous feelings in their chests. As for Miao Renfeng, as a descendant of Chuang Wang’s four major guards, he naturally took it as his duty to fight against the Qing Dynasty. This hero, who had been fighting for the people all these years, heard that the Qing court wanted to wipe out the Golden Serpent Camp this time, so he immediately set off for Shandong.

Having learned the lesson after his brother’s family was wiped out by Shang Jianming while he was away, Miao Renfeng was worried that the enemy would come again and dared not keep Miao Ruolan at home, so he took her with him.

Seeing that they had the same purpose, Black and White Swords and Miao Renfeng were overjoyed and chatted more enthusiastically, but the door of the house was suddenly pushed open.

Two burly old men with black beards walked in, assessed the situation in the room, and felt that both the Black and White Swords and Miao Renfeng were masters, so they became cautious.

“May I know who is the owner of this place? We brothers want to take shelter from the rain here.” One of the black-bearded old man asked.

Min Rou saw that the two people had directly pushed the door open, and their tone was not polite, so she was subconsciously a little displeased. But, she was always very cautious by nature and didn’t do anything to offend them. Although she hated them in her heart, she didn’t show it, she hid behind Shi Qing, waiting for her husband to deal with the situation.

“The master of the house is resting in the back room, I don’t think he will mind, you two feel free to rest.” Thinking of Song Qingshu’s impatient tone while dealing with Miao Renfeng just now, Shi Qing didn’t want to disturb him anymore, so he simply agreed for him.

The two old men hummed without saying thanks, and sat down in a corner by themselves.

As the two suddenly joined, the room fell into an awkward silence, and the atmosphere of happy conversation from before faded. Miao Renfeng was fine, he was always taciturn, so he didn’t think there was anything wrong. Shi Qing traveled all over the wulin, and he was very good at making friends, so he quickly said, “This one is Shi Qing and that is Min Rou of the Black and White Swords, may know the names of the two seniors.”

The two old men were much older than him, so it was not wrong for Shi Qing to call them seniors.

“Oh, it turned out to be the famous couple called the Black and White Swords. We have admired you for a long time. We are Bu Tai and Hao Mi of the Qinghai Sect.” Seeing Shi Qing’s respectful attitude, the two of them were quite pleased with themselves. As for the sentence “admired you for a long time”, they said it without sincerity.

Shi Qing was one of the few honest men in the world, and he didn’t think much of their disrespect, “It turned out to be the famous Black and White Impermanence (Hejian Shuangsha).” He recognized them immediately as he had traveled all over the wulin and had extensive knowledge.

The Black and White Impermanence nodded in satisfaction, their eyes suddenly shifted to Miao Renfeng, and he couldn’t help asking, “Who are you?”

“Miao Renfeng.” Miao Renfeng said coldly.

One of the Black and White Impermanence’s eyes narrowed, and he said with a serious smile, “Your Excellency is Miao Renfeng who claims to be invincible in the world?”

Miao Renfeng used that exaggerated nickname in the past to force Hu Yidao to fight with him, but people in the wulin paid special attention to such things. Miao Renfeng was a reclusive man, and he didn’t bother to explain more, so the rumors in the world became more and more exaggerated.

The Black and White Impermanence had a bad attitude, Miao Renfeng naturally wouldn’t explain to them, so he just closed his eyes, and stopped talking.

The two old men immediately became furious, “I would like to see if your Excellency is really invincible in the world.” Fortunately, the two respected their identities and did not want to bully the few with more, so only Hao Mi attacked.

Miao Renfeng’s eyes turned cold, and he brought long sword was out of its sheath, but he didn’t get up. He just sat still and started fighting his opponent.

Hao Mi sneered, and he deliberately aimed to brake the opponent’s long sword. Miao Renfeng noticed the strong wind coming from his weapon, and instead of taking it hard, he used soft strength on the sword, which made Hao Mi feel as if he had punched the cotton with his fist.

Seeing that his weapon was a horsetail whisk, Miao Renfeng knew that his opponent must be good at close combat. Currently he was holding his daughter in his arms, so fearing that she would be hurt, he didn’t dare to be lazy with his defense.

Hao Mi snorted, and used the horsetail whisk to hold Miao Renfeng’s long sword, then he poked at him with the fingers of his left hand. Miao Renfeng sensed a strong force, and couldn’t keep still any longer. He quickly picked up his daughter and jumped a few feet away, then saw a hole the size of a finger on the floor where he was sitting just now. His expression became serious, and he said,  “One Finger Zen?”

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