Chapter 351: Strange uncle II

“You’re quite knowledgeable.” Hao Mi laughed, and then attacked again.

Miao Renfeng’s expression darkened, and he stretched out his hand to gently push Miao Ruolan towards Min Rou’s hand, “I hope Madame Shi can help this Miao take care of my daughter.”

Miao Renfeng traveled all over the wulin, and had always heard that Black and White Swords were upright, especially Min Rou, the Snow Sword, was known for her kindness.

“Hero Miao, please don’t worry.” Looking at Miao Ruolan, the adorable little girl who looked like a doll, Min Rou immediately became overwhelmed with motherly love, and slightly squeezed the sword in her hand, ready to take precautions at any moment.

“Daddy, you’re fighting again! Lan’er doesn’t like swords, put them away quickly.” By this point, Miao Ruolan had completely woken up, she looked at the situation in a daze, and said in a childish voice.

“Lan’er, Daddy will put the sword away as soon as I am done with this man.” Miao Renfeng said in a low voice, and stabbed out with the sword in his hand, his thrust was a lot faster than before.

Hao Mi was thrown into a state of panic, he suffered multiple sword wounds on his body, if it wasn’t for his cultivation, he would have died on the spot.

Seeing that his junior brother was forced to defend by Miao Renfeng’s swordsmanship and had no time to use One Finger Zen to fight back, Bu Tai realized that if they fought alone, and neither of the two brothers would be Miao Renfeng’s opponent. Then he glanced at Miao Ruolan and hesitated.

Seeing Miao Renfeng’s ruthless moves, Bu Tai knew that his junior brother might lose his life any moment, so he didn’t care about face anymore. He yelled and joined the battle waving the acupuncture prong.

Although the Black and White Impermanence were not well-known in the wulin, each of them was a first-class martial arts master, and they were better at the art of joint strikes. One of them used a horsetail whisk, and the other used acupuncture prong to bridge the gap between the opponent’s weapons.

The combination of the two was no less than the top masters in the wulin. In the past, they even managed to defeat a Shaolin monk. Although Miao Renfeng’s swordsmanship was excellent, he was concerned about the One Finger Zen that the opponent shot towards him from time to time, and suddenly he fell into a disadvantageous situation.

However, Miao Renfeng claimed to be invincible in the world. Although that was mostly a bluff, he was not an ordinary person. He was a bit troubled at the beginning, but after some experience against the enemy, he quickly adjusted. The three of them continued to attack and defend, until they fought to a standstill.

Bu Tai thought to himself, ‘With a few hundred more moves, we should be able to beat him, but I am afraid we will have to pay a heavy price.’ 

This unnecessary competition was originally a result of their disdain for Miao Renfeng, but now that they had teamed up to fight him, they had already lost in the eyes of the outsiders.

Just as they were about to give up, they felt a sudden strong wind from behind, and the three hurriedly separated. A pair of huge golden scissors knocked against the wall, bounced back, and fell into the hands of a fat man with red hair.

“Now look at that, they are all masters! And there’s even a fight! How can I miss this?”

Hearing his words, Min Rou was taken aback and thought, ‘Could it be the third of the Four Evils, the one known as the Malevolent Deity and Evil Devil?’

Suddenly, she heard her husband yell “Be careful!” and she hurriedly raised her sword to defend. Before she could unsheath her long sword, she felt a blur in front of her eyes, her chest seemed to be wantonly pinched  by someone. Before she could react, Miao Ruolan beside her had already been taken away by a man in gray clothes.

Miao Renfeng snorted coldly, and slashed the man in gray clothes with his sword. The man in gray clothes didn’t expect him to strike so quickly, and couldn’t help feeling scared. However, he couldn’t bear to let go of Miao Ruolan in his arms. As he was about to die on the spot, there was a sudden swish outside the door, and a fierce wind shot towards Miao Renfeng’s face.

The force of the wind was extremely strong, Miao Renfeng knew that if he was hit, he would either be killed or injured, so he had to dodge.

The man in gray clothes recovered from his shock, looked at the person who came in and said, “Thank you, Boss.”

A man and a woman walked in from outside the door. 

The man was wearing a green robe. He had a long beard hanging down to his chest, his face was dark, his eyes were wide, and he was full of spirit. The man had crippled legs and was holding a pair of iron rods. There were several hideous scars on his face.

The woman was dressed in red, and she was pretty, but unfortunately there were three blood-red scratches on the left and right cheeks. Although there was a smile on her face, it seemed to hide endless sorrow.

Miao Renfeng saw the green robed man, and he couldn’t help but ask in a deep voice, “You are the head of the Four Evils, known as Duan Yanqing who is known as Overflowing with Evil?”

The green-robed man opened his lips and a hoarse laughter was heard, “I never thought that the Golden Faced Buddha, who is invincible in the world, also knows the name of this old man. I feel really honored.”

Miao Renfeng coldly snorted, “This Miao has never had any grievances with the Four Evils. Why do you want to make things difficult for my daughter?”

The man in gray clothes who kidnapped Miao Ruolan just now was Yun Zhonghe. Hearing what Miao Renfeng said, he laughed and said, “Your daughter has such a beautiful face at a young age. When she grows up, she might become a country toppling beauty. I, Yun Zhonghe, have loved women all my life. It’s a pity that I have never tasted the taste of such a young girl. So I want to have a taste today.”

“Big villain, let go of me.” Although Miao Ruolan was still young and didn’t quite understand the meaning of Yun Zhonghe’s words, she also understood that the ugly uncle in front of her was not a good person, so she punched and kicked in panic.

Miao Ruolan’s attacks tickled Yun Zhonghe’s body, and it seemed like he was enjoying it, “Uncle is not a bad guy, this Uncle likes little sister the most.”

Song Qingshu in the back room had a weird expression, and whispered in Bing Xue’er’s ear, “It’s really annoying to hear the word Uncle from his mouth.”

“Aren’t you going to save little Ruolan? By the way, kill that shameless man while you’re at it.” 

Hu Yidao and Miao Renfeng had a close relationship. Miao Renfeng knew Bing Xue’er, and Bing Xueer naturally knew about his daughter.

A few years ago, Bing Xue’er had met Miao Ruolan, and she also liked that little girl quite a lot. So she immediately became anxious when she saw her fall into the hands of a leacher like Yun Zhonghe.

Song Qingshu quickly comforted her, “If I go out at this time, won’t the relationship between you and me be exposed? Let’s take a look at the situation first. Miao Renfeng’s martial arts is quite strong, and the Black and White Swords have always been upright. They should help him.”

Bing Xue’er blushed, and couldn’t help muttering, “There isn’t any relationship between us that can’t be exposed.” But in the end, she didn’t urge Song Qingshu to go out anymore.

Hearing Yun Zhonghe’s words, not to mention Miao Renfeng, even the Black and White Swords were also filled with anger and righteous indignation. Min Rou was furious at Yun Zhonghe did to her just now, and at the same time she felt guilty that she couldn’t protect Miao Ruolan, so immediately unsheathed her long sword, and reprimanded in a clear voice, “Yun Zhonghe, you shameless sc*um, today we husband and wife will deliver justice for the heavens.”

Yun Zhonghe glanced at Min Rou, and licked his lips, “Tsk tsk tsk, it seems that I, Yun Zhonghe, am really lucky today. Not only is there such a beautiful little beauty, but there is also such a delicate and quiet beautiful young woman.”

Shi Qing was furious when he heard his words, and cursed, “Yun Zhonghe, I, Shi Qing, will surely tear your corpse to pieces!”

Yun Zhonghe shook his head, and said with a smile, “I’ve heard this kind of talk a lot, but I’m still living well. I, Yun Zhonghe, have always been good at killing husbands and dominating their wives. Your wife’s bre*asts are plump and soft, which is simply the best. Her body must be lacking in irrigation from you. It doesn’t matter. I, Yun Zhonghe, will do it for you in the future, hahaha!”

“Death to the scum!” Shi Qing’s eyes turned red, he couldn’t hold back any longer, and sent a sword strike.

Yun Zhonghe had been prepared for a long time, and seeing the attack, he quickly raised his iron staff to block his opponents long sword. Sparks flew and a small piece of the staff had been cut off. Yun Zhonghe was secretly startled, ‘I have heard before that the Black and White Swords are rare sword masters in the wulin, and they really deserve their reputation.’

Min Rou was worried about her husbands safety, so she quickly attacked with her sword, but Ye Erniang smiled coquettishly,”Fourth brother, your Second Sister is here to help you.” 

After speaking, she raised her two knives to block Min Rou.

Just before, Min Rou had been careless, and she didn’t expect that Yun Zhonghe’s attainment in his movement technique would be so high that he would be able to sneak attack her. But after all, she was one of the four Northern Monsters, and her real martial arts was still higher than Yun Zhonghe.

She and her husband Shi Qing shared the same mind, their swordsmanship complemented each other, coupled with the power of their sharp sword, Yun Zhonghe and Ye Erniang was soon forced into a disadvantage.

“Hohh, your martial arts is so good! Count me in!” After a moment of surprise,Yue Laosan waved his huge scissors and joined the battle.

With the help of Yue Laosan, Ye Erniang and Yun Zhonghe situation stabilized.

Seeing that the Black and White Sword’s harmonious swordsmanship, Miao Renfeng secretly nodded. The two of them had profound knowledge in swordsmanship. Although it was two against three, they still had the upper hand. It’s just that they might not have the time to decide the winner.

Miao Ruolan had her acupuncture points sealed by Yun Zhonghe and was placed beside Duan Yanqing. She had tears streaming down her big eyes. She was obviously extremely scared, but she kept her lips tightly shut, neither crying nor fussing.

“Hero Miao, your daughter is so sensible at such a young age! She’s afraid that speaking out will distract you. I really appreciate her temperament.” Duan Yanqing looked at Miao Renfeng and praised.

“Don’t be afraid, Lan’er.” After comforting Miao Ruolan, Miao Renfeng pointed the tip of his sword at Duan Yanqing, and said in a deep voice, “I have heard that Master Duan is the number one expert in Western Xia’s First Class Hall. Today this Miao would like to test that.”

Duan Yanqing smiled slightly, and pointed a iron rod towards Miao Ruolan’s chest, “If Master Miao takes another step forward, don’t blame this old man for destroying this flower with his hands.”

“Boss, this girl is so beautiful at such a young age, it would be a pity to kill her.” Yun Zhonghe hastily shouted from the fight.

Duan Yanqing snorted coldly. They came here under the order of the Western Xia’s King to secretly help the Qing court to destroy the Golden Serpent Camp. 

In order to protect themselves, Western Xia hoped that the Qing Empire would expend the energy of Mongolia, and so they naturally didn’t want the Qing to be distracted by the rebels within the country.

Of course, Western Xia still didn’t dare to offend Mongolia openly, everything needed to be done in secret. The Western Xia’s First Class Hall found out the news early on that a large number of chivalrous people from the wulin was heading to Shandong, so they planned to secretly get rid of some of them for the Qing court.

Whether it was Miao Renfeng or Black and White Swords, they were all famous people, if the Four Evils could capture and kill these people, it will be a great achievement when they returned to Western Xia.

Song Qingshu in the back room was very surprised and thought, ‘Didn’t the people from Western Xia stay in the country to prepare for the wedding of Princess Yinchuan, why are they stepping into this muddy water?’

Sure enough, Miao Renfeng didn’t dare to go forward, and asked in a deep voice, “How can you let my daughter go?”

Duan Yanqing chuckled, “This is quite simple, as long as Master Miao cuts off his right arm, I will let your daughter go.”

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