Chapter 352: Strange uncle III

When Shi Qing and his wife heard Duan Yanqing’s threat, they immediately turned pale with shock, “Hero Miao, you must not trust him, the Four Evils have no credibility at all. If you cut off your right arm, wouldn’t you be a fish waiting to be slaughtered?”

“Daddy don’t do it!” Little Ruolan also anxiously cried out.

Miao Renfeng’s expression fluctuated, and he was obviously struggling in his heart. 

Duan Yanqing smiled, “Hero Miao, I know you don’t believe me. But if you cut off your right arm, your daughter will have a hope of living. Otherwise, my Fourth Brother wouldn’t mind letting her enjoy being a woman before she dies.”

“Shameless!” Miao Renfeng was furious, and was about to rush over, but when Duan Yanqing poked the iron staff forward, Miao Ruolan subconsciously let out a cry of pain. It made Miao Renfeng stop, but his eyes were about to burst into flames.

“Tsk tsk tsk, since Hero Miao is unwilling, this will be very difficult…” Duan Yanqing shook his head, “Well then, I will give you another choice.”

“What choice?” Miao Renfeng knew that the other party’s conditions must be extremely difficult to meet, but it was better than cutting off his own right arm and leaving their life and death in the hands of others.

“These two people…” Duan Yanqing pointed at the Black and White Impermanence, “They have been causing harm in the wulin for many years, so if Hero Miao can take the heads of these two people, I will return your daughter in exchange.”

The Black and White Impermanence angrily yelled after hearing the words, “Duan Yanqing, you cripple, when it comes to causing harm in the wulin, who can compare to you Four Evils! It’s clear that you are holding a grudge since we didn’t want to join Western Xia’s First Class Hall at the beginning.”

Duan Yanqing smiled without saying a word. It turned out that the Black and White Impermanence were one the most famous masters of the Qinghai Sect located in Western Xia territory. The First Class Hall wanted to recruit them several times, but both of them declined again and again. Recently, First Class Hall received news that the Black and White Impermanence didn’t like Western Xia’s influence, and wanted to seek refuge in Mongolia, which was more powerful. They also got the intel that the Black and White Impermanence had recently been recommended by someone to join the Ruyang Prince’s faction.

All these things were done in secret. Ruyang Palace didn’t want their identities to be exposed, and placed them in Western Xia territory as pawns, hoping that one day they would play an unexpected role. First Class Hall also pretended not to know, and wanted to took the opportunity to get rid of the two, so that the Mongolian side would suffer a loss.

“Okay, I heard that Master Duan’s attainment in One Yang Finger is the first among Dali’s Duan family. Today we brothers will see whether your Duan family’s One Yang Finger is better or our One Finger Zen is better.”

Bu Tai yelled angrily, and rushed forward along with Hao Mi. They were not as honorable as Miao Renfeng, and they shot a few wisps of finger force from a distance, not caring about Miao Ruolan’s life.

Duan Yanqing pulled Miao Ruolan behind him, and a few small holes were poked in the place where he was standing. Seeing the two people rushing towards them, Duan Yanqing coldly snorted  and raised his iron staff to sweep across the air, which created a strong wind that forced the assailants back.

Seeing that the two were about to charge up again, Duan Yanqing realized that he might be at a disadvantage since he also had to protect his hostage, so he quickly said, “Hero Miao, if you let the two of them attack, I can’t guarantee that I will be able to protect your daughter every time.”

Miao Renfeng saw that Black and White Impermanence had completely disregarded his daughter’s life and death when they made a fierce move just now, and so it had already aroused his anger.

“Master Duan, the Black and White Impermanence are highly skilled in martial arts, and this Miao is not capable of taking both their lives alone.”

Hearing Miao Renfeng’s words, the Black and White Impermanence’s face turned pale, and one of the two snorted, “You have self knowledge.”

Duan Yanqing said, “Forget it, as long as Hero Miao can take one of their life, I will return your daughter to you.”

Duan Yanqing was quite smart. If he insisted that Miao Renfeng must kill the two, the man might not be able to properly fight due to his considerations. But if he asked him to take only one life, the degree of difficulty would be greatly reduced, and Miao Renfeng would have some confidence in his heart. The Black and White Impermanence’s affection towards each other was very deep, so if Miao Renfeng killed one person, the remaining one would definitely not let the matter rest.

According to Duan Yanqing’s plan, the two sides would have a life-and-death struggle. Miao Renfeng might not escape death, and Black and White Impermanence would either be killed or injured, so if he made a move when the time was right, the remaining person would definitely not be his opponent.

Although Miao Renfeng roughly guessed what Duan Yanqing was thinking, but at the moment he had no choice but to abide, not to mention that he was always very proud of his sword skills.

“You two, I will be offending you!” Miao Renfeng sent a sharp sword thrust while the Black and White Impermanence while was still busy with their recovery.

Seeing that Miao Renfeng chose to kill them, the Black and White Impermanence laughed back in anger, “Miao Renfeng, you are too arrogant!” One waved the horsetail whisk, and the other waved the acupuncture prong, intending to combine their strength. The planned to first kill Miao Renfeng, and then turn to Duan Yanqing to settle the score.

One side has exquisite swordsmanship, the other side has superb acupuncture skills, the three of them exchanged several moves and the fight turned into a life and death battle. 

A strange smile appeared on Duan Yanqing’s ferocious face, and his iron staff slightly trembled, intending to catch the three of them by surprise.

“Brother-in-law, hurry up and save little Ruolan and Hero Miao. You can’t just stay here like this.” Listening to the situation outside, Bing Xue’er became a little anxious.

“Although there were people who had conspired in the past, but Miao Renfeng was also responsible for Big Brother Hu’s death, so let him suffer a little bit.” Song Qingshu said.

Bing Xue’er shook her head, “Brother Hu admired Miao Renfeng very much, although I did avoid him on purpose because of what happened back then. But now that he is in crisis, Brother Hu he would have agreed to save him if he was alive.”

Seeing Bing Xue’er standing up, Song Qingshu quickly held her down, “Hey, hey, what kind of trouble are you going out to cause, do you think you can rescue Miao Ruolan from Duan Yanqing?”

A charming smile appeared on Bing Xue’er’s face: “I really can’t, but Brother-in-law won’t let me be in danger, so you will take action.”

Song Qingshu couldn’t help laughing, “You have a good plan.”

“Brother-in-law, please.” Bing Xue’er suddenly looked at him eagerly, and said in coquettish voice.

Song Qingshu’s heart fluttered, and he was almost overwhelmed by her sweet voice, so he couldn’t bear to refuse, and quickly said, “Okay, I’ll go, I’ll go.”

Fortunately, Ping Yizhi often received people from the outside, so the living room was very spacious, and it didn’t feel crowded even with three groups of people.

Duan Yanqing was hesitating whether to attack Bu Tai or Hao Mi first, but he suddenly heard a light cough from the back room, and he couldn’t help but turn pale with shock and looked up. Even with his skills, he didn’t sense that there was someone inside the room.

It turned out that Bing Xue’er was worried that Miao Renfeng would see the two of them in the same room, so when she spoke, she came close to Song Qingshu’s ear and whispered.

In fact, Song Qingshu had already placed a layer of True Qi around them so that they wouldn’t be heard by the outsiders. However, he really enjoyed the feeling of Bing Xue’er leaning against him and exhaling so close to his ear, so he didn’t say anything, and let her warm and soft figure stay in his arms.

“Hey, hey, you bas*tards are playing around in my house, have you ever thought about how I, the master of the house, feel? You’re so noisy that I can’t even sleep!” Song Qingshu picked up a straw hat from the room, placed it on his head to cover most of his face, and came out of the back room while cursing.

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