Chapter 355: Reversal

Seeing his expression, a certain possibility flashed across Song Qingshu’s mind, “Could it be that something happened in Mongolia?”

“Young Master Song’s eyes are as bright as a torch.” Duan Yanqing nodded, “Originally, in order to allow Prince Xuliewu, who was marching westward from Mongolia, to have enough time to rush back from the Far West, our kingdom arranged the time for groom selection at a later date. Who knew Prince Xuliewu would be seriously injured by an assassin on the way to Western Xia, and now he is recuperating. So naturally he will not have time to participate in our kingdom’s  groom selection.”

“It turns out that Western Xia’s groom selection was fake from the start, and they just wanted to marry the Princess to Prince Xuliewu.” Miao Renfeng sneered.

An angry look flashed across Duan Yanqing’s brows, but he didn’t break out after all, “Hero Miao’s words are wrong, Western Xia is just a small kingdom on the border, and it only wants to protect itself between several major forces. Now Mongolia is the most powerful out of all the forces. So we won’t take the risk of offending him and causing military disaster.”

Although there had always been wars between Western Xia and Mongolia, they were nothing more than small fights on the border, and they didn’t officially express any enmity. Recently, in order to compete for the position of Khan, several Mongolian princes had started to compete more and more fiercely. If any one of the Prince’s could marry the princess of Western Xia, they would have an external ally, which would be of great benefit to the future battle for the throne. So the Princes were bound to compete for this marriage as well.

Western Xia understood that fact, and they also had the intention of forming an alliance with Mongolia through marriage. After all, if their son-in-law became the Great Khan of Mongolia in the future, Princess Yinchuan would become the queen of Mongolia, and Western Xia would be protected from harm.

As for which Prince to choose as the son-in-law, Western Xia had not yet made a decision. After all, each of the Princes were very powerful and had their own advantages. And, no one actually knew who Temujin really favored.

In the end, the high-level officials of Western Xia decided to just leave it to fate, and didn’t want to offend anyone. Who among the Princes would be able marry the Princess depended on their own abilities.

Unexpectedly, Prince Xuliewu was assassinated on the way. So, if Western Xia held the event according to the previous plan, then they would end up offending Prince Xuliewu. Then if Prince Xuliewu became the Great Khan of Mongolia in the future, Western Xia might be in danger of being destroyed.

Although Kublai and Alibuge were dissatisfied with the postponement of groom selection, but since their brother was seriously injured and endangered, they found it inconvenient to discuss marriage. So the matter didn’t offend them that much.

As for offending other young talents in the world, Western Xia didn’t even take them into consideration.

Song Qingshu had been a top official of the Qing Empire for a long time, and his grasp over the decision-making at the national level was far beyond that of Miao Renfeng and others. After thinking about it for a while, he understood Western Xia’s plans very well.

What he was puzzled about now was another thing, so he asked while looking at Duan Yanqing, “Xuliewu dominates the west, and there are many masters under his command. I wonder who can successfully assassinate him?”

Song Qingshu had been away from the Forbidden City for a while, which made it impossible for him to access a lot of information from the Qing court.

“Does Young Master Song know the Persian Ming Cult?” Duan Yanqing asked.

Song Qingshu was startled. If it was the Persian Ming Cult, it would be possible for them to hurt a Mongolian prince. They definitely had that ability. So he said, “It is said that the Ming Cult originated from Persia, and the Great Ming Zun. Their Great Elder ‘Old Man in the Mountain’ Huo Shan, all have unpredictable abilities. In particular, the Assassin Faction under Huo Shan is a professional alliance of assassins. They collect rewards and specialize in assassinating dignitaries in the Middle East, Egypt and even European countries. Many imperial court has been helpless against them.”

Duan Yanqing had never heard of Europe, Egypt and other places that Song Qingshu mentioned, but he didn’t care too much about them and said,”Yes, the Ming Cult in China is now growing in power in the Western Regions under the leadership of Zhang Wuji, which has caused Mongolia a lot of headache. Hehe, it is said that the Ming Cult in Persia is almost ten times stronger than the Ming Cult in the Central Plains, and now Mongolia is in for a big trouble.” The gloating in the man’s tone couldn’t be concealed.

However, at the moment, Song Qingshu was recalling the history of his previous life. In that world, Xuliewu led an army of 100,000 troops into the vast mountains and forced the Assassins come out of hiding. During this process, the Assassins attempted nearly a thousand assassinations targeting Mengge and Xuliewu, but all of them failed. In the end, they were exhausted, and the master of the faction led the remaining members to surrender, but they were all executed by Xuliewu.

The nearly thousand sui*cide-like assassination attempts were full of tragedies. 

Song Qingshu sighed, wondering if the Persian Ming Cult’s assassination of Xuliewu had triggered that historical event.

“Then what are you doing in Kaifeng?” Song Qingshu suddenly asked.

Duan Yanqing explained, “This time the Qing court raised 100,000 troops to completely wipe out the Golden Serpent Camp in Shandong, which is in the process of electing a new Golden Serpent King. We have come to participate.”

“I’m afraid the four of you can’t be called heroes.” Shi Qing smiled disdainfully. The Four Evils had a very bad reputation, not to mention the despicable methods these people used just now.

Duan Yanqing sneered, “Although we are not heroes, we are best at eliminating the so-called heroes.”

“Everyone, please take a step back.” Song Qingshu’s face turned dark. One side was the potential members of the Pole Arms, that would be his own strength, and the other side was a chivalrous man. It would be a loss if either side was harmed.

Yun Zhonghe held his chin, and looked at Min Rou with a lewd expression, “Hey, if it wasn’t for Young Master Song’s protection, this Yun would’ve sent that wife of your to her peak by now, so you don’t have the right to talk big here.”

Min Rou’s delicate body trembled, and tears flowed down her eyes. Shi Qing’s eyes turned red, and his whole body was also trembling with anger.

Song Qingshu’s face darkened, and he casually slashed with his palm. 

Yun Zhonghe suddenly felt like his chest was hit with a hammer, and he spit out a mouthful of blood.

Song Qingshu glared at him and said, “On Mount Hua, you took an oath that you will never commit such a crime for the rest of your life, otherwise you will be struck by heavenly lightning and die. The reason why I let you go today is because I want you to face the retribution of heaven, so please don’t force my hand.”

Yun Zhonghe snorted coldly, and didn’t dare to refute, but a trace of resentment appeared in his eyes.

“Oh my… Young Master Song is bullying our Fourth Brother so much! What should we do?” Ye Erniang  smiled coquettishly.

“You have been stealing babies for so many years. You also kill and steal another baby when you get tired of playing with them. The crime you committed is even higher than that of Yun Zhonghe, I didn’t want to bully you, but you are forcing my hands.” Song Qingshu sneered.

Ye Erniang didn’t take it seriously, and she confidently said, “Our nickname is the Four Evils. If we don’t do things that you righteous people consider evil, how can we live up to our nickname?”

Seeing that she didn’t seem to be afraid of him at all, Song Qingshu felt very strange.

Suddenly he heard two thuds. 

When he looked at the source of the sound, he found that Shi Qing and Min Rou had suddenly fallen to the ground!

On the other side, Miao Renfeng’s expression also went through a drastic change. He trembled all over, and quickly retreated to the wall, so as not to fall to the ground. He couldn’t even hold his daughter in his arm.

“Daddy, Lan’er’s whole body is so weak that I can’t even lift my hands.” Miao Ruolan said weakly, while her small body leaned against her father.

Song Qingshu’s body also swayed, and suddenly he felt all the strength in his body disappear. He couldn’t help but turn pale with shock, “The Sorrowful Frigid Breeze!”

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