Chapter 356: Sorrowful Frigid Breeze

Song Qingshu felt a deep sense of regret.

After his martial arts reached a higher realm, he had became blind to the intricacies of the martial arts world. In the past, when he met the Four Evils in the Five Poisons Cult, he had been very vigilant due to the fact that Dongfang Muxue was seriously injured, and although he had lost all of his martial arts, he still acted strong on the outside, so he was able to prevent the other party from releasing this annoying poison in advance.

Now that he was able to crush the opponent with his martial arts, Song Qingshu was not as careful as before, and he actually forgot that the Four Evils still had that unique poison in their arsenal.

The Sorrowful Frigid Breeze was a colorless and odorless poisonous gas. It was collected from the poisonous substances in the Huanxi Valley of the Daxue Mountain in Western Xia. Upon creation, it maintains the from of a liquid. Then it is usually stored in a bottle, and sealed tight with a plug. After some time, the poisonous liquid turns into a gas, and can spread through the air. 

It’s near impossible to detect, until the victims eyes start stinging, and by the time they notice, it would already be too late. 

After being poisoned, tears would flow like rain, hence the word “sorrowful”. Then, the victims whole body would lose strength, and become paralyzed, hence the word “Frigid”. 

It is said that later, Murong Fu was able to remove the “tear inducing” effect after some improvements, making it even more difficult to guard against.

Although Song Qingshu’s Joyful True Qi made him immune to any enchanting dru*gs in the world, it was powerless against other poisons. Although he could protect himself against ordinary poisons using internal energy, but poisons such as Sorrowful Frigid Breeze were originally aimed at masters who could cultivate internal energy, so naturally it would be impossible to use internal energy to defend against it.

‘I winder if Zhao Min’s Paralyzing Ten Fragrance Powder would have any effect on me…’ Song Qingshu still remained clam, ‘In the original book, Duan Yu ate the Poisonous (Manggu) Vermilion Toad, so he became immune to all poisons, and Zhang Wuji practiced the Nine Yang Divine Art, so he is immune to all kinds of poisons. I can’t practice that method, or get to eat that toad, and the range of poisons I can defend against with internal energy is way too narrow. All I have is resistance against aphro*disiac, which is really unfortunate. If I didn’t have that, maybe I could even trick a chivalrous woman into taking the initiative to save me!’

‘Actually, I’m not too miserable. Duan Yu’s entire body turned poisonous after he ate the Poisonous Vermilion Toad. Didn’t that mean that he could poison his wife to death during the bridal chamber? In order to become immune to all poisons, he won’t be able to have se*x for the rest of his life! I can’t even imagine such a life!’

‘Although Zhang Wuji’s Nine Yang Divine Art makes him immune to all poisons, it doesn’t have such a pleasant training process as the Joyful Meditation Method. I should be content with what I have. One should not be too greedy.’

Seeing Song Qingshu unconsciously smirk due to his thoughts, Duan Yanqing couldn’t help but wonder. ‘Could it be that he isn’t poisoned? I have to be careful, otherwise, I’m afraid the end will be disastrous…’

So he said, “Young Master Song is really a hero! You are poisoned, but you’re still poised enough to have a smile on your face.” 

The Four Evils were all thinking in the same way, and seeing Song Qingshu standing there without falling, no one dared to step forward.

“Sorrowful Frigid Breeze is not a poison that seals one’s mouth, it just makes people feel weak. What’s more, you have the antidote, so why should I put on a look of despair.” Song Qingshu said loudly. 

On one hand, he did it to appease the hearts of Miao Renfeng and Shi Qing, and on the other hand, it was to remind Bing Xue’er, who was still in the back room to be careful of the colorless and tasteless poison, and wait for the opportunity to take the antidote from the Four Evils.

After making sure that there was no sound in the back room, Song Qingshu breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that Bing Xue’er had understood his intention.

Hearing Song Qingshu’s words, the Four Evils thought that he wanted to grab the antidote, so they couldn’t help but take a step back and looked at him with caution.

After a long time, seeing that Song Qingshu didn’t move at all, Duan Yanqing let out a loud laugh, “It turns out that Young Master Song has already been poisoned. Otherwise, with your martial arts, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to snatch the antidote.”

“Master Duan is worthy of being a hero of a generation. He sees things so thoroughly. This Song admires, admires…” Song Qingshu smiled lightly.

Hearing his frank confession, Duan Yanqing became suspicious instead, and didn’t dare to go forward. On the other hand, Yun Zhonghe smiled and said, “Boss, it’s actually very simple to test whether this kid is poisoned or not.”

Following his gaze, Min Rou, who was lying on the ground, panicked. 

Duan Yanqing thought in his heart, ‘With Song Qingshu’s temperament, if he is not poisoned, there is no way he would let Fourth Brother violate this woman. So I should just let him have a try, anyway, with the Fourth Brother’s movement technique, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to escape. Even if he dies under Song Qingshu’s hands, it will be better that risking my life.’

In fact, Duan Yanqing understood very well that Song Qingshu was probably poisoned, otherwise with his martial arts, he wouldn’t have spent so much time just talking. It was just that he was afraid of Song Qingshu’s high martial arts skills, worried that he hadn’t completely lost his fighting power, and was waiting for him to get close to give him to land a fatal blow. So Duan Yanqing didn’t dare to step forward, and let Yun Zhonghe take all the risk.

Seeing Duan Yanqing slightly nod his head, Yun Zhonghe grabbed his staff, leaned towards Min Rou and pinched her chin, “Little lady, it seems that you still can’t escape from my palm today, don’t worry, Big Brother will make you feel better.”

“Shameless, how dare you!” Shi Qing glared angrily. He had always been protecting the weak all his life, but now that he was poisoned, he had not power to even protect his wife.

Yun Zhonghe was a bit frightened and his steps faltered, but he quickly reacted, and couldn’t help but become angry, “Why should I be afraid? This Old Crane has played with many women in my life, but this will be my first time playing with a woman in front of her husband. It would be a new and exciting experience indeed! Tsk tsk, I’m getting excited just thinking about it. Master Shi, looking at your serious appearance, you must be extremely boring in the bed. Today, I will open your eyes and witness the techniques of this Old Crane. Just see how I make your wife reach her peak!”

Seeing him approaching step by step, Min Rou trembled all over, and looked at her husband in despair, “Brother!”

Shi Qing gritted his teeth so hard that they were about to shatter, and it was unknown where he got the strength from, but he suddenly jumped up and slapped Yun Zhonghe’s head with his palm. However, he had exhausted all his strength while getting up, so his palms were limp and weak, so they didn’t do any damage at all.

Yun Zhonghe kicked him back in anger.

Shi Qing fell back on the ground and continued spitting blood. 

Yun Zhonghe looked at the man, and said in a hateful voice, “If I didn’t want you to witness the exciting show I am about to perform, I would’ve already sent you to see King Yama with that kick of mine.” 

At the same time, he was equally curious, wondering how Min Rou’s body would react with her husband watching from the sidelines.

“Daddy, that man is a big villain, hurry up and save that beautiful auntie.” Miao Ruolan didn’t know that her father was also poisoned, so after seeing what Yun Zhonghe did, she couldn’t help being filled with righteous indignation.

Miao Renfeng looked angry, and snorted, “Yun Zhonghe, the master of the Black and White Swords belongs to the Shangqing Sect, they have many masters in their sect, and they have a lot of connection with the Wudang Sect. If you violate Madame Shi today, be prepared to face retribution! The Wudang Sect and Shangqing Sect with chase you to the ends of the earth.”

“Hehe, we Four Evils are not afraid of the Shangqing Temple. As for the Wudang Sect, Zhang Sanfeng may be powerful, but I live far away in Western Xia, so I will be out of his reach, hahaha.” Yun Zhonghe laughed arrogantly “Hero Miao should be more worried. The Black and White swords have the Wudang Sect as their backer. But you are alone. Who will avenge you and that little beauty beside you?”

“Hey, Fourth Brother, you won’t let such a small girl go, are you still human?” The Crocodile Deity of the Southern Sea, Yue Laosan was a little dissatisfied.

Duan Yanqing raised his crutches to block him, and watched Song Qingshu’s response.

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  1. I want the MC to suffer seriously. That way, he’ll stop with his bullshit of trying to find ways to use everyone and sparing them, when he could just stomp them thoroughly.

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