Chapter 360: A Game of Two Choices

As soon as this statement came out, everyone in the room was shocked.

Yun Zhonghe smiled strangely and said, “Surname Song, I was honestly quite jealous of you at first. Every time I meet you, you are accompanied by a woman with country toppling grace and beauty. Each one with their own unique charm. But now I know that the blessing is not so easy to enjoy.”

“You speak a lot of nonsense, can you kill her, Yun Zhonghe?” Zhou Zhiruo snorted coldly.

“Zhiruo, are you serious?” Song Qingshu said in a deep voice.

“Do I seem like someone who is just joking around?” Zhou Zhiruo’s voice turned cold, “It’s fine if you don’t want to see her die, then you can just die in her place.”

Song Qingshu’s expression changed slightly at first, but he quickly calmed down and calmly nodded, “Okay.”

“Are you really willing to die for this woman?” Zhou Zhiruo felt angry for no reason.

“Back when my meridians were destroyed, you should be very clear about what happened between us. There were no place for me anywhere in this big wide world. Fortunately, I met Bing Xue’er. She saved me and accompanied me to find a way to heal my meridians. This kindness, I wouldn’t be able to repay it with even ten thousand deaths, so this one death should be enough for now.” Song Qingshu looked at Bing Xue’er, with his eyes were full of tenderness.

“Brother…” Seeing Song Qingshu express his deepest sincere feelings, Bing Xue’er’s heart trembled, and she didn’t finish the word “Brother-in-law”.

“Hmph, if you want to die for her, then so be it!” Zhou Zhiruo felt agitated in her heart, and angrily scolded Yun Zhonghe, “Why are you just standing there, do you want your boss to die?”

“No, no, no!” Yun Zhonghe shouted in a hurry, but he was cursing her mother endlessly in his heart. 

The situation in front of him was an obvious case of jealousy between two women, and he had no choice but to get involved in their mess. Judging by Zhou Zhiruo’s expression, she will definitely be reluctant to kill Song Qingshu in the end. And if he killed that woman, Song Qingshu would definitely chase him to the ends of the earth after he recovered. 

So Yun Zhonghe could only keep cursing in his heart, ‘This stupid Song Qingshu! He could have just played with a woman’s body like I do, but he just had to go and meddle with the feelings of a woman, which is making me suffer too!’

“Zhiruo, if you really do this, I will hate you forever.” Song Qingshu let out a faint sigh.

Zhou Zhiruo’s heart trembled, and her face showed hesitation, but when she thought that she had traveled thousands of miles to find him, only to find that he was in love with another woman, that hesitation was quickly replaced by anger, and she coldly said, “Remember what I told you before.”

It turned out that the Golden Serpent Camp had spread their news all over the world, and as the Emei Sect was a well-known orthodox sect in the wulin, they naturally also received an invitation. 

Ever since Zhou Zhiruo left the Forbidden City last time, she had been practicing the Nine Yin Scripture in seclusion in order to stand up to Song Qingshu in the future.

When she heard the news of the Golden Serpent Camp from the disciples in the sect, Zhou Zhiruo couldn’t sit still anymore. She knew about Song Qingshu’s grand plan in the Forbidden City, and knew that Song Qingshu would probably be in Shandong during this time as well. So she traveled here showing the reason that she wanted to help the Golden Serpent Camp, but she had other expectations in her heart. How could she know that when she finally saw Song Qingshu, he was holding another woman in his arms.

Song Qingshu remained silent, and watched as Yun Zhonghe slowly approached Bing Xue’er, then suddenly he said, “Yun Zhonghe, come over here, I have something to tell you.”

Seeing that Zhou Zhiruo’s didn’t have any objections, Yun Zhonghe hesitantly bent down, only to hear Song Qingshu’s whisper, “Now that we have a common enemy, why don’t we make a deal, you give me the antidote for Sorrowful Frigid Breeze, and I’ll help you save Duan Yanqing, then let you go. I’ll even let this incident be water under the bride, how about it?”

Yun Zhonghe’s heart moved. He had dealt with Song Qingshu several times before, and he knew that he was a man of his words. Besides, it was better to side with Song Qingshu, who was stronger.

“What are you chirping about?” Zhou Zhiruo regained her focus, and saw that the two were whispering to each other, so she couldn’t help but slightly frown.

“Zhiruo, if you want to kill her, kill her with your own hands. Otherwise, I’m worried that I’ll be soft-hearted afterwards, and I won’t be able to hate you for the rest of my life.” Song Qingshu knew Zhou Zhiruo’s temperament, and made his words sound aggressive on purpose.

As expected, Zhou Zhiruo snorted, and casually sealed Duan Yanqing’s major acupoints, then she walked up to Bing Xue’er, activated  the Nine Yin White Bone Claws and grabbed her head.

However, Yun Zhonghe had already taken advantage of the opportunity to block Zhou Zhiruo’s line of sight, and he had quietly taken out the antidote and turned it towards Song Qingshu’s nose. 

Song Qingshu was finally free to move and although he hadn’t completely recovered his strength, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to restrain Zhou Zhiruo if he really wanted to.

But Song Qingshu didn’t make a move, he just waited and observed.

When Zhou Zhiruo’s fingers touched Bing Xue’er’s hair, Song Qingshu was also ready to strike, but Zhou Zhiruo suddenly stopped.

She looked at Song Qingshu with a complicated expression, and seeing his serious face, Zhou Zhiruo let out a soft sigh, “Even you think that I will really kill her?”

Her expression turned cold, and she waved to Yun Zhonghe rather desolately, “Take your boss and get out.”

Yun Zhonghe was taken aback for a moment, as he didn’t expect such an ending. An inexplicable anger rose in his heart, but he didn’t dare to show it on his face. He just took a deep look at Song Qingshu, and seeing that he didn’t express anything, he nodded in understanding, and didn’t say anything. 

As he was about to leave, suddenly the sound of weapons falling to the ground resounded in the room.

Looking around, he saw that all the female disciples of the Emei Sect had slumped to the ground.

Zhou Zhiruo also felt that all the strength in her body was disappearing, and she turned pale with shock, “Sorrowful Frigid Breeze!”

It turned out that after Zhou Zhiruo came in, the whole room was under her control, so Ye Erniang had no chance to release that poison. But when she found a chance, Ye Erniang quietly opened the bottle of the Sorrowful Frigid Breeze.

Seeing the reversal of the situation, Yun Zhonghe was overjoyed. But before he could cry out, he suddenly felt a numbness in his waist and couldn’t stand up. He also fell down. 

When he fell, he saw Song Qingshu’s meaningful smile, and remembered that he had made the guy smell the antidote just now, so naturally he wouldn’t be poisoned again.

Yun Zhonghe wanted to remind his companions, but Song Qingshu had sealed all his acupoints, making him unable to speak at all.

“All you young people know is to talk about love every day, so you regret it now?” Crocodile Deity of the Southern Sea, Yue Laosan grinned, came to Duan Yanqing’s side, and unsealed his acupoints.

“Hey, Fourth Brother, are you also poisoned?” Ye Erniang stepped forward, pretended to give Yun Zhonghe the antidote, but in fact she wanted to take the opportunity to question Song Qingshu about her son’s whereabouts.

Unexpectedly, as soon as Ye Erniang got close to Yun Zhonghe,  she suddenly felt dizzy, and quickly sat down to circulate her internal energy. However, she was shocked to find that she couldn’t bring up any inner strength at all!

“What are you doing?” Yue Laosan shook his head speechlessly, and was about to walk over to see what was going on, when he suddenly stopped. He couldn’t hold the huge golden scissors in his hand anymore, and it fell on the ground.

Duan Yanqing was startled, and he hastily jumped back, but when he jumped into the air, he suddenly found that his internal energy was all gone and he fell down with a plop.

“Who dares to stab me in the back?” When Duan Yanqing found that his internal energy was missing, he couldn’t help being shocked and angry.

The rest of the people in the house also panicked. If someone came in at the moment, wouldn’t it be easy for them to take everyone’s life?

Unexpectedly, even after a long time, no one came out.

Looking at the surrounding walls and windows, Duan Yanqing was full of doubts.

Yue Laosan couldn’t hold back anymore, and started to curse.

“Fatty, shut up!” Zhou Zhiruo’s pretty face flushed and turned pale after hearing his harsh cursing.

Duan Yanqing looked at her in astonishment, “It was you!?”

“You have the Sorrowful Frigid Breeze, and I also have the Paralyzing Ten Fragrance Powder. Now it depends on who recovers first.” It turned out that after Zhou Zhiruo discovered the poisoning just now, she silently scattered the Paralyzing Ten Fragrance Powder hidden in her sleeves into the air. 

Unprepared, the Four Evils fell into her trap.

“Isn’t the Paralyzing Ten Fragrance Powder a unique poison from the Ruyang Prince’s Mansion in Mongolia? How could you have it?” Duan Yanqing was shocked and angry. In such a short period of time, he fell from heaven to hell twice in row. Although he was tenacious, he also lost his composure.

“You don’t have to worry about that.” It turned out that after Zhou Zhiruo stole the Paralyzing Ten Fragrance Powder from Zhao Min, she found that the poison was colorless, odorless and very useful, so she decider to make more of it in secret. Although she messed up some of the ingredients, she was able to concoct something not too dissimilar to it.

No matter how good a person’s martial arts was, after being affected by the Paralyzing Ten Fragrance Powder, they would lose their internal strength and could only wait to be slaughtered. 

Zhou Zhiruo suddenly thought of how she was violated that day, and couldn’t help but look back at Song Qingshu. She found him looking back with a faux-smile, as if he was thinking of the same thing. Zhou Zhiruo’s face turned red, and she quickly looked away.

After the initial shock, Duan Yanqing gradually calmed down. He found that although he couldn’t raise his internal strength, he was able to barely move his limbs, but he was much weaker than ordinary people.

“Hahaha, the Paralyzing Ten Fragrance Powder is nothing special, how can it compare to the Sorrowful Frigid Breeze of our Western Xia’s First Class Hall!” Duan Yanqing struggled several times, and finally stood up while trembling.

Zhou Zhiruo’s face darkened, “How can you still move?” 

She tried many times, but she couldn’t even move her fingers.

“The Paralyzing Ten Fragrance Powder and Sorrowful Frigid Breeze seem to have similar effects, but they are different in essence. The Paralyzing Ten Fragrance Powder causes people to temporarily lose internal energy, while the Sorrowful Frigid Breeze doesn’t just target the internal energy, it also temporarily paralyzes their whole body. After you are affected by the Sorrowful Frigid Breeze, no matter how deep your internal strength is, you won’t be able to exert even an ounce of your strength. After being poisoned by the Paralyzing Ten Fragrance Powder, although you will lose your internal strength, you will still be able to move.”

Duan Yanqing smiled, and slowly moved towards his iron staff, then he approached Zhou Zhiruo step by step.

Song Qingshu was feeling really depressed. 

He had just been cured of the Sorrowful Frigid Breeze and was pretending to be a pig to eat the tiger, but he fell victim to Zhou Zhiruo’s Paralyzing Ten Fragrance Powder again!

‘This stupid woman!’ Song Qingshu cursed in his heart, ‘If she didn’t try to act clever, I would have already controlled the situation, and we wouldn’t be in danger again.’

Of course, Song Qingshu also understood that using the Paralyzing Ten Fragrance Powder was the most correct choice Zhou Zhiruo’s could’ve made at the time, and it was really unreasonable for him to blame her.

Seeing Song Qingshu’s shifting eyes, Duan Yanqing decided to act fast. He knew very well that these people were highly skilled in martial arts. Although he knew it was impossible, he was still afraid that they would force the poison out, so he tried to distract them, “This old man found the game that Leader Zhou played just now quite interesting. But it’s a pity that the Leader Zhou finally relented, so this old man will continue that game. Leader Zhou, let’s see which one of you is more important in Song Qingshu’s heart.”

Zhou Zhiruo lightly said, “There’s no need to try, I can’t compare to her.”

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