Chapter 361: Who to Save First?

Duan Yanqing wondered, “Leader Zhou has an incomparably beautiful appearance. You are upright and youthful, and you are a perfect match for Young Master Song. It would be too wrong for you to willingly belittle oneself.”

Zhou Zhiruo felt a pang of pain in her heart, how could outsiders understand the love-hate relationship between her and Song Qingshu. 

In the past, Song Qingshu was of course devoted to her, but unfortunately too many things happened later, she knew in her heart that now Song Qingshu probably cared more about that woman than her.

“Young Master Song, I said before that in order to repay you for revealing the news of the Gu*nyin, I will return your kindness. How about this, of the two women around you, this old man will keep one of them alive, as for which one survives, it is up to you.”

Normally, the distance between them could be shortened by simply a few steps, but now that he was moving slowly, it was taking too long. Duan Yanqing was feeling very anxious in his heart, but he tried to calmly lower the defenses of the man and two women in front of him.

“I don’t want either of them to die. If I really had to choose, I would selfishly hope that you would kill us all, so that I can hug them left and right on the Yellow Spring Road, and we won’t be lonely.” Song Qingshu laughed, “I just don’t know if they are willing to die with me…”

Bing Xue’er had already fallen into Song Qingshu’s arms, and Zhou Zhiruo also fell on Bing Xue’er’s body after being affected by the Sorrowful Spring Breeze. At the moment, the three of them were leaning against each other and it seemed like they were in each others embrace.

Bing Xue’er smiled lightly, but didn’t speak. 

Zhou Zhiruo wanted to choke him, but she still didn’t speak out any words of disagreement.

“Master Duan, I have a request before I die.” Song Qingshu suddenly said.

“Speak.” Duan Yanqing said as he slowly approached.

“Although I don’t have a harmonious relationship with Leader Zhou, she is still my wife. You will definitely try to find the antidote for Paralyzing Ten Fragrance Powder on her later. I don’t want her to be humiliated after death. So I’ll find the antidote for you now, and after you kill us later, cremate us together to avoid being insulted by any villains.” After speaking, Song Qingshu glanced at Yun Zhonghe. 

Yun Zhonghe was anxious, but his acupoints were sealed, and he couldn’t speak, so he was unable to warn Duan Yanqing.

Seeing Yun Zhonghe’s eyes full of anxiety, Duan Yanqing thought that the other party still had the idea of ​​picking flowers, and felt contemptuous in his heart. 

He has always stayed away from the matters related to women, and he originally had a heroic bearing. After seeing Song Qingshu, a superb master, be reduced to such a situation, he felt a little sympathetic, and said in a deep voice, “Alright, I promise you.” 

Then he thought in his heart, ‘He’s still under the effect of the Sorrowful Frigid Breeze anyways, so it’ll be useless even if he takes the antidote of the Paralyzing Ten Fragrance Powder.’

“Thank you, Master Duan.” Song Qingshu turned to look at Zhou Zhiruo, and asked, “Zhiruo, where do you keep the antidote?”

Zhou Zhiruo didn’t want to talk to him at first, but when she thought that another man would come to search her body later, she felt a chill down her spine. Between the two, she felt that it would be better for Song Qingshu to take it. Thinking of the place she had kept the antidote, her small face blushed red, and she softly said, “It’s in my chest.”

“Excuse my offense.” Song Qingshu respectfully asked for permission, making everyone in the room quite bewildered. 

They were husband and wife, but why did they behave so distant?

Song Qingshu struggled to raise his hand, and stretched it tremblingly towards her chest. His movements were very slow, and Zhou Zhiruo couldn’t help but turn her head away in shame, not looking at him anymore.

When Song Qingshu finally reached out to her clothes, Zhou Zhiruo trembled all over, pursed her lips and said, “It’s not there, it’s on the right.”

“Oh.” Song Qingshu smiled awkwardly, and finally grabbed the antidote under Bing Xue’er’s playful eyes.

“Give me the antidote quickly!” Duan Yanqing was overjoyed, but suddenly he became worried that Song Qingshu might have cooked up a poisonous scheme. It was possible that he took out the poison instead of the antidote, and wanted to trick him into eating it. 

As he was hesitating whether to make the Third or the Fourth Brother to try it first, he suddenly heard Ye Erniang’s voice full of bewilderment next to his ear, “You… you should be under the effect of the Sorrowful Frigid Breeze, why can you still move?”

Duan Yanqing secretly groaned, only then did he realize that he had ignored such a big flaw under his complacency.

By that point, Song Qingshu had already taken the antidote, and laughed out loud, “It because I also smelled the antidote for the Sorrowful Frigid Breeze just now.” After speaking, he glanced at Yun Zhonghe.

Duan Yanqing was shocked and angry. He looked at Yun Zhonghe and cursed, “You betrayed me?”

Yun Zhonghe couldn’t express his suffering, and thought with an aggrieved face, ‘I didn’t know that the situation would turn around so quickly!’

Song Qingshu lightly flicked his finger, and Duan Yanqing felt that the iron staff was hit hard by an invisible force. He was poisoned, and it was already very difficult to maintain his balance. So, he couldn’t stand still, and fell to the ground again.

“Master Duan, don’t worry too much. Just now I promised Yun Zhonghe to let you live. I never break my promise. After I save them, I will naturally give you the antidote.”

Song Qingshu didn’t really want to let the tiger go back to the mountain. But after he practiced his martial arts to as higher realm, he found that cultivating mental state was much more important than cultivating internal strength.

Seeing that he was still willing to keep his promise under such circumstances and let his group leave, Duan Yanqing’s expression became complicated, “This Duan has never seen a more honorable person than Young Master Song.”

“Thank you Master Duan for your praise. You and I have different opinions, but don’t have any prior enmity with each other. However, when we meet in the future, we will probably draw swords against each other. You don’t have to take today’s feelings to heart.”

Song Qingshu helped the two girls up first, and wanted to help them to sit on a stool, but suddenly he thought of something, and made the two girls sit back to back, leaning against the corner of the wall for mutual support.

He wanted to search for the antidote for Sorrowful Frigid Breeze from the Four Evils. After having suffered enough during this incident, he also took the Sorrowful Frigid Breeze from the four people, and thought in his heart, ‘I have to find a chance to ask Little Lingsu to help me study it. It would be of great use if it could be mass produced. As for whether Lingsu would agree or not, hehe… with Bing Xue’er, her future mother-in-law speaking, she’ll have no choice but to obey.’

However, when Song Qingshu was searching Ye Erniang, Zhou Zhiruo couldn’t help but coldly snorted, “A man shouldn’t touch a woman in such a way. Shouldn’t you act like an honorable man just like they say you are?”

“Should I take it as you being jealous?” Song Qingshu said with a smile, “Considering our age, Ye Erniang could be my mother, so I don’t know why you are feeling so jealous. What’s more, it should be alright as long as I don’t have any indecent thoughts in my heart and my movements are also not obscene in any way.”

“Who is feeling jealous?” Zhou Zhiruo spat, “It’s just that we, the members of the Emei Sect, are dignified and upright. As the leader of Emei Sect, I will naturally have to point out injustice after seeing your filthy behavior.”

“Really?” Song Qingshu’s face was full of smiles, “Don’t you see that Bing Xue’er next to you is struggling to hold back her smile?”

“No way!” Bing Xue’er was taken aback and hurriedly defended herself.

Holding the antidote and walking in front of the two women, Song Qingshu was suddenly stunned still.

Both the women were poisoned, so who should he detoxify first?

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