Chapter 367: The Fairy Fights Alone

Xiao Xiangzi coldly snorted, and said, “Miss Xiao’s swordsmanship is not that bad, so I want to test it as well.” 

After saying that, he waved his left hand and Zhao Zhijing felt a stong force hit his shoulder. 

Zhao Zhijing’s footing became unstable, and he was pushed several feet away. He already had a solid foundation of internal strength, so even though he had suffered several injuries, he was still able to stand still with dignity.

Song Qingshu saw what happened, and sneered, “Shameless, really shameless, three great martial arts masters, besieging a solitary young girl, how shameless!”

Xiao Xiangzi and the others heard that, and their faces became slightly hot. They never cared about benevolence, righteousness and morality in their life, but they were all arrogant and conceited, so they valued their face very much. At the moment, the three of them were teaming up to fight a lone young girl, and that wasn’t really an honorable thing.  

However, even though she was alone, their opponent was adept at performing unpredictable sword moves, which was quite hard to deal with.

Xiao Longnu glanced at Song Qingshu with surprise. Her thought process ​​was very simple— she would reply in kind to whoever that treated her well, and after hearing Song Qingshu’s righteous words, she developed a favorable impression of the stranger.

As he met her pure eyes, Song Qingshu’s heart skipped a beat. Looking at her peerless appearance, he sighed in his heart, ‘No wonder Yin Zhiping’s decades of mind cultivation were ruined that night in the original book. There are not many men in the world who can refuse such a temptation.’

Seeing Xiao Longnu turning her head, Xiao Xiangzi was overjoyed. He silently waved his Mourning Stick and rushed towards her. 

Song Qingshu saw the guy sneaking up on Xiao Longnu, and he pressed his right hand on the table. A chopstick jumped out of the bamboo tube, and with a flick of his left hand, the chopstick shot forward and hit Xiao Xiangzi’s Mourning Stick with a bang.

Xiao Xiangzi felt his hand go numb, and looked over in shock. 

Song Qingshu leisurely picked up a glass of wine and took a sip. He had already shown mercy, otherwise, with his current martial arts skills, a single chopstick would’ve been enough to take the life of a master like Xiao Xiangzi.

Xiao Longnu finally came back to her senses, and swiftly made a move. 

Xiao Xiangzi and his companions still couldn’t see her sword’s movement clearly. They all jumped back, and retreated more than ten feet away, then they brandished their weapons at the same time, protecting the vital parts of their bodies.

Xiao Xiangzi, Ni Moxing, and Yin Kexi all hoped that she would attack the others first, as long as they could see some clues in her moves, they would have a chance of winning. 

The three of them had common thoughts, so each of them used their unique skills to protect their whole bodies so that there would be no gaps at all. They wanted to keep themselves unharmed, then take the opportunity to counterattack. 

It was rare for these three masters to take the defensive position as their starting move, but considering that the opponent was quite strong, if they went forward to attack, they might get humiliated instead.

In the main hall, Xiao Longnu stood in the center with her swords pointed at the ground. 

Xiao Xiangzi and the other three were in three directions, and a cold light flickered back and forth in front of each of them. 

Yin Kexi’s Golden Dragon Whip danced into a ball of yellow light; Ni Moxing’s Iron Snake seemed like black shadows moving to and fro, and Xiao Xiangzi’s Mourning Stick turned into a gray curtain, covering his entire body.

Seeing that Zhao Zhijing was about to retreat behind Monk Jinlun, Xiao Longnu flicked her plain sleeves and stepped forward. 

Ni Moxing and Xiao Xiangzi defended from the left and right. That way, the defense would be more than enough to stop the opponent’s attack.

Seeing that there were no gaps she could take advantage of, Xiao Longnu didn’t immediately extend her swords. Her eyes carefully followed Zhao Zhijing’ figure fleeing towards the back, and only then did she make two movements with her sword. But the two weapons of Ni Moxing and Xiao Xiangzi made a whistling sound, and blocked her attack. 

Xiao Longnu said, “Are you going to step aside or not?”

Ni Moxing’s legs were crippled by Yang Guo and Li Mochou, and he knew that Yang Guo was Xiao Longnu’s lover. So he wanted to vent all his grievances on her, “We won’t. Little girl, we’d like to see just what kind of ability a demoness like you have!”

Xiao Xiangzi and Yin Kexi looked at each other. They understood that it would be a great embarrassment to gang up on a lone girl in front of Zhao Min and Huazheng. However, at the moment, they were already riding a tiger and it was hard for them to get off. If they won, it’d all be alright, but if they retreated or lost, their future in Mongolia would be less than fortunate.

Xiao Longnu didn’t feel annoyed. She only knew that if she wanted to kill those two villains, she had to first drive away the three masters in front of her. So she said coldly, “If you refuse to give in, I will have to offend you!”

The sword slashed forward with a bright flash, and the sound of weapons clashing was heard. Suddenly, the sound stopped, and Xiao Longnu had already returned to the center of the hall, standing still like it was before.

“Good swordsmanship!” Song Qingshu was full of praise, but then his tone changed, “It’s a pity…”

“What’s the matter?” With Bing Xue’er’s level of martial arts, she couldn’t fully see Xiao Longnu’s lightning-fast sword movements. So when she heard Song Qingshu compliment her junior sister, she felt happy, but when she heard the next sentence, she couldn’t help feeling worried.

“Just now, it might’ve seemed like just one move, but your junior sister had made more than forty moves in total, but it is a pity that the three opponents defended them almost impeccably.” Song Qingshu explained in a low voice, “Although your junior sister has exquisite and quick sword skills, she lacks adequate internal strength and, if she doesn’t act decisively, it will be very difficult for her to break through the defense of those three people.”

On the other side, Xiao Xiangzi and the other three were even more terrified. The reason they were able to block the sword moves was due to the fact that their weapons had synced imperceptibly without any gaps. If they had been alone, they would have already been hit by the sword long ago.

Xiao Longnu also admired how tight the opponent’s defense was, she paused for a moment, and retreated with light steps, then she attacked again.

Ding! Ding! Ding!  

Sounds of weapons clashing was heard again.

Yin Kexi frantically whirled his Golden Dragon Whip, and finally blocked all the attacks.

Xiao Longnu thought to herself, ‘Attacking in such quick intervals consumes a lot of internal energy, at this rate I wont last long. I just need to wait for a chance. I should be able to find a loophole soon enough. Even if Zhao Zhijing and the others escape, I can just catch them again.’

So she continued to intimidate her opponents with faints and attacks, so that the three of them wouldn’t dare to relax even a little. 

However, Xiao Xiangzi and the others were all much older, and the naturally had extremely deep internal energy, so their energy wouldn’t decrease even if they continued to fight as they were doing.

Seeing that there was no room that she could take advantage of, Xiao Longnu finally decided to quietly stand still with a refined expression and a dignified manner. She had never been an impatient person. She followed Yin Zhiping and Zhao Zhijing for more than a month, and she never gave up. So why couldn’t she wait for another day and a half? 

Twenty years of meditation and self-discipline in the Ancient Tomb Sect had long since cultivated her patience to a level that no one could easily match.

Furthermore, she was facing three masters who were all focusing entirely on defense. 

On the other side, even if their skins were as thick as a city wall, the three masters were feeling quite embarrassed to let Princess Zhao Min and Princess Huazheng witness their shamelessness.

As Xiao Longnu just stood still in place with her sword in her hand, Ni Moxing was the first one to lose his composure. He let out a roar, swung the Iron Snake, and rushed towards his opponent.

As soon as he attacked, it created a gap on the left side of his body, and Xiao Longnu’s long sword trembled for an instant. Ni Moxing jumped back, but he felt a slight pain in his shoulder, he looked down and saw a small bloody hole in the clothes on his left shoulder. If it wasn’t for the fact that Xiao Longnu was also defending against the Iron Snake’s attack, his left arm would no longer be attached to his body at the moment.

Ni Moxing’s attack was unsuccessful and he was wounded instead. Although he was angry, he didn’t dare to rush forward again. The three masters came to a standstill, and Xiao Longnu just continued to stay in the center and ignored them.

Yin Kexi had already used the “Yellow Sand Ten Thousand Miles Whip Technique” four times, and suddenly he thought of something, and shouted, “Brother Moxing, Brother Xiangzi, let’s take half a step together.”

Ni Moxing and Xiao Xiangzi didn’t understand his intentions, but Yin Kexi was well-known in the Western Regions for his extensive knowledge and intelligence, so they followed his advice and took half a step. Yin Kexi also took half a step at the same time, and shouted, “Our defense must be rigorous, and the steps must be slow. Let’s take another half step.” 

Xiao Xiangzi and Ni Moxing stepped forward again according to his words.

The three of them continued to take steps like that, and after a while, everyone could see that the circle they had formed around Xiao Longnu had gradually narrowed. It it continued like that, they would be able to squeeze her in the center. 

Although the three of them didn’t dare to attack, they wielded their weapons and formed three iron walls, which gradually squeezed towards the middle. The three defensive lines had combined into one powerful offensive, which was really quite ingenious.

When everyone saw this situation, except for Zhao Zhijing and a few others who were secretly happy, even Zhao Min and others were began to worry about Xiao Longnu.

Xiao Longnu saw that the three were getting closer and closer, but there was still no room for her to take advantage with her weapon moves. She realized that after a short time, she would definitely be squeezed to death by them. Therefore, she immediately stabbed forward with her two swords, only to be blocked by her opponents.

She made dozens of sword strikes in a row, but her opponents blocked them all, and at the same time, they also took half a step forward. 

Xiao Longnu gradually felt flustered. When she retreated to the left, she suddenly stumbled and staggered.  This time there was a big flaw in her own sword technique. If it wasn’t for the fact that Xiao Xiangzi and others were only focusing on defense and didn’t dare to take the opportunity to attack, she would’ve already fallen in great danger.

“Brother-in-law, my Junior Sister, I’m afraid she won’t last long.” Bing Xue’er was fidgeting, and wanted to get up to rescue her junior sister several times, but because of the large number of Mongol forces, she was worried that more masters from the other side would end up getting involved in the fight, and she would harm Xiao Longnu instead.

Song Qingshu suddenly said, “Miss Xiao, although it is wonderful to combine two swords by fighting with two hand, have you forgotten that one sword is enough for most swordsmen in the world? Why are you being persistent in following that one path?”

Xiao Longnu was originally a smart person, and after listening to his advice, she suddenly realized the flaw in her thoughts. 

Yin Kexi’s Golden Dragon Whip had a natural suction force, and Xiao Longnu was worried that the sword in her left hand would be taken away by the force, so she had been deliberately avoiding his direction.

Xiao Longnu was very pure in her thoughts, and when she heard Song Qingshu’s advice, she felt that the other party would not harm her. Therefore, without the slightest hesitation, she stabbed at the center of Yin Kexi’s whip with a sword in her left hand.

As soon as the weapons of the two came into contact, Xiao Longnu felt a strong force pulling the sword from her hand. She remained calm, and not only did she not pull back, but took advantage of the momentum to send the sword forward, allowing Yin Kexi to snatch the sword from her hand.

Yin Kexi’s long whip was now entangled around his opponents sword, and he could no longer swing it as freely as he did before. And, at that moment, there was finally a hole in their defense!

Yin Kexi hurriedly wanted to throw the sword away, but just as he was about to raise the soft whip, Xiao Longnu stabbed out with her remaining long sword.

Yin Kexi’s felt a severe pain from his wrist, and he could no longer hold on to his whip. His wrist was injured, and the weapon fell to the ground. 

With that iron-like encirclement of the three was immediately broken. 

Xiao Longnu took the opportunity to pick up the sword that had just fallen on the ground, and her two swords flashed like two lightning bolts!

Yin Kexi stepped away in a hurry, but Xiao Longnu didn’t chase after him, instead she took a deep breath, raised her sword and stabbed at Zhao Zhijing.

Monk Jinlun had suffered a lot under the Jade Maiden Dual Swordplay, so his expression changed. 

On the contrary, the Vajra Sect Master at the side had already realized that although Xiao Longnu’s level of swordsmanship was high, but her internal strength was quite insufficient. 

So he stretched out his two fingers to pinch Xiao Longnu’s sword, then he took advantage of Xiao Longnu’s shock to stretch out another finger to silently poke at her slender waist.

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