Chapter 366: Confused Xiao Longnu III

Monk Jinlun had seen Zhou Botong’s martial arts before, and he thought that the opponent’s martial arts was slightly better than his own. 

Zhou Botong had fought with Guo Jing, the successor of Hong Qigong, who was one of the five great masters, and their strengths were about equal.

You must know that Ouyang Feng won the title of number one in the world at the second Mount Hua Martial Arts Conference, so his martial arts must not be inferior to Zhou Botong. 

The Mongolian masters were not on the same side, so Monk Jinlun naturally wanted to see a master from the opposing side lose and humiliate himself. So he just gloated and was waiting to see the battle between Taoist Baishang and the Western Poison. Therefore, when he saw the woman who just walked in, his expression suddenly became ugly.

The woman was dressed in white clothes, and her face was hidden under a veil, as if she was hidden in the mist. Except for her black hair, her whole body was covered in white, and even her skin was abnormally pale.

The men in the inn all showed expressions of astonishment, even the women like Zhao Min and Bing Xue’er stared blankly at her.

“This girl is so beautiful.” Bing Xue’er murmured to herself.

Song Qingshu smiled wryly and said, “This might be your junior sister.”

“Junior Sister?” Bing Xue’er was taken aback, and looked at him with a doubtful expression.

“If I’m not wrong, she should be the current head of the Ancient Tomb Sect, Xiao Longnu, so she is naturally your junior sister.” Song Qingshu was 100% sure about that in his heart, with such a beautiful and unearthly appearance, he really couldn’t think of anyone else besides Xiao Longnu.

What’s more, the other party’s temperament very similar to Bing Xue’er, which strengthened his confidence even more.

‘It should be caused by the teachings of the Ancient Tomb Sect…’ Song Qingshu thought to himself, ‘Xiao Longnu is chasing after Yin Zhiping and Zhao Zhijing… then according to the plot of the original book, isn’t she already…’

Looking at the celestial beauty in front of him, Song Qingshu felt a pang of pain in his heart for no reason, and a trace of murderous intent appeared in his eyes as he looked at Yin Zhiping.

In fact, it was all Song Qingshu’s misunderstanding. Xiao Longnu was chasing after the two Taoists not because one of them tarnished her innocence like in the original book, but because of another reason.

It was actually one of the butterfly effects brought about by Song Qingshu’s actions. 

In this world, Ouyang Feng didn’t wander around the world as a madman like he did in the original book, and he was invited by Hong Antong to serve him on the Mystic Dragon Island as his last trump card very early on.

Without Ouyang Feng, no one was there to seal Xiao Longnu’s acupoints on the Zhongnan Mountain, and naturally Yin Zhiping couldn’t do anything to her either.

Yin Zhiping didn’t get what he wanted, and after meeting a celestial beauty the lovesickness in his heart became more and more intense. 

Zhao Zhijing was with him all the time, so naturally he knew about it all.

Yin Zhiping was the next sect master of the Quanzhen Sect. Zhao Zhijing, on the other hand, thought that he was superior to Yin Zhiping in terms of both martial arts and talents, so he had long been dissatisfied with that decision. So when he saw that Yin Zhiping had become obsessed with Xiao Longnu, he came up with a plan.

Not long ago the two happened to meet Xiao Longnu in the same inn. Zhao Zhijing quietly put aphr*disiacs in Xiao Longnu’s tea, and then encouraged Yin Zhiping to take advantage of her.

With a scandal like that, Yin Zhiping would naturally lose his position as the next sect master and Zhao Zhijing would be able to get his wish.

It’s a pity that the two of them never imagined that Xiao Longnu was pure-hearted and ascetic since she was a child, and she practiced internal strength on a cold jade bed, so the effect of aphr*disiac was not so obvious to her.

Therefore, although Xiao Longnu felt a little uncomfortable all over her body, she didn’t take it seriously. 

Yin Zhiping saw that she didn’t show any signs of being dr*gged, and thought that Zhao Zhijing was deliberately teasing him, and the two immediately started an argument, which happened to be heard by Xiao Longnu.

No matter how naive Xiao Longnu was, she understood the filthy act the two had committed, so she drew her sword and attacked the two in shame and anger. 

How could the two of them be Xiao Longnu’s opponents? 

Fortunately, she had never killed anyone, and she had no social experience at all, so she couldn’t figure out how to deal with the two of them once they were at her mercy, and she let them escape every time.

Seeing Xiao Longnu chasing after them, the two were scared out of their wits. 

Yin Zhiping was fine, in his heart, if he could die under the sword of the lover of his dreams, his life would not be in vain. But for Zhao Zhijing, Xiao Longnu’s beauty didn’t matter very much, so he tried his best to survive.

“Monk Jinlun save me!” Xiao Longnu’s swordsmanship was so perfect that Zhao Zhijing panicked and begged Monk Jinlun. He had seen Monk Jinlun’s martial arts in the Great Sanguan Heroes Conference, and he knew that the man was not inferior to Guo Jing. Zhao Zhijing felt that only Monk Jinlun could save his life from Xiao Longnu’s sword.

In front of so many masters, Zhao Zhijing’s reaction made Monk Jinlun a little flustered, but he had seen Xiao Longnu and Yang Guo’s sword skills, and he had almost been killed them in the past. So he looked outside the door with lingering fear, but didn’t find Yang Guo, which made him very surprised and uncertain.

Compared to Yin Zhiping, Xiao Longnu hated Zhao Zhijing, the main culprit behind the matter, and frowned, “Monk, I only want to punish this Taoist today, don’t get in my way.”

Although Monk Jinlun was a little fearful, but he couldn’t let himself be frightened by a young girl’s words in front of so many masters, so he sneered, “This Taoist Zhao is a friend of our Lady… little girl, you should mind your words.” 

Monk Jinlun was also quite shocked by the number of masters around them, and since they were not in Mongolia, he decided to be careful in everything, so naturally he didn’t dare to reveal Zhao Min’s identity.

Zhao Min recovered from the surprise at the beginning, and smiled,: “Taoist Zhao and Taoist Yin are the most outstanding disciples of the third generation of Quanzhen Sect. If there is a misunderstanding, it would be better if we just clear it through a peaceful discussion.”

Xiao Longnu slightly blushed, and didn’t want to discuss such an embarrassing matter, so she shook her head, “I will settle our grievances by myself.”

Yin Kexi was very good at observing words and expressions, and he quickly guessed Zhao Min’s intent, so he stood up with a smile, and protected Zhao Zhijing behind him, “Miss Long, this Taoist Zhao is a very good person, I’m afraid you may have misunderstood something. It would be good for you to let him be.”

Xiao Longnu showed a slight frown, drew out the sword with her left hand, and stabbed at Yin Kexi as fast as lightning. 

Yin Kexi hurriedly raised his whip to meet the attack, only to hear a pained cry behind him. Turning back, he saw that Zhao Zhijing who was standing behind him was already hit by a sword in the shoulder.


As soon as the sword attack was released, several expressions of surprise resounded in the inn.

Even a master like Xiao Xiangzi wasn’t able to see how the sword move was executed. There were only a few people in the scene, such as Song Qingshu, Ouyang Feng, and Taoist Baishang was able to see how it bypassed Yin Kexi’s body and stabbed the person hiding behind him.

Yin Kexi was taken aback, and thought that if he failed to protect Zhao Zhijing, wouldn’t he also lose his face in front of Zhao Min?

However, he knew in his heart that Xiao Longnu’s swords moves were too fast, and he couldn’t see where her two swords stabs were coming from. Having a direct confrontation with such an enemy would definitely result in his defeat. Thinking of that, he felt even more terrified, and waved the Golden Dragon Whip and shouted, “Miss Xiao, please be merciful!”

Unexpectedly, Xiao Longnu ignored him, slightly moved her legs, and took two steps to the left. 

Yin Kexi hurriedly followed, and tried to protect Zhao Zhijing, but there was still a muffled groan from behind him. He turned his head in surprise and saw that Zhao Zhijing’s robe on his left shoulder had been scratched off by the sword, and blood was running down his hand.

How the sword was thrust out, most of the people in the scene still didn’t understand. They only felt that Xiao Longnu’s swordsmanship was exquisite and swift to the extreme! Not only did she strike without a trace, but also seem to be able to injure the enemy from a distance.

“Junior Sister’s swordsmanship…” Bing Xue’er just realized that Xiao Longnu was her junior sister after receiving Song Qingshu’s explanation. While shocked by her exquisite swordsmanship, Bing Xue’er was also very puzzled in her heart, thinking that Xiao Longnu seemed to be using different swords with two hands. While one of the techniques were exactly the same as the Jade Maiden Sword Art of the Ancient Tomb Sect, the other technique seemed to be a bit like the technique of the Quanzhen Sect.

“Is this the Jade Maiden Dual Swordplay?” Song Qingshu murmured in a low voice. 

After Feng Qingyang was defeated, he could be regarded as the number one swordsman in the world. With his current vision, he had to admit that the sword technique was extremely intricate, with very few flaws.

‘When it comes to Zhou Botong and Guo Jing, the Skill of Ambidexterity have limited effects. Only in the hands of Xiao Longnu can it show its true effectiveness.’ Song Qingshu thought, as he picked up two chopsticks, dipped them in wine, and used his left hand to draw squares and used his right hand to draw circles.

“What are you doing?” Looking at the two crooked patterns on the table, Bing Xue’er curiously asked.

“It’s just an experiment.” Song Qingshu laughed at himself. It proved that he was still a smart person and wouldn’t be able to learn a method invented by a stupid musclehead. However, it gave him a lot of inspiration for the further integration of his Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms and the Flying Sword.

Of course, with Song Qingshu’s current state, he already felt that integrating fists strikes and sword strikes together was too cumbersome, and it was really not worth exploring any further than he had already done.

“There are so many masters in Mongolia, and the situation for my Junior Sister is really dangerous…” Bing Xue’er said worriedly, but suddenly changed the topic, “Which side are you going to help later?”

“Huh?” Song Qingshu was taken aback, “Is there any doubt about this? Xiao Longnu is your little junior sister, I will help her out of emotion and reason.”

“That’s not necessarily true…” Bing Xue’er snorted coquettishly, “Before in Kaifeng, didn’t you and that Mongolian princess flirted with each other?”

“Hehe.” Song Qingshu could only respond with a smirk.

Bing Xue’er suddenly laughed, “But I believe that my Brother-in-law will help my Junior Sister. Although the Mongolian princess is an unparalleled beauty, but my little Junior Sister is pure like ice and she even has a slight advantage in terms of appearance. Brother-in-law has always been someone who loves fragrance and treasures jade. So of course you won’t let my Junior Sister be bullied.”

“What kind of messed up reason is this?” Song Qingshu said depressingly.

At that moment, there was a huge change in the fight. 

After Zhao Zhijing got hit with two sword strikes in a row, he lost confidence in Yin Kexi’s mediocre martial arts, and thought that the man wasn’t good enough to rely on as a protector. Therefore, in a moment of crisis, he raised his energy and rushed to Monk Jinlun. 

Unfortunately, the distance was still quite far away, and when he was about to pass by Xiao Xiangzi… Xiao Longnu turned around as if she didn’t see it, then attacked Yin Kexi with her left hand, and stabbed Ni Moxing on the other side with the sword in her right hand.

Ni Moxing’s legs were crippled and it was difficult for him to move. He supported himself with the crutches in his left hand and blocked the attack with the iron snake in his right hand. 

Zhao Zhijing suddenly let out a loud scream and the long sword in his hand fell to the ground. 

It turned out that his wrist had been stabbed by the sword.

“Good swordsmanship!” Everyone exclaimed.

This sword move was even more complex. Xiao Longnu and Zhao Zhijing were very far apart, and even when attacking the two other masters, she took time to injure him!

Even Ouyang Feng and other masters were amazed at her mastery over the sword.

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