Chapter 369: Embrace (part 1)

Monk Jinlun’s face turned green when he heard her choice, but now that he was riding a tiger and couldn’t get off, he had to stand up to fight. So he angrily shouted to raise his fighting spirit, “Yang Guo is not here this time, I don’t believe you can exert the full power of your swordsmanship alone.”

Hearing the name “Yang Guo”, Ouyang Feng’s expression changed, but he remained calm and continued to watch the battle.

“Guo’er?” Thinking of Yang Guo, Xiao Longnu felt a hint of sweetness in her heart, and then she hated Zhao Zhijing’s shamelessness even more. In addition, she wasn’t that good with words, so she just ignored Monk Jinlun’s provocation and raised her sword to attack.

Monk Jinlun roared, and the five giant wheels of gold, silver, copper, iron, and lead whirled and danced, forcing Xiao Longnu to be unable to get close, and the sound of the five wheels made everyone’s ears buzz.

“This Senior Monk has such profound internal strength.” Bing Xue’er said worriedly.

“His internal strength can indeed rank among the great masters in the world.” Song Qingshu nodded in agreement, and thought, ‘The current Monk Jinlun’s Dragon Elephant Technique shouldn’t be fully completed yet, otherwise he wouldn’t have to be so dependent on those scraps of metal.’

In the inn, the shadows surged, and the sword flashed, as Monk Jinlun roared like thunder, and fought Xiao Longnu from a distance.

Xiao Xiangzi and the others watched the fight between Monk Jinlun and Xiao Longnu, and noticed that Monk Jinlun was actually defending more than he was attacking. After defending two or three moves, he would attack once. He was indeed much better than them, who were just defending without attacking.

The three of them both admired the man and envied him at the same time. They all thought, ‘It is not in vain that this Monk was appointed as the state teacher of Mongolia.’

Little did they know that although Monk Jinlun was making fierce moves, he was already complaining in his heart. 

Although, Xiao Longnu’s two sword moves were different, she had exquisite synchronization. The sword in her left hand striked forward, and the sword in her right hand defended at the same time, making it so that her opponent could neither retreat nor advance. 

Each sword strike of the two swords attacked several places simultaneously, making Monk Jinlun always stay on edge, as they were difficult to defend against. If it wasn’t for the fact that his internal and external strength had reached the pinnacle, his eyesight was sharp, his strength and flexibility complemented each other, and his martial art was somewhat advanced, he would have already been hit by seventeen or eight sword strikes in an instant!

Although Zhao Min was not a master in martial arts, her eyesight was very good. The scene of the two fighting was far from the “guidance” she imagined. She had always admired Monk Jinlun’s martial arts. But seeing that he was now gradually falling into a disadvantage, Zhao Min couldn’t help but feel horrified, ‘Is this woman’s martial arts that strong?’

Song Qingshu smiled slightly and whispered to Bing Xue’er, “Your junior sister will definitely win this one.”

Bing Xue’er asked in surprise, “How is it possible? The martial arts of that Senior Monk is obviously much higher than my Junior Sister. She must have just caught him off guard with her exquisite swordsmanship. Once he recovers, it shouldn’t be that difficult for him to win. I just hope that Junior Sister can survive a hundred moves.”

With time, Song Qingshu had gotten more and more insightful. So he naturally didn’t lie when he said that Monk Jinlun would be defeated. Seeing that Monk Jinlun’s actual combat ability was indeed as weak as it was described in the original book, Song Qingshu laughed and said, “Your junior sister can use two types of sword technique at the same time. Although her moves are fast, they are not as powerful. Her level of martial arts is indeed far from that of Monk Jinlun.” 

Song Qingshu then looked at Monk Jinlun and continued, “It is a pity that Monk Jinlun had experienced this ‘Jade Maiden Dual Swordplay’ before, and he had suffered a lot. So when he saw this sword technique again, he became timid, thus affecting his mental state. In addition, Xiao Longnu’s sword strikes are like a lightning flash, which is very effective in diverting people’s attention.”

“If Monk Jinlun used his mighty strength on his wheel to attack Xiao Longnu, she wouldn’t be able to withstand it. However, due to his current mental state and he even sacrificed his strength to compete with Xiao Longnu in terms of speed. Therefore, he will lose.”

As if to confirm Song Qingshu’s judgment, after fifty or sixty moves, Monk Jinlun was already in danger. He took back the gold wheel to protect himself and didn’t dare to throw it again to attack the enemy. After a few more moves, he also took back the silver wheel, and after that, he only defended but didn’t attack.

At the moment, he was acting like Xiao Xiangzi and others. The five wheels with different weight, size, color and shape formed five halos as they spun around his body.

Suddenly, Xiao Longnu yelled, “Go!” 

Her yell was followed by Monk Jinlun’s roar, as well as several “Ding!” “Ding!” “Ding!” 

The two of them jumped back and forth, their attacks became faster and faster, and even a master like Xiao Xiangzi wasn’t able to clearly see what changes had taken place between the two of them.

“What happened just now?” Bing Xue’er asked in surprise, as she also wasn’t able to clearly see what happened.

Song Qingshu showed a faint smile, “Monk Jinlun is injured.”

After a while, more than a dozen spots of blood were seen splashed on Xiao Longnu’s white dress, as if a few petals of peach blossoms painted on white silk, they were bright and eye-catching. 

Ni Moxing happily said, “That little demoness is injured!”

Then the sword flashed twice, and Monk Jinlun let out a low roar. 

Xiao Xiangzi coldly said, “No! It was Senior Monk who was injured!”

Zhao Min’s face had turned gloomy. She never expected such a result. As she saw Taoist Baishang and Vajra Sect’s master beside her gloating about their companions misfortune, she suddenly understood what they were thinking.

Each of these great masters possessed unique skills and had always been unruly, so much so that after joining Mongolia, no one got along with anyone, and everyone wanted to be the person most admired by their superior. After all, the title of the number one master in Mongolia was quite attractive.

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