Chapter 369: Embrace (part 2)

Monk Jinlun was previously named the Mongolian State Teacher, and he had the honor of being considered the best martial art master in Mongolia. The other great masters who later took refuge in Mongolia, such as Taoist Baishang, and the Master of the Vajra Sect naturally felt dissatisfied. However, since they all served as officials in the same dynasty, it was difficult for them to have a life-and-death contest with each other. 

So now that an outsider was destroying Monk Jinlun’s majesty, they all naturally felt happy.

Zhao Min knew that in such a situation, it was absolutely impossible to ask the two to help Monk Jinlun, even if they agreed, Monk Jinlun would probably still lose face.

Suddenly she was hit with an idea, and she casually said to Princess Huazheng beside her, “Aunt, if I hold an embroidery needle and you hold a heavy hammer, and we hit each other at the same time, who will be injured more seriously?”

Hua Zheng was confused and subconsciously replied, “Of course you would be more seriously injured.”

Zhao Min smiled slightly, “Yes, even if my Aunt would be pricked a few times by the embroidery needle, it would not be harmful. Instead, I would be hit hard and end up seriously injured even if I didn’t die.”

Meanwhile, in the battle, Monk Jinlun realized that he would be defeated at the hands of Xiao Longnu in a short time. When that happened, not to mention his reputation as the number one master in Mongolia, he would probably no longer have a place to stand on his own in Mongolia, and he suddenly felt despair.

Suddenly, he heard Zhao Min’s clear voice, and had a flash of inspiration! 

He realized that the Princess was trying to remind him something.

After thinking about it for a moment, Monk Jinlun’s eyes lit up, and he suddenly realized, ‘Yes, I have been holding back because I was afraid of being stabbed to death by Xiao Longnu. But I know that her internal strength is weak, so even if I am stabbed by one, it would only be minor injuries at most! But Xiao Longnu’s delicate body wouldn’t be able to bear the strength of my wheel containing the internal energy! So why should I just passively defend?

Having made up his mind, Monk Jinlun changed his fighting style. In addition to protecting his vitals, he no longer defended against most of Xiao Longnu’s sword moves, but instead used the five wheels to attack, seeking to exchange injuries for injuries.

As a result, it was Xiao Longnu’s turn to be at a loss. 

Many times, in order to avoid Monk Jinlun’s attacks, she had to temporarily withdraw her long sword.

Song Qingshu sighed in his heart. 

Zhao Min was really smart. Her martial arts was obviously not very good, but she could see the problem at a glance, and even used a pretense to indirectly remind Monk Jinlun, thereby saving his reputation. 

Now, except for the real masters, most of the people in the scene would have the same opinion as Bing Xue’er. They would think that Monk Jinlun was just caught off guard at the beginning, but now that he had gained a foothold, he had begun to counterattack. Little did they know that if Zhao Min hadn’t reminded him, Xiao Longnu might have died from Xiao Longnu’s sword attacks.

After dodging many times, Xiao Longnu was still unable to avoid the collision between the long sword and the five wheels. After a “Ting” sound, the long sword in her left hand broke in half. Her delicate body felt like it was struck by lightning, as a trace of blood spilled from the corner of her lips, and she quickly retreated back. .

Having suffered several times from the Jade Maiden Dual Swordplay, Monk Jinlun suddenly had a murderous intention and used his full strength to attack, hoping to take the opportunity to kill Xiao Longnu using his palm.

Unexpectedly, a toad’s loud croaking was suddenly heard in the inn, and a gray shadow flew towards him like a cannonball!

Even from a long distance away, he could detect the destructive power of that attack. 

Monk Jinlun was shocked and knew that if he didn’t stop, even if he could take the life of Xiao Longnu, he would definitely die at the hands of someone else.

The Monk Jinlun reached deep into his dantian, and quickly activated the Dragon Elephant Technique. 

In the blink of an eye, he exchanged ten palm strikes with the visitor, and a frenzied wind spread around the two of them. Not to mention most of the common martial artists in the inn, even masters like Xiao Xiangzi, were blown away. Ni Moxing’s situation was the worst, with both his legs crippled, he directly fell on the ground with on his buttocks. Only a few people could sit firmly as if nothing happened.

Monk Jinlun frantically took a few steps back, only to feel his energy and blood in turmoil. His face was so red that it seemed as if it was bleeding. He was clearly at a disadvantage. He had fought with Xiao Longnu for dozens of moves just now, and had already lost a lot of internal energy. In addition, he had to respond hastily to the enemies attack, so he suffered serious internal injuries as soon as they fought.

Ouyang Feng loudly laughed, “As a great master, you still need to rely on others to give you advice when dealing with a junior. It’s really ridiculous, ridiculous!”

It turned out that just now, when Ouyang Feng heard Monk Jinlun’s words, he realized that Xiao Longnu and Yang Guo were a couple, so naturally he wouldn’t let his future daughter-in-law die. So when he saw that Monk Jinlun wanted to kill her, he immediately rescued her.

Monk Jinlun’s face twitched, but unfortunately he was breathless and was unable to speak for a moment.

Ouyang Feng ignored him and turned around to look at Song Qingshu with interest, “Is your Excellency Qiao Feng (Xiao Feng)? That Dragon Capturing hand was a sight to behold!”

Just when Xiao Longnu’s life was hanging by a thread, Song Qingshu also made his move. He grabbed at Xiao Longnu’s body with his palms, and pulled her towards him.

When Xiao Longnu was concentrating on a way to deal with Monk Jinlun, she suddenly felt a huge force coming from her side, and her body was involuntarily pulled towards that direction. 

By the time she realized, she found that she was in the arms of the man who had helped her before.

Xiao Longnu felt angry in her heart, but when she thought that the man was trying to save her again, she didn’t know how to respond.

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