Chapter 370: In-laws

Seeing Xiao Longnu sitting motionless in his arms as if she was lost for words, Song Qingshu felt quite uncomfortable. Although he really enjoyed the feeling of holding Xiao Longnu, it was quite improper, considering that everyone was watching. What’s more, with Bing Xue’er sitting beside him, he didn’t have the guts to act in an uncouth manner.

Feeling Song Qingshu’s hand on her slender waist, Xiao Longnu finally regained her composure and quickly stood up. A faint blush bloomed on her frosty face for the first time.

Under Bing Xue’er’s strange eyes, Song Qingshu smiled awkwardly, and quickly answered Ouyang Feng’s comments to divert everyone’s attention, “I have always admired Master Qiao Feng’s heroism, and I don’t think I can be compared to a chivalric hero like him. It would be better for me to remain as a mysterious young master.”

Looking at the mask on his face, everyone in the scene let out a hint of hearty laughter. They felt quite amused by the man’s self-deprecating temperament, except of course the Mongolian group.

“With your martial arts skills, you must be a well-known figure in the world, why don’t you dare to show your face?” Zhao Min always liked to control the overall situation, so she was naturally deeply afraid of such a master with unknown origins.

“It’s because I’m extremely handsome. Therefore, I have to wear a mask to hide my face in order to prevent young maidens like you from falling in love with me when they see my appearance.” With the mask covering his face, Song Qingshu didn’t fear any consequences and he returned to his unscrupulous frivolous nature of the past.

Bing Xue’er didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at her lover’s naughty nature. Of course, she was also wearing a mask, so others couldn’t see her expression as well. 

Xiao Longnu next to her also looked at him in surprise. She had never seen such a shameless person before in her life.

Everyone in the scene understood that Song Qingshu was teasing Zhao Min. And they were more than willing to watch a good drama. The whole hall burst into laughter and whistles were heard from all over the place.

Zhao Min’s face turned cold and she said in a cold voice, “Master Lu, Master He, help me to keep his mouth shut.”

Lu Zhangke and He Biweng had served Zhao Min for a long time. They were very clear about her temper, so they were ready to attack from the start. Hearing her order, they attacked Song Qingshu without hesitation.

The two Xuanming Elders stretched out their palms. One aimed for Song Qingshu’s chest acupoint, and the dantian of his lower abdomen, and the other prepared to give him a proper slap on the face.

The two cooperated perfectly. If the enemy tried to parry the palms attacking his body, he would inevitably be slapped on the face, and if he stretched out his hand to block the hands attacking his face, his dantian would be destroyed, and he would die on the spot.

Not to mention ordinary masters, even top masters would meet their demise if they were caught off guard.

“Miss Xiao, I will be borrowing your sword.”

Xiao Longnu heard the voice in her ears, and immediately felt that her hands were empty. She couldn’t help but be shocked. It was an incredible feat to take away a sword masters sword without their knowledge!

The two Xuanming Elders suddenly felt a brilliant sword light appear in front of their eyes. In shock, they quickly changed their moves and took out their respective weapons to defend.

After an intense roar, the two Xuanming Elders were forced to step back a few feet. Then they looked at the weapons that were still half in their hands with an expression of lingering dread.

“Miss Xiao, do you want me to kill Zhao Zhijing?” After the two Xuanming Elders were forced to retreat, Song Qingshu turned to look at Xiao Longnu and asked.

Xiao Longnu subconsciously nodded before turning her head around.

“If you want to kill Zhao Zhijing, you don’t have to make a bet with the Princess.” Song Qingshu showed a slight smile, and his figure immediately disappeared.

Before anyone could even blink, he returned to where he was again! It was as if he hadn’t moved from beginning to end. The only difference was that there was a drop of bright red blood dripping from the tip of the sword in his hand.


A strange sound was suddenly heard in the inn and everyone turned their heads to look at the source. To their horror, they saw that Zhao Zhijing, who was hiding behind the Mongolian forces, was covering his throat! Then he slowly fell down with a look of raw disbelief on his face.

The whole place exploded in an uproar, especially so for the Mongolian forces, who stood up one after another. 

Even great masters like the Vajra Sect master and Taoist Baishang, who had remained calm up to this point, looked horrified.

Song Qingshu’s sword strike was way too fast. To the extent that if they were not prepared, they would probably face a similar end as Zhao Zhijing!

After meeting Zhao Zhijing, the clever Zhao Min had planned to control the Quanzhen Sect. However, with the death of Zhao Zhijing, all of that disappeared. So she couldn’t help but look at Song Qingshu in shock and anger, “Who are you?”

Song Qingshu brought the tip of the sword in front of him, and gently breathed out. The blood on the tip of the sword immediately scattered in all directions, as he said in a strangely melancholic tone, “You can call me Ximen Chuixue.”

In his previous world, every boy dreamed of one day becoming as handsome as Ximen Chuixue and be invincible with a long sword. When Song Qingshu discovered that he could finally realize that dream, he sadly found that he could never go back to that wonderful world anymore.

“Ximen Chuixue?” Zhao Min was stunned. 

Even with the powerful intelligence network of the Ruyang Palace, she had never heard of this person, and she became worried that the man might be some kind of martial arts elder. So she turned to look at Taoist Baishang, and saw that the other person was also shaking his head, and she became even more puzzled.

The reason why Song Qingshu chose to kill Zhao Zhijing and kept Yin Zhiping alive was because he felt that his life and death should be decided by Xiao Longnu herself. Considering that Yin Zhiping was the person that had harmed her.

Of course, Song Qingshu didn’t know that such a tragic event didn’t happen in this world.

As for a scum like Zhao Zhijing, Song Qingshu didn’t like him from the start, so he helped Xiao Longnu take out the trash.

“Miss Xiao, your sword.” Song Qingshu held the sword and carefully handed it to Xiao Longnu. Looking at her peerless appearance, his heart was filled with pity. ‘How can the heavens be so cruel! Why can’t it tolerate things that are too perfect in the world?’

“Mm…thank you.” Stunned by the beauty of his sword strike just now, Xiao Longnu was at a loss.

“We are all one family, so no need for thanks.” Song Qingshu smiled.

“Family?” Xiao Longnu was slightly angry in her heart. Although this person had high martial arts skills, she found his words very confusing.

“Let me introduce you…” Song Qingshu pulled Bing Xue’er over, “My wife is also a disciple of the Ancient Tomb Sect. Considering her age when she joined, you and Li Mochou should both call her Senior Sister. As for me, you can call me brother-in-law… ouch!”

Seeing Song Qingshu was introducing her as his wife in front of everyone, Bing Xue’er felt extremely shy. 

Fortunately, she was wearing a mask, so she had no choice but to remain silent because no one would recognize her anyway. But she was still very upset, so she pinched his waist as punishment.

“Senior Sister?” Xiao Longnu looked puzzled, she had never heard that her Master had any other disciples.

Bing Xue’er smiled slightly, then flicked her sleeves on the table, and all the chopsticks in the bamboo tube jumped out. Bing Xue’er stretched out her white hands and slapped them up and down, left and right, and the chopsticks seemed to be controlled by an invisible force as they floated in mid-air, not one of them fell to the ground!

“The power of the Heaven and Earth!” Xiao Longnu looked surprised, and let go of any doubts in her heart. Then she softly called out, “Master!”

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