Chapter 371: Zhao Min’s Joy (part 1)

That technique reminded Xiao Longnu of her master, since it was one of her special moves. 

Therefore she called out again, “Senior Sister!”

“Yes!” Bing Xue’er replied sweetly, then she grabbed Xiao Longnu’s hand and sat down aside, happily chatting away with the newfound junior sister.

“There are too many people here, so let’s change the place.” Song Qingshu reached out his hand through Bing Xue’er’s armpit to gently support her up.

Although Bing Xue’er wasn’t used to being so close to him in public, but thinking of the mask, she had no choice but to let him do so with a blushing face. Seeing Xiao Longnu’s astonished look, she quickly said, “Junior Sister, there are many bad people here, so let’s leave together.”

Although Xiao Longnu was simple minded, she wasn’t stupid. She understood that many people in the Mongolian group were better than her in martial arts, and it wouldn’t be a wise move to be alone. Although Yin Zhiping wasn’t dead yet, the mastermind Zhao Zhijing had already been killed, and her anger has dissipated quite a lot.

She grew up in the secluded Ancient Tomb Sect, and her master died when she was very young. She only had Granny Sun to accompany her, and her only senior sister, Li Mochou, was an enemy rather than a friend because she was trying to obtain the Jade Heart Sutra from her. But now, she suddenly discovered that she also had a gentle and caring Senior Sister, so Xiao Longnu subconsciously regarded her as her closest family.

“Your Excellency, if you want to leave just after killing someone, you are too arrogant…” Zhao Min sneered, “What’s more, Miss Xiao lost. According to the bet, she should stay with me to teach me her swordsmanship.”

As if getting a cue, Xiao Xiangzi and the others stepped forward. The three of them were originally frightened by Xiao Longnu’s sword skills, but after seeing Monk Jinlun turn defeat into victory, they calmed down and understood that they were just frightened by her amazing sword skills before. In fact, as long as they defend and attack in an orderly manner, it would be difficult for the sword to cause substantial damage to them.

Having lost face in front of Zhao Min and Huazheng just now, the three of them urgently need to prove their worth again, otherwise it would be very hard for them to show their faces in Mongolia in the future.

Although Song Qingshu’s sword attack shocked the whole audience, when the three of them heard that he and Xiao Longnu were related, they concluded that they were both members of the same sect. They subconsciously thought that Song Qingshu’s swordsmanship would be the same as Xiao Longnu’s, only much more faster. 

He had succeeded with the one strike just now only because he had caught them unprepared, so the three of them thought that it wouldn’t be a big problem for them to deal with Song Qingshu together using the experience they had with fighting Xiao Longnu.

Ni Moxing had the most impatient personality, and after his legs were crippled, it became even worse. Because of his inconvenience in movement, he was knocked to the ground by the shockwave of the clash between Monk Jinlun and Ouyang Feng. 

Therefore, at the moment he was feeling extremely embarrassed. Among the three of them, he was the one who needed to restore his image the most, so he yelled and swung the iron crutch at Song Qingshu.

He had learned the lesson from the previous fights, and used his special move, the Thousand Catty Drops as soon as he began. He didn’t use any fancy tricks when swinging the iron crutch, and only used his raw internal strength, trying to force Song Qingshu to fight head-on. In his opinion, although Song Qingshu was wearing a mask, his age couldn’t be over 30, so how much internal strength could he possibly have?

Seeing that Ni Moxing was the one to attack first, Song Qingshu couldn’t help laughing in his heart. In the original book, the strength of these three people fluctuated. At their peak, they were able to challenge someone like Monk Jinlun. Several times they joined forces and even suppressed Guo Jing by force. According to the narration, at that time, except for Wu Jue, Guo Jing and a few others, they were strong enough to dominate the world!

Unexpectedly, later on, Yang Guo and Huang Yaoshi easily kicked them around like a ball. In the end, Ni Moxing was killed by Yang Guo, and the remaining two people were also defeated by Jue Yuan, who had no internal strength to speak of. So even though they were called the Three Heroes of Mongolia, they were ridiculed by readers as the Three Goats of Mongolia.

Ni Moxing couldn’t help being overjoyed when he saw that Song Qingshu was suddenly distracted, and swiped the crutch towards his leg as soon as he got the chance. The realm of Song Qingshu’s movement technique was way too high, so he had to break through the opponent’s strongest point from the very beginning.

Seeing that he was about to hit Song Qingshu’s legs, Ni Moxing didn’t have time to be happy. He suddenly felt as if his hand turned numb and found that the iron crutch in his right hand had been stepped on by the opponent.

Ni Moxing hastily pulled it back with all his strength, but couldn’t move it no matter how much he tried.

Seeing Ni Moxing’s face turn red, Song Qingshu sighed, “As the saying goes, I would rather be a chicken head than a phoenix tail. You were so free and comfortable being the king and hegemon in Tianzhu, why did you bother to come to the Central Plains to take a dip into this muddy water?”

After saying this sentence, he suddenly weakened the strength in the soles of his feet.

Ni Moxing was pulling back with all his strength, and when the iron crutch was suddenly released, it hit his chest with a “thud”. 

If this blow was struck by the enemy, even if Ni Moxing couldn’t withstand it with his martial arts, he would still be able to use his internal strength to resist it. But, as he was hit with his own strength, he had no resistance at all, so he felt severe pain in his chest and spit out a mouthful of blood. His eyes went dark, and he fell to the ground on his back.

Not far away, Zhao Min slightly frowned, and couldn’t help curling her lips and cursing in her heart.

Although Xiao Xiangzi and Yin Kexi were a little wary of Song Qingshu’s martial arts, they never thought that his real martial arts ability would be any higher than theirs. After seeing Ni Moxing be defeated in such an embarrassing manner, they thought that he had become extremely useless after losing his legs. 

Yin Kexi took a few steps forward, picked up the crutch on the ground, and handed it to Ni Moxing. Ni Moxing took it, and supported himself on the ground, wanting to jump far away, but unexpectedly, his arm went numb, as he lost the support, and he fell down again with a thud.

Xiao Xiangzi always rejoiced in others’ misfortunes, no matter whether they were a friend or an enemy, so he felt quite happy and thought, ‘This cripple from Tianzhu has always been conceited and disobedient. But this is the end for him. If I can capture this Ximen Chuixue, it would be a good opportunity to make a name for myself in front of the princess.’

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