Chapter 371: Zhao Min’s Joy (part 2)

Thinking up to that point, he leaped forward, and shouted, “Let this Xiao Xiangzi test your sword skills!”

Hearing Xiao Xiangzi’s confident battle cry, a trace of disgust flashed on Song Qingshu’s face, as he thought, ‘Concubine Xiao Xiang was so gorgeous, so it’s a shame that this guy has a name similar to her.’ 

Therefore, he didn’t hold back when he attacked, and kicked a bench with his toes towards his enemy.

When Xiao Xiangzi waved the mourning stick, he imagined many possibilities— like how Song Qingshu would respond to his attack later, and so on. But who would have thought that a black shadow would suddenly enlarge in front of his eyes from so far away and hit him on the head! 

With a bang, the bench broke into pieces, as Xiao Xiangzi turned around in circles as if he was drunk. He seemed to have lost his sense of direction.

When Yin Kexi fought with Xiao Longnu before, he was stabbed in the wrist by her sword. So his battle capacity was greatly reduced. He realized that he’d be no match for the mysterious man in front of him alone, so he decided to act carefully. 

When Xiao Xiangzi attacked, he also waved the Golden Dragon Whip towards Song Qingshu.  

Unexpectedly, Xiao Xiangzi was defeated halfway, and Yin Kexi hurriedly attempted to take back the Golden Dragon Whip before it was too late.

Song Qingshu caught the tip of the whip between his fingers and saw that the whip was covered with jewels, studded with precious stones, diamonds, and white jade. So he smiled and said, “This weapon is quite expensive.” 

As soon as he finished speaking, he held the whip with his fingers and gave it a light shake. 

Yin Kexi suddenly felt a strange force coming from the soft whip, and he lost control of it.

Accompanied by a “Trinng!” sound, all the gold, silver and jewels on the whip scattered all over the ground, as the Golden Dragon Whip shattered into pieces.

Yin Kexi didn’t have time to feel distressed. The strange force coming from the whip just now made him take three or four steps back before he could barely stand still again. His face turned as white as paper, and although there was still a smile on the corner of his mouth, it expressed more misery than joy. He suddenly felt as if all his internal organs had turned upside down. So he just stood still on the ground, as if he was frozen.

The dissatisfaction on Zhao Min’s face became more and more intense, as she thought, ‘Why are the masters under Prince Kublai so useless?’

On the other hand, the Vajra Sect Master, Taoist Baishang, Monk Jinlun and the others were horrified. They were very aware of the martial arts attainments of Xiao Xiangzi and the others. They had thought that it wouldn’t be difficult for them to defeat the enemy if they acted together. But the reality had proved them wrong.

Ouyang Feng and Qiu Qianren on the other side looked at each other and saw the shock in each other’s eyes. With their martial arts realms, they could naturally see just how casual Song Qingshu’s movements were. It seemed easy and simple, but the two of them understood how intricate and deadly they could be.

After he three masters were defeated, the Vajra Sect Master and Taoist Baishang had already reacted and took actions against Song Qingshu one after another. Monk Jinlun also looked at him with a serious gaze.

The Xuanming Elders didn’t move. Firstly because they wanted to protect Zhao Min and Huazheng, and secondly, their master had already stepped out, so it was naturally inconvenient for them to do so.

“Oh?” Song Qingshu’s eyebrows twitched, “I didn’t expect that I would trouble a few great master-level figures to join forces to deal with me.”

The faces of Taoist Baishang and the the Vajra Sect turned red. With their status, let alone joining up to bully a junior, even if they fought Song Qingshu one-on-one, it would inevitably harm their reputation. However, they could see that Song Qingshu was very skilled in martial arts and he was unpredictable. So although the two were not afraid of a one-on-one fight, they knew that they would never be able to defeat him alone, so they left their seats tacitly at the same time.

Ouyang Feng laughed loudly on the other side, “I can’t bear to watch someone bully one person with more people. And, it just happens to be that my hands are feeling itchy today. If this brother doesn’t mind, how about you and I fighting against the enemy together?”

The expressions of the Mongolian group all changed. If there were some who were doubtful about the reputation of the Western Poison before, they became convinced after seeing the power of Ouyang Feng’s attack just now. Although it was suspected of being a sneak attack, Monk Jinlun was indeed injured by his attack, so how can they not be afraid of it.

Song Qingshu was secretly amused, thinking that he and Ouyang Feng were really destined to be on the same side. Even with his mask on, they fought on the same side. 

“In that case, I would rather agree than to be respectful. I just don’t know who Master Ouyang will choose as his opponent?” 

It was free help, so naturally, Song Qingshu wouldn’t be so stupid as to show off his strength and really go for a one against two fight.

Ouyang Feng thought in his mind, ‘That Taoist has been famous for decades, and he is really unfathomable. There is no need for me to take unnecessary risks. So I can just let Ximen Chuixue, who doesn’t know about it, deal with him. I can observe from the side and take the opportunity to find out their secret. On the contrary, the master of the Vajra Sect, although his martial arts is also excellent, according to the martial arts he just showed, although I can’t say that I can definitely win, at least I won’t be defeated…’

Seeing that the people from the Jin Empire were getting involved, Zhao Min suddenly had a headache. With their own strength, whether they were dealing with Ximen Chuixue or the people from the Jin Empire, they were sure to win if they fought them one by one. But now that the two parties had formed an alliance, their victory became uncertain.

Zhao Min quickly calculated in her mind, ‘If Taoist Baishang and the master of the Vajra Sect fought two against two, the two sides should not be able to determine a winner in a short time. We also have masters such as the two Xuanming Elders and Monk Jinlun on our side. So it wouldn’t be a big problem to deal with the Iron Palm master from the Jin Empire. But now Monk Jinlun is injured, and Xiao Longnu and others will not sit idly by. If turns into a teamfight, we may not be able to take advantage…’

Zhao Min shook her head, and was about to ask Taoist Baishang and the others to let “Ximen Chuixue” and his party leave. But suddenly, she looked up and saw a group of people coming in from the door of the inn, as well as the man and woman leading them. 

Her beautiful eyes suddenly shone with brilliance, and she immediately came up with a plan that would increase the certainty of their victory.

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