Chapter 372: The Unparalleled God of War

“King Xiao, I didn’t expect us to meet here.” Zhao Min stood up and greeted the visitor. 

All the martial arts elites in the lobby had already guessed that Zhao Min was of high status. But when even she treated the newcomer with such courtesy, they all turned to see who he was.

The person who came in was very tall. He looked to be in his thirties, with thick eyebrows and big eyes, a high nose and a wide jaws. His face looked quite weathered and mature. And when he looked around, his gaze brimmed with confidence.

Looking at the familiar figure next to Xiao Feng, Song Qingshu was startled, “Yelu Nanxian?” 

Seeing her respectfully standing half a step behind the man, and then hearing the tittle Zhao Min used just now, he couldn’t help but be surprised, ‘Could it be, Xiao Feng?’

Xiao Feng was startled when he saw the tense atmosphere in the inn, but he was a brave man and walked straight through the lobby and came to Zhao Min, “Since our last meeting, the Princess’s noble character has remained the same. May I know who this is?”

Huazheng, who was sitting next to Zhao Min, obviously had a high status, so Xiao Feng was intrigued.

Zhao Min pulled Huazheng and smiled, “Aunt, let me introduce you two, this is Xiao Feng, the king of the South Court of Liao Empire, and King Xiao, this is my aunt, Princess Huazheng.”

“It turns out to be the world-famous King Xiao.” Huazheng’s eyes lit up. Although she had been depressed because of Guo Jing in recent years, she was still a girl from the Mongolian grassland, and respecting heroes was in their nature.

In the past few years, Xiao Feng had become famous all over the world. He defeated invincible opponents in the martial arts circles of the Central Plains with his martial arts. Later, he became the leader of a thousand man army. 

He saved the Liao Emperor Yelu Hongji and was regarded as the King of the South Liao. He protected the Empire for many years, as he conquered the east and west, saving the Empire from collapse. The fact that the Liao Empire could stand firm among the two powerful empires such as Jin and Qing, more than half of the credit belonged to Xiao Feng.

“I’ve met the princess.” Xiao Feng’s first impression of the heroic Huazheng was also very good.

“Who is this girl?” Zhao Min saw Yelu Nanxian behind Xiao Feng and was immediately attracted by her unique temperament. Although Yelu Nanxian was beautiful, the most impressive thing about her was that she was like a sharp sword, ready to cut down anything in her path.

“This is Yelu Nanxian, Princess Cheng’an of Liao Empire.” Xiao Feng said with a smile, and Yelu Nanxian beside him gave a slight nod.

“I have heard that Princess Cheng’an of Liao Empire is the most outstanding young martial art master among the Liao royal family. Now I see that the title is indeed well-deserved.” Zhao Min’s duty in Mongolia was to be responsible for the diplomatic matters of the the world, so she had heard Yelu Nanxian’s name before, and all the relevant information quickly emerged in her mind.

“Compared with the many masters under the Ruyang Prince’s Palace, I am nothing worth mentioning.” Although Yelu Nanxian spoke modestly, she had an attitude that was neither humble nor arrogant.

From the moment she walked into the inn, no one really doubted her martial arts attainments. Whether it was the frequency of her breathing or her calm demeanor, it all proved her to be a master.

“By the way, when I came in just now, I saw that the Princess’s men seemed to be trying to fight someone. What happened?” After the greetings, Xiao Feng asked the questions in his mind.

“This little sister accidentally revealed her identity. So these masters from the Jin Empire are trying to take the opportunity to kidnap me and threaten the Ruyang Palace.” Zhao Min said with a pitiful expression. 

She knew that the Mongolian and Liao alliance alone was actually not that reliable, but if she mentioned the Jin, Xiao Feng would never sit idly by and ignore the matter. As for the mysterious master Ximen Chuixue, she naturally included him among the masters of the Jin Empire to get him into the mix.

“People from the Jin Empire?” Xiao Feng’s eyes widened. 

The Liao Empire was almost destroyed by the Jin Empire in the past. Its fate was similar to that of the Northern Song Empire, as many of its concubines and princesses were abducted by the Jin Empire. The greedy Jin Empire even excavated the imperial tombs of the Liao Empire, and trampled on their pride. So it could be said that the two empires were mortal enemies.

Just after Xiao Feng made a truce with Wu Sangui, he heard the news that the Qing Empire was preparing to completely eradicate the Golden Serpent Camp. The Qing Empire has always been the Jin Empire’s strongest ally. It has been at war with the Liao Empire for many years. So Xiao Feng certainly didn’t want to see the Qing Empire eliminate its internal troubles.

So they sent Yelu Nanxian to Shandong under the arrangement of the Hidden Secret Service to wait for an opportunity to interfere. When she was passing by Xiao Feng’s territory, he remembered that he had not set foot in the Central Plains for many years since he left the Beggar Sect, so he decided to come along with her.

Along the way, the two discussed the current situation for a long time, and finally agreed that they had to help the Golden Serpent Camp this time no matter what.

Hearing Zhao Min’s words, Xiao Feng looked towards the people from the Jin Empire. When he saw the appearance of the man in brocade clothes clearly, he couldn’t help but be shocked and angry, “Wanyan Liang? I’ll kill you!”

Xiao Feng’s figure flashed and he attacked with a rage fueled palm strike.

It turned out that the man in golden clothes was none other than Wanyan Liang, the cavalry general of the Jin Empire. In recent years, he often led his troops to invade the Liao Empire, and Xiao Feng had to lead his own troops to fight against him several times. But the man slipped through his fingers every time.

There were several reasons why Wanyan Liang was able to do that. Firstly, because of the strength of the Jin army, and secondly, it was because Wanyan Liang himself was proficient in the art of war.

In addition, it was Wanyan Liang’s father Wanyan Zongqian who led the Jin army to loot the imperial tombs of the Liao Empire! 

So the Liao people had long been eager to get rid of the man. And seeing him out in the open like this, how could Xiao Feng let go of this God-given opportunity.

Seeing Xiao Feng using his palm from such a distance, Qiu Qianren, who was guarding Wanyan Liang, didn’t take it seriously at first, but soon after, he found an overwhelming force of energy coming straight towards him. 

Qiu Qianren was shocked and quickly raised his iron palm to greet him.

Whether it was Qiu Qianren’s Iron Palm or Xiao Feng’s Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms, they were both among the most powerful palm techniques in the world. The energy generated by their clash was several times more violent than the clash between Ouyang Feng and Monk Jinlun as tables, chairs, and floor tiles were all broken into pieces.

Qiu Qianren used the force of the counter-shock to retreat a few feet to protect Wanyan Liang. By that point, all the other guards finally reacted, as they drew out their weapons and rushed forward.

Those who could serve as bodyguards around Wanyan Liang were all extremely powerful martial artists, but they were mere chickens in front of Xiao Feng. Every time he raised his hand, a Jin warrior would vomit blood and fall to the ground.

Qiu Qianren was horrified. After the clash just now, his blood was still boiling and he was feeling extremely fatigued. However, Xiao Feng continued to fight with the guards as if nothing happened.

‘The fame of the Unparalleled God of War is indeed well-deserved.’ Such a thought flashed through Qiu Qianren’s mind. 

However, he couldn’t just stand and watch the elite guards being killed by Xiao Feng like he was chopping melons and vegetables. After quickly recuperating his inner energy, he immediately jumped into action.

Seeing Xiao Feng suddenly appear in the scene, Ouyang Feng, became both shocked and angry. He no longer cared about the Vajra Sect Master, as he strode out, and struck Xiao Feng’s back with a distant palm.

At that moment, Yelu Nanxian also arrived with her sword. 

In fact, she was ready to protect Xiao Feng as soon as she saw him make a move. However, Xiao Feng was too fast, so it seemed that she was a bit late to take action. Seeing Ouyang Feng sneak attack from behind, Yelu Nanxian quickly raised her sword to block him.

Seeing the sharp sword stabbing at him, Ouyang Feng hit the sword on one side with his palm. With a loud “Tung!”, the sword in Yelu Nanxian’s hand actually broke into pieces! 

As Ouyang Feng used his other hand to attack, Yelu Nanxian gritted her teeth and stabbed ahead with the broken sword.

When the palms and swords met, Ouyang Feng was unscathed, but Yelu Nanxian felt a severe pain run through her body. She could no longer hold on to her weapon, and the broken sword was knocked back.

Fortunately, Yelu Nanxian’s acrobatic skills were quite good, as she turned sideways in mid-air and escaped the fate of being seriously injured by her own sword.

Seeing that Yelu Nanxian was in trouble, Xiao Feng hurriedly shifted his focus. While taking advantage of the gap between Qiu Qianren and the guards, he exchanged dozens of moves with Ouyang Feng in the blink of an eye. 

Finally, he took advantage of the counter-shock force of his opponent’s palm strike to quickly grab Yelu Nanxian, and returned to Zhao Min’s side.

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