Chapter 374: Breaking the Vajra Body

Ouyang Feng secretly calculated, ‘We have me, Qiu Qianren, Ximen Chuixue, and Xiao Longnu, who barely counts as half a great master. Although her swordsmanship is exquisite, she can’t really contend against a top master since her internal strength is too weak. We could’ve used her to deal with Monk Jinlun, but he was enlightened by Zhao Min’s advice just now and already knows how to defeat her. And even if we include her, we will still have only four people. The remaining person…’ 

Ouyang Feng’s eyes subconsciously turned to Bing Xue’er, who was standing next to Song Qingshu.

In his opinion, since Bing Xue’er was Xiao Longnu’s senior sister, her martial arts skills wouldn’t be too bad, and considering that she was with “Ximen Chuixue”, her martial arts skills might be much better than he had imagined.

Noticing the look in Ouyang Feng’s eyes, Song Qingshu guessed what he was thinking. 

Although Bing Xue’er’s martial arts skills were good, it was still far from enough to cope with those great masters. But at the moment, he couldn’t let his side appear weak and destroy his own prestige. 

Therefore, Song Qingshu nodded and said, “Since we have equal amount of people on both sides, the side that wins the most fights will win the wager.”

When everyone in the lobby heard this, they all took a deep breath. They didn’t understand why this guy was so confident. Even if he could win one fight, could those two delicate young women win theirs?

Everyone had seen Xiao Longnu’s martial arts. Although her sword skills were exquisite, her internal strength was limited, so it may be difficult for her to win a fight. As for the other woman, could it be that she was also a great master?

Zhao Min also had the same doubt in her heart and quickly summoned her subordinates for a discussion.

Taoist Baishang said, “On our side, we have me, King Xiao, the Vajra Sect Master, and Monk Jinlun. The remaining two spots will be left to my two disciples Lu Zhangke or He Biweng.”

Hearing his words, Xiao Xiangzi and others looked angry, but they had just suffered several defeats, which made them lose a lot of face, so it was difficult to say anything. 

Ignoring them, Taoist Baishang sais with a proud look on his face, “I and King Xiao can definitely win two fights. As long as you can win the other ones, we will win.”

Different emotions flashed across the faces of Vajra Sect Master and Monk Jinlun. 

Monk Jinlun didn’t care that much. After all, he had suffered some internal injuries from Ouyang Feng’s sneak attack during his last fight. So no one would blame him even if he lost a fight.

Vajra Sect Master, on the other hand, was secretly furious, and scolded in his heart, ‘You and I are obviously equally famous. You think you are sure to win, but you doubt that I will lose? That’s really unreasonable!’

Zhao Min had no time to worry about the undercurrent between the two, as she frowned and said, “We have an 80% chance of winning, but we are afraid that they will adopt Tian Ji’s Horse Racing Strategy and use the weak horse against the strong horse, which will be troublesome.” (G: Tian Ji’s Horse Racing (田忌赛马) is a story in one of the greatest Chinese literatures Records of the Grand Historian.)

Everyone agreed with her conjecture.

Xiao Feng pondered for a moment and said, “How about we make an agreement with them. We will determine an order of appearance for each participants, and no changes will be allowed during the competition itself. This way they won’t be able to use Tian Ji’s Horse Racing Strategy.”

Zhao Min’s beautiful eyes lit up, “King Xiao really has a sharp mind!”


After the discussion ended, Zhao Min offered to make an agreement as planned.

Hearing Zhao Min’s request, Song Qingshu smiled and said, “No problem.” 

Then he discussed the order of appearance with Ouyang Feng and the others.

“Master Ximen…are you sure you really want to do this?” Ouyang Feng looked solemn.

“Otherwise, do you have a better way?” Song Qingshu said lightly.

Qiu Qianren also frowned, “It’s not that we don’t believe you, it’s just that what you are planning to do is too shocking.”

“Whether I win or not is my business. As long as you can win your fights, it will reduce my pressure.” Song Qingshu said with a nonchalant expression.

Ouyang Feng and Qiu Qianren looked at each other, but Ouyang Feng finally nodded, “Since you insist, let’s do it this way.”

On the other side, Zhao Min and Xiao Feng were also seriously discussing the order of appearance. 

“We can’t arrange King Xiao and Taoist Baishang as the last two, otherwise if they accidentally win three fights, we will have no chance to win.”

Xiao Feng nodded, “We can’t all appear in the first three fights as well. If the opponents really adopts Tian Ji’s Horse Racing Strategy and uses the two weakest people to compete with us first, we will be in trouble.”

The Vajra Sect Master snorted, “Is King Xiao looking down on me?”

Zhao Min quickly spoke up and said, “The Vajra Sect Master is misunderstanding. King Xiao is only considering the worst case scenario. Monk Jinlun is injured, and neither of the two Xuanming Elders is sure to win against Qiu Qianren. Ouyang Feng ranks first among the Five Greats, and that Ximen Chuixue is unfathomable. Even if King Xiao and Taoist Baishang gets to fight them, the outcome will only be 50-50, so it’s always good to be careful.”

Although the Vajra Sect Master was a little angry, he also knew that what she said was the truth. 

The worst-case scenario was that Xiao Feng and Taoist Baishang ended up fighting those two women, or the Vajra Sect Master and Monk Jinlun ended up facing Ouyang Feng and Ximen Chuixue. Also, if the two Xuanming Elders ended up fighting against Qiu Qianren, it was really possible that they would lose the wager.

“So we must not lose the third fight…” Zhao Min said solemnly, and quickly decided on the arrangements, “Then, in the third fight, please let King Xiao take action. Taoist Baishang will be in charge of the fourth fight, and for the remaining fights…” Zhao Min’s eyes swept over several people, and she suddenly began to ponder.

The Vajra Sect Master was worried that he might not get a chance to show his strength if he got the last place, so he quickly said, “Let me do the first fight!”

Zhao Min turned to look at Monk Jinlun, “That’s fine, then I will trouble the State Teacher for the second fight.”

Monk Jinlun nodded, but his expression turned a bit dark. If he hadn’t suffered internal injuries, he would have been able to win the fight with ease. But now, he wasn’t as sure.

After the two sides finished their discussion, they quickly exchanged the list of arrangements. 

Looking at the other party’s order, Song Qingshu slightly smiled, ‘It’s pretty much what I expected.’

Zhao Min’s expression changed, because the first three names on the opponent’s list all had the same name — Ximen Chuixue.

“This is unreasonable, how can the same person appear so many times!” The Mongolian group suddenly shouted.

“You didn’t say that we couldn’t do this just now, so why not?” Song Qingshu replied.

Taoist Baishang quietly said to Zhao Min, “Princess, don’t worry, although Ximen Chuixue is unfathomable, he has to fight three times in a row. Even if the Vajra Sect Master cannot win, he can still consume his strength to a great extent. Monk Jinlun and King Xiao will naturally be able to defeat him.”

Zhao Min thought the same way. No matter how powerful Ximen Chuixue was, it would be impossible for him to fight three masters in a row. However, she had doubts in her mind, ‘Since he planned to participate in three fights, then why did he choose to fight continuously like this?’

Song Qingshu had already expected that Zhao Min would arrange Xiao Feng to be the third. Honestly, if the weakest fighter on his side faced off against Xiao Feng, the chance of them winning the wager would be much greater. 

However, Song Qingshu really admired Xiao Feng’s combat ability after he read novels in his previous life. Now that his own martial arts realm had reached the top level, ordinary masters could no longer arouse his interest. So he wanted to have a hearty battle with Xiao Feng. Fueled by his great sense of pride, he chose to fight three battles in a row!

“You little basta*d, I’ll teach you a lesson for your arrogance, and make you understand the difference between the heaven and earth.” The Vajra Sect Master angrily snorted. 

He had already made up his mind to crush his opponent’s hands with his powerful Vajra fingers, and see how he would fight in the future. As the arrogant prick wouldn’t be able to continue fighting, winning this one fight would be equivalent to winning three fights. The possibility made him really happy!

“Are you sure you can teach me a lesson?” Song Qingshu smiled disdainfully.

The Vajra Sect Master’s bald head suddenly turned red, and he angrily said, “I am your senior, so I will let you make the first move.”

“Oh?” Song Qingshu sighed, “If I take action first, I’m afraid you won’t even have a chance to take action.”

Everyone saw a blur before their eyes, as Song Qingshu’s long sword suddenly reached the neck of the Vajra Sect Master.

“Sect Master!” Zhao Min’s beautiful face turned pale, and Taoist Baishang beside her quickly comforted her: “Princess, don’t worry, the Vajra Sect Master’s Indestructible Vajra Body has reached the state of perfection, and the opponent’s sword cannot hurt him.”

Zhao Min carefully looked and saw that there was no blood on the Vajra Sect Master neck, as the tip of the opponent’s sword couldn’t penetrate his skin.

The face of the Vajra Sect Master turned red. Having just witnessed his opponent’s ghostly movement, he was already on full alert. But who would have thought that the guy would still hit his vital point with his first move! 

If he hadn’t mastered the Indestructible Vajra Body, which allowed the body-protecting Qi to circulate automatically, he would’ve been dead on the spot!

Using his powerful Vajra Finger to flick the long sword away from his neck, the Vajra Sect Master quickly poked at Song Qingshu’s chest with his other finger.

Song Qingshu’s body flashed and he suddenly returned to the original place. His hand felt numb due to the force of the finger coming from the sword, and he couldn’t help but praise, “The powerful Vajra Finger is indeed worthy of its reputation!”

The Vajra Sect Master failed to hit the target, and he no longer dared to look down upon the young man in front of him. He used all his strength to activate the Indestructible Vajra Body and solemnly guarded himself.

Taoist Baishang secretly nodded and quietly said  to Zhao Min, “Originally, I was worried that the Vajra Sect Master would attack him in anger, but now I am finally relieved.”

Zhao Min intently looked at the two people in the arena and asked, “Why?”

Taoist Baishang explained, “As long as the Vajra Sect Master does not rush forward with greed for merit, he will be invincible with his Indestructible Vajra Body. When the opponent attacks, he will just have to wait for an opportunity to counterattack with his powerful Vajra Finger. If he can land even one attack, it will surely decide the winner.”

Xiao Feng on the side looked solemn, “With the opponent’s movement technique, it would be very difficult for the Vajra Sect Master to hit him.”

“Miss Xiao, I’m sorry, I took your sword again.” After Song Qingshu returned to the place, his first reaction was to apologize to Xiao Longnu.

Xiao Longnu felt her face turn hot for no reason, and she calmly said, “Just take it and use it.” 

But she still complained in her heart, ‘I would’ve given it to you if you had just asked, so why did you have to take it from me like that?’

Song Qingshu then turned around and looked at the Vajra Sect Master, “Are you sure that I can’t break your Indestructible Vajra Body?”

The Vajra Sect Master was shocked, but his face remained calm, “For hundreds of years, countless talented masters have tried to break the Indestructible Vajra Body. Unfortunately, none of them have succeeded. Naturally, you will be no exception.”

“Really?” Song Qingshu smiled, “That’s because they don’t understand structural mechanics and Hooke’s law. I also didn’t understand it either, but unfortunately for you, I happened to have watched ‘Prison Bre*k’.”

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