Chapter 375: Three Battles I

“What is he talking about?” 

Utter confusion swept through the place, leaving even Xiao Longnu with a baffled expression.

“It’s invigorating to stand on the shoulders of giants…” Song Qingshu muttered cryptically, making everyone even more perplexed. He then swiftly readied his sword, and lunged at the Vajra Sect Master.

Song Qingshu’s agility was astonishing, and it forced the Vajra Sect Master to protect vital areas while relying on the Indestructible Vajra Body to withstand his opponent’s elusive swordplay.

“Your Excellency, there’s no need to guard your private parts and rear end. I have no intention of targeting those unsavory spots, as not to sully Miss Xiao’s blade.” Song Qingshu casually remarked as he gracefully moved about the place, thrusting his sword in various directions.

The venerable Vajra Sect Master’s face turned red, but he dared not dismiss Song Qingshu’s words. He relinquished defense in those areas, poised to exploit any opening in his opponent’s stance, and waited for an opportunity to unleash his formidable Vajra Finger technique.

On the sidelines, Zhao Min furrowed her brows, “Why doesn’t he retaliate?”

Taoist Baishang hurriedly clarified, “Ximen Chuixue’s swordsmanship is too swift. The Vajra Sect Master is struggling to match his pace. Engaging in a hasty counterattack would expose vulnerable areas of his body. It’s wiser to employ the Indestructible Vajra Body to intercept the opponent’s strikes while waiting for an opening.”

Amidst the clashing sounds of metal, it was clear that Ximen Chuixue’s sword was hitting the Vajra Sect Master’s body. Although the Vajra Sect Master outwardly remained impassive, Song Qingshu’s enigmatic sword move from earlier still haunted Zhao Min’s thoughts.

Ouyang Feng and other top martial artists pondered their odds against the renowned Indestructible Vajra Body. They keenly observed Song Qingshu’s swordplay, hoping for a glimpse of victory over the mystical technique.

“Hmm…” Ouyang Feng finally perceived something amiss. 

While Song Qingshu’s swordwork was swift, he was only targeting a few specific locations.

‘If I were to strike, I would repeatedly aim for a single point to test if I can breach the opponent’s defenses through persistence. Ximen Chuixue seems to have figured that out. But why is he dispersing his attacks?’ Ouyang Feng wondered.

However, the Vajra Sect Master didn’t share Ouyang Feng’s insight. His expression suddenly shifted as he sensed a gradual deterioration in the effectiveness of his body-protecting Qi. The realization made him feel horrified, and the thought, ‘What is happening? He merely grazed me a few times!’

Sensing that the time was almost right, Song Qingshu sheathed his sword and swiftly struck with a palm strike, targeting a spot among the dozen places he had previously attacked. 

The Vajra Sect Master’s face turned ashen, and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Mongolia was the foremost adversary festering in Song Qingshu’s heart. The Vajra Sect Master possessed formidable martial arts and he had also defected to Mongolia. 

Song Qingshu knew that his opponent’s decades of accumulation was not to be underestimated. But his time, the old martial arts master had placed excessive faith in his Indestructible Vajra Body, rendering himself vulnerable to a multitude of offensive techniques. Song Qingshu was well aware that he might not be able to defeat the Vajra Sect Master with such ease in their future encounters.

Therefore, with a faint sigh, Song Qingshu thrust his sword forward, aiming to seize the opportunity and end the Vajra Sect Master’s life, cutting Mongolia’s wings in the process. 

However, the Vajra Sect Master, who was quite resolute and skilled, swiftly clamped the opponent’s sword with his formidable Vajra Fingers.

Song Qingshu emitted a soft exhalation, and directed his internal energy forward.


The sword’s tip penetrated an inch into the Vajra Sect Master’s chest but remained restrained by the grip of the opponent’s two fingers.

‘Decades of expertise truly show results…’ Song Qingshu mused internally, while reluctantly relinquishing his sword’s hilt. Then he brushed the blade with his sleeve, setting it into a rapid spin.

Feeling the intense pain, the Vajra Sect Master screamed and swiftly retreated. 

Taoist Baishang leaped forward to block Song Qingshu from seizing the chance to finish off the Vajra Sect Master.

Gazing at the opponent’s bloody fingers, Song Qingshu inwardly lamented at the fact that the Vajra Sect Master’s powerful fingers had managed to endure such an attack without being severed.

“We’ve lost the first bout…” Zhao Min calmly acknowledged their loss. 

She had to do so because the Ruyang Palace would face substantial losses should the Vajra Sect Master perished in such a manner.

“How did you penetrate my Indestructible Vajra Body?” The Vajra Sect Master inquired, perturbed and infuriated, a question also shared by the other onlookers who awaited Song Qingshu’s response.

“Given the level of mathematics and physics in this world, you wouldn’t grasp the concept.” Song Qingshu replied with a slight smile. 

Employing principles of structural mechanics allowed even reinforced concrete from his previous life to be easily dismantled. No matter how strong the Indestructible Vajra Body was, it couldn’t withstand the science of structural mechanics.

The core principle was the utilization of stress concentration. This phenomenon involved a significant increase in stress within solids, particularly at sharp corners, holes, gaps, grooves, and areas with rigid constraints. Stress concentration could lead to the fracture of brittle materials and the formation of fatigue cracks.

In these stress concentration areas, the maximum stress values were contingent on factors such as the object’s geometry and loading method. The escalated local stress levels diminished rapidly with distance from the peak stress point.

Higher internal stress in an object corresponded to lower external force requirements for its destruction. Therefore, pinpointing stress concentration points and undermining them would render the destruction of the entire object significantly more feasible.

To identify these stress concentration points, mathematical models were typically established, and their (x, y, z) spatial coordinates were computed via computer analysis.

While Song Qingshu lacked access to a computer, he wielded the majestic True Qi. Enveloping his blade with that Qi, he could detect stress concentration points with every strike against the Vajra Sect Master. He could sense these vulnerable points through fluctuations in the Qi attached to his blade, and with his current realm of martial arts, he could easily pinpoint those differences.

After identifying the stress concentration points on the Vajra Sect Master’s chest, Song Qingshu repeatedly struck those areas. Over time, the energy channeled into his blade gradually dismantled the internal structure of those points. The opponent’s chest, once as resilient as steel, was now compromised.

Those stress concentration points varied for different martial arts. Practitioners of martial arts, such as the Golden Bell Cover or Iron Cloth Shirt, often had one area on their bodies that remained susceptible to attacks. That area was deliberately left weaker than the rest and was closely guarded, even from their closest confidants.

The Indestructible Vajra Body, on the other hand, was renowned for leaving no openings once successfully mastered. It bestowed invulnerability, elevating its practitioners beyond those relying on mere external defenses.

Little did the founder of the Indestructible Vajra Body realize that, despite its miraculous attributes, the technique still adhered to the fundamental laws of physics.

The Vajra Sect Master had devoted decades to perfecting the Indestructible Vajra Body and had attained enlightenment. Yet, he remained oblivious to the presence of a subtle vulnerability in his invincible body. 

When Song Qingshu targeted those points, the Vajra Sect Master initially dismissed the strikes. By the time he recognized that something was wrong, it was too late.

Witnessing Song Qingshu’s reluctance to delve into details, Ouyang Feng and the others didn’t think much of it. They understood the significance of concealing the method to breach the Indestructible Vajra Body.

The Vajra Sect Master’s face changed from shades of green to red, and his inner turmoil was quite apparent. While losing a match was expected in combat, the Vajra Sect Master’s self-confidence had been shattered by the direct assault on his Invincible Vajra Body. Doubt began to gnaw at him, and he questioned whether the Indestructible Vajra Body harbored a fatal flaw. 

If Ximen Chuixue knew, others might as well. 

From now on, in future battles, he would hesitate to rely on this magic art.

Monk Jinlun, too, sensed the frigid winds of adversity. He looked at the Vajra Sect Master, who had fallen victim to Song Qingshu’s mastery. At the moment, he only wanted to retreat and dedicate himself to mastering the Dragon Elephant Technique. Only then would he be immune to formidable opponents, regardless of their martial arts level.

“I am Jinlun, the Mongolian State Teacher. And I challenge you!” Monk Jinlun loudly declared, rallying his spirit and seized the initiative.

His rash charge earned him a scornful remark from Ouyang Feng, “You are quite shameless. Ximen Chuixue just completed his match, and you’re already challenging him.”

Monk Jinlun blushed, torn between advancing and retreating. However, Zhao Min interjected firmly, “Master Ximen has chosen to partake in three consecutive matches voluntarily. No one coerced him. If he is ready for the second round, then let the contest commence.”

Song Qingshu smiled lightly, “Master Ouyang, there’s no need to fret. Let’s begin the second match.”

Monk Jinlun found himself taken aback by Song Qingshu’s unflustered demeanor. He wondered if his adversary had recovered his depleted energy. Yet, such a feat was implausible. The Vajra Sect Master was no slouch, and Song Qingshu’s tactics had depleted his internal strength significantly. What could have possibly changed?

Unperturbed, Monk Jinlun bellowed, and his five spinning wheels hurtled toward Song Qingshu.

“The vulnerability of wheel-type weapons is quite obvious. In ‘Mysterious Weapons’, it’s acknowledged that even Taixu, the divine weapon refined by Emperor Xuanyuan Huang possesses vulnerabilities. These metal scraps are no exception!” After Song Qingshu finished speaking, his body gently floated up, akin to a falling leaf, ensuring that the tip of his foot landed precisely between two swiftly spinning wheels. 

His sword struck at the precise center of the wheel, resulting in a muffled thud. Song Qingshu promptly manipulated the copper wheel to counterattack, intercepting the erratic silver wheel. The collision shattered both wheels into pieces.

Witnessing his four wheels get destroyed in an instant, Monk Jinlun felt a surge of shock. He hastily retracted the golden wheel, positioning it defensively before himself and eyeing Song Qingshu with renewed caution.

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