Chapter 376: Three Battles II

There was an uproar in the scene. 

Just before, Song Qingshu seemed to have effortlessly defeated the Vajra Sect Master, and this time, it was even more astonishing, as he had instantly destroyed the four wheels of the Mongolian State Teacher!

Monk Jinlun was drenched in cold sweat. He had originally intended to catch Song Qingshu off guard while he caught his breath, but to his surprise, he was caught off guard himself. His heart suddenly grew cold, ‘Could it be that this person’s inner strength surpasses mine by such a large margin?’

Only Ouyang Feng, Taoist Baishang, and Xiao Feng could vaguely discern the issue. Song Qingshu had employed more strength than usual to disable the four wheels, avoiding a direct confrontation with Monk Jinlun using excessive internal energy.

With that, the martial arts of several great masters in the scene were unmistakably assessed. 

Monk Jinlun was undeniably formidable, but he struggled to utilize his prowess effectively. When facing opponents of the same caliber, he often met defeat, and against those weaker than himself, he had trouble securing a swift victory. Ultimately, the reason lay in Monk Jinlun’s deficiency in technique and skills.

He placed excessive trust in the principle of overwhelming force. In the Return of the Condor Heroes, he faced multiple defeats in martial arts competitions in the Central Plains, largely due to his lack of finesse and adaptability. Consequently, even after going into seclusion, he continued to cultivate the Dragon Elephant Technique, which focused on sheer strength. Though he prided himself on his martial arts skills, he eventually met his demise at the hands of Yang Guo’s exceptionally refined Sad Soul Palm.

After witnessing Song Qingshu shatter all four wheels with a single move, his initial assumption was that the opponent was relying on brute force. However, he hadn’t anticipated that Song Qingshu was employing a subtle technique to move a thousand pounds using minimal force, causing his heart to waver.

Noticing King Jinlun’s momentary distraction, Xiao Feng furrowed his brow and whispered to Zhao Min, “Princess, if the State Teacher continues to fight in his current state, he might meet his end on the spot.”

Recalling the ruthlessness of “Ximen Chuixue,” who had attempted to seize the opportunity to kill the Vajra Sect Master, Zhao Min shivered inwardly and quickly raised her hand, “There’s no need for a second round of competition; we concede.”

Monk Jinlun blushed and anxiously protested, “Princess!”

Zhao Min shook her head, offering a faint smile, “The position of a State Teacher is prestigious; it will not be tarnished by a mere competition.” 

Nonetheless, in her heart, she sighed, realizing that their chances of victory were dwindling. Even though King Xiao possessed formidable martial arts skills, he might not be able to surpass Ximen Chuixue. Next, Taoist Baishang would face Ouyang Feng, and Lu Zhangke would confront Qiu Qianren. Achieving victory might be a challenging feat for them.

Seeing the gratitude in Monk Jinlun’s eyes, Song Qingshu couldn’t help but admire Zhao Min’s ability to win people over. While he had initially intended to take advantage of the situation to eliminate one or two Mongolian masters, it was now challenging to continue that plan, given the opponent’s concession.

On the other side, Wanyan Liang gazed  at Song Qingshu’s back in astonishment, and remarked, “Such a master exists in the world? I’d be willing to pay any price to win him over.”

The Jin Empire and Mongolia had been at odds for many years, and numerous top assassins dispatched by the Jin Empire had met their demise at the hands of those two individuals. Consequently, he was well aware of the martial prowess of Monk Jinlun and the Master of the Vajra Sect. In his eyes, those two individuals were on par with the likes of Ouyang Feng and Qiu Qianren, and seeing them so easily defeated by Ximen Chuixue made him ponder, ‘Just how formidable is Ximen Chuixue’s martial arts?’

“You’ve just fought two consecutive battles, and your True Qi must be depleted. Take a moment to catch your breath. This Xiao can wait for an hour or two.” Xiao Feng wasn’t in a hurry to engage in combat; instead, he loudly declared.

“King Xiao is indeed a true gentleman.” Song Qingshu remarked, “Since King Xiao suggests it, if I insist on not taking a rest, wouldn’t I be underestimating you? It won’t take an hour; just the time it takes for a stick of incense to burn.”

Xiao Feng gestured with his hand, inviting him, “Please, make yourself comfortable.” He then glanced across the entire assembly and proclaimed, “Anyone who dares to attack Master Ximen at this juncture is challenging me, Xiao Feng.”

The moment his gaze swept over the crowd, everyone felt an intense unease, as if they had been struck by a sharp blade. They couldn’t help but be astonished, 

‘Xiao Feng’s gaze held genuine authority. Had his martial arts reached such heights?’

Zhao Min furrowed her brow, perceiving that Xiao Feng’s words were intended for her ears. She couldn’t entirely approve of his approach. From her perspective, this situation resembled two opposing armies. In warfare, strategies should be used to their fullest extent, with every possible advantage sought to secure ultimate victory. Nevertheless, since Xiao Feng had spoken, she refrained from publicly opposing him.

“Xiao Feng is indeed a hero.” Song Qingshu praised, then sat cross-legged on the ground to recuperate. He had recently triumphed over the Vajra Sect Master and the Monk Jinlun in succession. While it appeared as if he had used immense power, in reality, he had relied on cunning rather than expending excessive energy. Soon, he opened his eyes and addressed Xiao Feng, “King Xiao, I’m ready!”

Like a vigilant tiger, Xiao Feng strode into the arena, locking eyes with Song Qingshu. He was aware that Song Qingshu’s earlier display of swift movement could expose his weaknesses if he initiated an attack, so he had made up his mind to maintain a consistent stance in the face of changing circumstances.

Song Qingshu also understood Xiao Feng’s intentions and laughed heartily, “Since King Xiao won’t use a weapon, I won’t either. It’s just a friendly competition; why employ weapons between fellow martial artists?”

“Very well!” Xiao Feng raised his palms and responded, “There’s no need for that. This Xiao’s physical skills rely on these palms. Whether or not I have a weapon won’t significantly affect me. You don’t have to hold back your strengths.”

“King Xiao is truly honorable.” Song Qingshu conceded, gesturing with his hand. “I must confess that in a life-and-death battle, I would never relinquish my sword. However, this is merely a contest. Why should we employ weapons when we share a common passion for martial arts?”

“Agreed!” Xiao Feng gracefully lifted the hem of his robe and handed a green bamboo stick to a nearby Khitan warrior, “In that case, let’s test our palms.”

Song Qingshu was momentarily surprised and said with a wry smile, “I had forgotten that Brother Xiao once led the Beggar Gang. Naturally, you’re well-versed in the Dog Beating Stick Technique. My apologies for my ignorance.”

Xiao Feng shook his head, stating, “While I do know the Dog Beating Stick Technique, my mastery of the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms surpasses it. Whether we have weapons or not, it won’t make much difference to me. Why restrict ourselves, brother? What are your thoughts?”

“King Xiao speaks wisely.” Song Qingshu replied, signaling with his hand.

“Very well!” Xiao Feng extended his palms, and they prepared to engage in combat.

Song Qingshu laughed heartily, ” Let’s engage in a duel, Brother Xiao.”

With a flash, Song Qingshu lunged from a distance. Xiao Feng was well-prepared, transforming his palms into claws and using his Dragon-Capturing Hand technique to grasp a nearby table, before launching an attack on Song Qingshu’s flank.

“Hmm?” Song Qingshu hadn’t anticipated such a skillful response. With a swift palm strike, he broke the table into four pieces and swiftly evaded to the side, without pausing.

Indeed, a powerful palm force struck the spot where Song Qingshu had previously stood, shattering the floor. 

The innkeeper, observing from a distance, felt a pang of sorrow, ‘These damned martial artists kept breaking things; who will pay for these damages later?’

The other martial artists, however, paid no attention to such matters, focusing instead on the exchanges between Song Qingshu and Xiao Feng. They had engaged in several rapid moves, akin to a game of cat and mouse.

Having easily won two consecutive matches earlier, Song Qingshu had captivated the attention of the Mongolian and Khitan warriors. Now, with Xiao Feng entering the fray, the two martial artists were evenly matched in attack and defense, eliciting excited cheers from the onlookers.

“This Xiao Feng possesses formidable martial arts; I hope he remains safe.” Bing Xue’er murmured, her brow furrowing as she watched the contest.

Xiao Longnu offered a reassuring smile, saying, “Senior Sister, you’re just worried for nothing. Brother-in-law is incredibly skilled. Even if he can’t win, he’ll surely protect himself.”

“Stop listening to his nonsense. He’s not your brother-in-law,” Bing Xue’er replied, her cheeks blushing in embarrassment.

Unbeknownst to them, Wanyan Liang had taken notice of the two graceful and refined women, particularly Bing Xue’er, whose figure exuded grace despite her mask. Xiao Longnu, on the other hand, was exceptionally beautiful, her smile captivating. Wanyan Liang couldn’t help but think, ‘Is there a woman in the world as extraordinary as this? In comparison, all the women I’ve encountered thus far seem ordinary. If I could have her, I’d gladly forsake being a prince.’

The two women remained oblivious to Wanyan Liang’s intense gaze, their attention firmly fixed on the contest in progress.

Song Qingshu chuckled, “King Xiao employed the Dragon Capturing Hand and the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms to perfection. It seems I had underestimated you earlier. So let’s see what do you think about mine!”

Xiao Feng was surprised by Song Qingshu’s use of the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms. When he witnessed the Three Waves of Subduing Dragons, his astonishment grew. He knew the strength of this technique, and if he didn’t exercise caution, he could be gravely injured. Consequently, he swiftly gathered his resolve and prepared to confront it. However, he couldn’t help but feel some regret. He aligned his palms, employing the Triple Wave technique he had created, aiming to counter Song Qingshu.

As Song Qingshu unleashed the Proud Dragon Repents, Xiao Feng realized its potency and the potential for serious harm if he underestimated it. With practiced precision, he unleashed the Triple Wave technique in response, launching his palms simultaneously.

The two palm forces collided, creating a whirlwind of force that tore through the air and shattered floor!

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