Chapter 381: Xiao Longnu in Dilemma

However, reality could be cruel. 

Xiao Longnu could clearly sense that the two people around her had shifted positions multiple times, but they showed no intention of stopping.

Listening to the delicate, almost imperceptible gasps in her ears, Xiao Longnu struggled to accept that this was the same senior sister with a cold demeanor she had known during the day.

In the silence of this peculiar atmosphere, Xiao Longnu suddenly felt an unfamiliar sensation coursing through her body. The Ancient Tomb Sect had always emphasized purity of mind and abstaining from worldly desires, making such intense physical sensations a rarity.

She wondered if she were possessed, and in her shock, she attempted to regulate her breathing using her Qi. Yet, it had no effect at all. This kind of profound soul-stirring sensation couldn’t be quelled by mere martial arts techniques.

Determined to keep her awakening a secret from the two people nearby, Xiao Longnu lightly bit her silver teeth and struggled to suppress the tremors coursing through her body. Strangely, her efforts seemed to heighten her sensitivity, and she soon drifted back into slumber.

Desires bubbled up clandestinely, and her skin flushed with a rouge-like hue.

To Song Qingshu’s surprise, Xiao Longnu was able to unseal her body’s acupuncture points. As he detected her state, it left him in an awkward predicament. 

However, instead of opening her eyes, Xiao Longnu remained motionless.

Song Qingshu immediately understood Xiao Longnu was concerned about her senior sister’s dignity, so she continued to feign unconsciousness.

With that revelation, Song Qingshu’s heart became tinged with a sinister curiosity, intensifying his excitement.

Although Bing Xue’er found herself bewildered by the sudden increase of intensity of the man atop her, she believed that it was because he was entirely captivated by her allure. So, despite her shyness, a sweet warmth filled her heart. She gradually relaxed, surrendering to the man above her like a gentle mare, allowing her knight to ride freely.

Observing that Bing Xue’er’s eyes had grown hazy, Song Qingshu instinctively clasped her hand, feeling its silkiness. 

After a while, Song Qingshu was shocked to find that Bing Xue’er’s hands were wrapped around his waist. 

So whose hand was he holding at the moment?

Glancing at Xiao Longnu, he noticed her snow-white cheeks now flushed with a mysterious shade of red, as her eyelashes were quivering lightly. 

Song Qingshu swallowed hard, feeling hesitant to let go. Slowly, his fingers inched upward, and he distinctly felt Xiao Longnu’s body quiver, a delicate shiver coursing through her smooth skin.

However, Song Qingshu refrained from pushing the boundaries further. He understood that he might be reaching Xiao Longnu’s limits. Any further advances might risk her awakening and potential embarrassment for all. 

Knowing that her junior sister had been awake all along would surely be the ultimate humiliation for Bing Xue’er.

Holding Xiao Longnu’s delicate hand, Song Qingshu’s mind wandered, noticing an uncanny blend of Bing Xue’er and Xiao Longnu in the women beneath him.

The excitement of sharing a bed with two gorgeous beauties overwhelmed Song Qingshu. 

After some time, he quivered all over, his breathing turned heavy, and he held Bing Xue’er tightly, as he released his essence inside Bing Xue’er’s secret honey hole.

At that moment, Song Qingshu sensed Xiao Longnu trembling and her breath becoming erratic. 

However, fatigue crept in, and he dismissed it, preparing to doze off.

Bing Xue’er, her body heated from their passionate session, weakly protested, “You can’t sleep here.”

“I’m so tired, I can’t move,” Song Qingshu shamelessly responded.

Bing Xue’er turned to glance at Xiao Longnu and admonished, “My junior sister is still here. I can’t let her see you sleeping here.”

Initially annoyed, Xiao Longnu heard Bing Xue’er’s words and felt a sense of relief. ‘Senior Sister cares about me and doesn’t want me to be wronged…’ She thought.

Song Qingshu suddenly remembered that Xiao Longnu might be awake, and a wave of guilt washed over him. 

He cast a guilty glance at Bing Xue’er and said, “I’ll go to the next room.”

Bing Xue’er’s body felt too languid to move, and she urged, “Hurry, then.”

Song Qingshu hastily grabbed his clothes and hurriedly retreated to the adjoining room, avoiding any further glances at the two women.

Xiao Longnu contemplated whether to feign waking up but watched as Bing Xue’er shifted and embraced her. Bing Xue’er murmured, “My little junior sister’s body is so cold, it’s so comfortable.”

Bing Xue’er’s body, warmed by the afterglow of their passion, contrasted sharply with Xiao Longnu’s naturally cold constitution. 

In her relaxed state, Xiao Longnu found sleepiness overtake her, and she drifted off into slumber while nestled in Bing Xue’er’s embrace.


The next morning, Xiao Longnu awoke to find Bing Xue’er washing herself, and her face flushed red once again. 

Bing Xue’er turned around, her expression quite a bit awkward, “Junior sister, you’re awake?”

Seeing Bing Xue’er’s charming and radiant face because she had been fully ‘irrigated’, Xiao Longnu couldn’t help but remember the ‘indignity’ she suffered last night.

In an attempt to hide her feelings, Xiao Longnu inquired, “Senior Sister, what happened with that black shadow last night?”

Bing Xue’er’s face shifted uncomfortably as she explained, “It was the Mongolian group. They were unwilling to admit defeat and sent experts to take us hostage. Fortunately, Song… Song arrived just in time and managed to defeat them.”

“Really?” Xiao Longnu said, forcing a smile, but inside, she was still resentful, ‘He was the one who took advantage of me, and now he’s our savior?’

Although Xiao Longnu was irritated that Song Qingshu had taken liberties with her, she reasoned it might have been an inadvertent mistake.

Since she chose to feign sleep the previous night, she decided not to reveal it. Thus, she pretended ignorance and nodded, saying, “Then, give my thanks to Brother-in-law.”

“He is not your brother-in-law!” Bing Xue’er hurriedly interjected.

“You two seemed…” Recalling the embarrassing events from the previous night, Xiao Longnu blushed, her words trailing off.

Bing Xue’er was startled, ‘Could it be that she saw something?’

Fortunately, a knock sounded at the door, and Song Qingshu’s lazy voice followed, “Ladies, breakfast awaits.”

Bing Xue’er retorted, “Just a moment, we need to freshen up first.”

Hearing Song Qingshu’s voice, Xiao Longnu’s expression flickered uneasily, as if on the verge of anger but not quite there yet.

Seeing her furrow her brows, Bing Xue’er was stunned and thought, ‘Even her frown is so beautiful. I can’t help but pity her. No wonder a refined man like Brother-in-law couldn’t resist carrying her to bed last night…’

The thought made Bing Xue’er blush, feeling immensely regretful, ‘Why did I agree to his ludicrous request last night?’

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