Chapter 382: Unbearable

Xiao Longnu struggled in her heart for a long time, and finally decided to pretend that she didn’t know anything about what happened last night, and secretly made up her mind to never stay with those two people again. Otherwise, if they did that every night, wouldn’t she have to suffer like that as well?

There was some anger in her heart as well, which naturally showed on her face. 

So Bing Xue’er asked with concern, “Little Junior Sister, your expression doesn’t look too good, are you feeling uncomfortable?”

“It’s nothing.” Xiao Longnu said calmly. 

She didn’t want to continue talking to her and started to wash up. She only needed water to lightly wash her cheeks, so although she got up later than Bing Xue’er, she finished her grooming in advance.

“You’re like a hibiscus coming out of clear water… Junior Sister, you really have the aura of heaven and earth in you.” Bing Xue’er was stunned and filled with emotion.

Xiao Longnu smiled slightly, “Senior Sister, I can feel the feeling of ice and snow from your body. You are also full of spiritual aura.”

Bing Xue’er knew that her Junior Sister didn’t care much about compliments, and what she said must be true, so she couldn’t help but feel happy, “Little Junior Sister, let’s go out quickly, Song… he must be waiting impatiently.”

Noticing Bing Xue’er’s worried expression, Xiao Longnu felt sad. 

‘Don’t I also think about Yang Guo like this?’ Thinking of that, Xiao Longnu’s anger from last night suddenly disappeared.

When the two women came downstairs, the inn suddenly fell into a strange silence. The guests looked at the two women, whose robes were as white as snow, like fairies descending to earth, and they all thought in unison, ‘How could there be such stunning beauties in the world?’

Song Qingshu’s eyes also flashed with a hint of amazement, and a sense of pride inevitably surged in his heart, ‘One of them is actually my lover…’

When the two women came to him together, the men around them all cast murderous looks. Song Qingshu felt even more proud and politely asked, “Did you two have a good rest last night?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Song Qingshu secretly screamed, ‘Sh*t! What I did last night should be very clear to these two women!’ 

Sure enough, after hearing his words, the two women blushed in unison, thinking of some embarrassing scenes last night.

Bing Xue’er hid her embarrassment while drinking a cup of water.

Xiao Longnu cleared her throat and said, “Senior Sister, I’m afraid I won’t be able to travel with you in the future.”

Seeing Xiao Longnu’s intention to leave, Song Qingshu was shocked. He knew that she was probably angry because of what happened last night and wanted to keep her, but given the relationship between the two of them, he didn’t know what to say.

Fortunately, Bing Xue’er quickly persuaded her, “Little Junior Sister, why do you want to leave suddenly? Didn’t we agree that we would travel around the world together, and then you would take me to the Ancient Tomb Sect?”

Xiao Longnu had a strange look on her face and murmured in her heart, ‘Even though I agreed before, if I continue to travel with you, won’t I going to have to endure the same torture as last night every night?’

“Senior Sister, I have to go look for Guo’er. I really can’t accompany you anymore.” Xiao Longnu felt that she seemed to have been led astray. She had never told lies before. This time, in order to cope with the situation, she actually had to lie. 

‘I need to go look for him. Guo’er is obviously with Miss Guo now, so I’m afraid he might forget about me.’

Thinking of that, Xiao Long Goddess’ expression suddenly dimmed and she let out a soft sigh.

Seeing her frowning and sighing, Song Qingshu suddenly felt his heartstrings being pulled. He couldn’t help but be secretly frightened. He suddenly woke up and looked at her carefully, then secretly thought, ‘Xiao Longnu has never practiced any kind of charm skills, but why is she so attractive to men? With her fatal attraction, she could disturb any calm state of mind…’

Song Qingshu wasn’t Duan Yu. He could clearly distinguish the difference between a man’s natural pursuit of beauty and mindless infatuation. He knew very well that his affection for Xiao Longnu was only limited to her beauty, and it was far from obsession. Moreover, nothing thrilling happened between him and Xiao Longnu, so naturally there was no so-called love.

Song Qingshu never believed in love at first sight. In his opinion, love at first sight was just a physiological reaction, a possessive desire for the beauty of the opposite sex.

Noticing that Song Qingshu had been staring at her, Xiao Longnu slightly frowned, and she suddenly felt uncomfortable all over. Since Bing Xue’er was beside her, she just coughed lightly and took the opportunity to remind him.

Song Qingshu was stunned for a moment, then recovered and smiled slightly, “Since the Junior Sister has her own things to do, it’s not convenient for us to keep her here, so let’s have a glass of water and wine and wish the Junior Sister that all her wishes come true.”

Although she was not familiar with the world, as a woman’s sixth sense, Xiao Longnu always felt that the Brother-in-law in front of her seemed to have ill intentions towards her. She thought that he would try his best to retain her, but she didn’t expect that he would agree so simply.

All Xiao Longnu could think about was her affairs with Yang Guo. So when she heard Song Qingshu wishing that her all her wishes should come true, a sweetness suddenly filled her heart. Her eyes softened a lot when she looked at Song Qingshu.

‘It seems that I misunderstood my Brother-in-law. He just made an unintentional mistake last night. Hmm, he offended so many martial arts masters before to help me. It was wrong for me to suspect him.’

When Xiao Longnu thought about it, her little bit of unhappiness immediately disappeared, and a smile appeared on her usually cold face.

After bidding farewell to Xiao Longnu, Bing Xue’er and Song Qingshu set off towards the Golden Serpent Camp’s sphere of influence.

Seeing Bing Xue’er’s hesitant expression, Song Qingshu asked funnily, “You’ve been acting like this since our Junior Sister left just now. What’s wrong with you?”

Bing Xue’er rolled her eyes at him, “She is my Junior Sister, why are you not ashamed to follow the snake on the stick?” (G: Idiom.)

Song Qingshu embraced her waist with one hand and said with a naughty smile, “The relationship between us? Sooner or later we will be one family. Isn’t your Little Junior Sister also my Little Junior Sister?”

Bing Xue’er blushed and said, “I always feel that there is something fishy about Junior Sister’s sudden departure… ah, do you think she has some doubts about what happened last night?”

Song Qingshu suppressed his laughter and said seriously, “She is not suspicious, but she clearly knows what happened last night.”

Bing Xue’er looked stunned, “Ah?”

Song Qingshu leaned close to her ear and revealed how Xiao Longnu had unsealed the acupuncture points a long time ago, and then in order not to embarrass her Senior Sister, she kept lying aside with her eyes closed and pretended to be unconscious…

“Did you know this a long time ago?” Bing Xue’er gritted her teeth and looked at him angrily.

“She probably thinks that I don’t know that she knows…” Song Qingshu looked proud, and smoothly delivered a famous quote from his previous life, “With my martial arts, I naturally noticed it early. But since Junior Sister was showing such cooperation, I couldn’t expose it all and embarrass both of you at the same time.”

“Ah, it’s all because of you, you ba*tard! How will I face her in the future!” Bing Xue’er suddenly became flustered and her face turned red to white.

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