Chapter 385: Girl’s Thoughts (part 1)

“Brother, please call me Lan’er from now on.” Miao Ruolan looked up at Song Qingshu, her big shining eyes filled with tears, slightly red and swollen from the crying just now.

“Lan’er, I will take good care of you in the future.” Song Qingshu said softly as he knelt down and grabbed the shoulders of the little young girl in front of him.

Miao Ruolan’s face turned red for some reason, and she snorted weakly.

Noticing her shy look, Song Qingshu was startled. Even though he didn’t show it, but he did have a bottomline, and he just regarded Miao Ruolan as a child, so he didn’t pay much attention to the defense between men and women.

Who knew that Miao Renfeng had raised Miao Ruolan like a cultured noble lady since she was a child, despite being from the wild wulin. Miao Ruolan had never been in contact with other men, and whn she felt the warmth and firmness of Song Qingshu’s hand on her shoulders, it naturally produce the shyness of a young girl.

‘Sh*t! Girls in ancient times matured earlier than girls in modern society.’ When Song Qingshu was cursing in heart, Bing Xue’er had already slapped his hand away and complained, “Little Ruolan is a lady, so how can a grown man like you touch her so casually?”

Song Qingshu awkwardly muttered, “She is obviously still so young…”

Bing Xue’er was worried that Miao Ruolan would misunderstand Song Qingshu, so on the surface she was blaming him, but in reality she was explaining it to Miao Ruolan. Unexpectedly, she was immediately dumbfounded when she heard the other person’s next words.

“Auntie, please don’t blame Big Brother. Since father entrusted Lan’er to Big Brother, then he is Lan’er’s relative, so Lan’er will naturally not mind him.”

“Aunt? Big brother?” Bing Xue’er was stunned for a moment, as the two titles kept echoing in her head.

“Lan’er is so good~” Seeing Bing Xue’er looking like she had been dealt a critical blow, Song Qingshu suppressed his smile and suddenly noticed the redness and swelling on Miao Ruolan’s face. 

He understood that she was slapped by Zhang Wuji just now, and couldn’t help but feel distressed. He called her over and said, “Lan’er, come here, Big Brother will help you remove the blood on your face.”

“Yeah~” Miao Ruolan obediently moved over, half-leaning on Song Qingshu, feeling the other person’s palm full of vitality rubbing her face, and her heart began to beat wildly.

Song Qingshu didn’t pay attention to Miao Ruolan’s reaction, but fell into confusion. Although he had long known that Zhang Wuji in this world was not the loyal, pure, indecisive protagonist in the original novel in his memory, he was still shocked when he saw him bullying a little girl without mercy, ‘What is going on with this Zhang Wuji?’

Seeing that Song Qingshu seemed to be in a daze and kept rubbing Miao Ruolan’s face, Bing Xue’er couldn’t stand it anymore and couldn’t help but cough lightly, “The swelling on Lan’er’s face has gone down.”

“Ah?” Song Qingshu reacted and noticed that the little girl in his arms was blushing, and couldn’t help but look embarrassed.

“We’d better hurry up as soon as possible. People from all walks of life are rushing to Shandong now. They all must be gathering in the Golden Serpent Camp. I’m a little worried about what’s going on there.” Song Qingshu laughed and quickly changed the subject.

“Yes, I’m also worried that Sister Xia won’t be able to cope with it.” Bing Xue’er nodded. 

Song Qingshu had roughly told his entire plan to her some time ago, and she was also aware of Xia Qingqing’s existence.

“Ouch!” Miao Ruolan suddenly looked in pain and clutched her ankle.

“What’s wrong?” Song Qingshu asked with concern.

“It seems that I twisted my foot when I was escaping just now. Maybe it’s broken.” Miao Ruolan frowned, and when she thought about her father trying desperately to stop the man in black clothes to let her escape quickly, she became sad again, and her eyes suddenly turned red.

Song Qingshu pinched her ankle a few times and breathed a sigh of relief, “Don’t worry Lan’er, it’s just a sprain. The bones are fine. Just rest for a few days and you’ll be fine. So, I’ll carry you the rest of the way. “

Miao Ruolan hummed, and suddenly asked softly, “Big Brother, I don’t want you to carry me on your back, can you carry me at the front?”

“Ah?” Song Qingshu was stunned, and Bing Xue’er also looked at her curiously.

Stared by the strange looks of the two men, Miao Ruolan quickly lowered her head and said softly, “Daddy used to hold me like that.”

Song Qingshu and Bing Xueer looked at each other, and a scene emerged in their minds—Miao Renfeng, with a gruff face, holding a sword in his right hand, holding Miao Ruolan in his left hand, walking on the road with a lonely look on his face…

“She is still a child after all.” Song Qingshu sighed softly, understanding that Miao Ruolan, who had just lost her father, might not be able to return to the happy and innocent time when they first met her for a while.

“Okay.” Song Qingshu showed a smile, grabbed Miao Ruolan’s legs and picked her up.

Noticing Song Qingshu’s pity smile, Bing Xue’er felt slightly embarrassed, ‘What was I thinking about just now? Brother-in-law, he clearly regarded Ruolan as a child.’

As a woman, Bing Xue’er realized that Miao Ruolan seemed to have a strange affection for Song Qingshu. In addition, she had recently experienced Song Qingshu’s “wicked” side, and she was afraid that something would happen between the two of them. And, when Miao Ruolan grew up, she might regret it for life.

Now that it was confirmed that Song Qingshu was not as wicked as she had imagined, Bing Xue’er subconsciously stuck out her tongue and thought, ‘Maybe it’s because of my recent…experience that I forgot that my Brother-in-law is actually a gentleman?’

Unlike Bing Xue’er who was full of worries, Miao Ruolan quietly put her face on Song Qingshu’s shoulder and suddenly asked, “Big Brother, can you teach me martial arts?”

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