Chapter 385: Girl’s Thoughts (part 2)

Song Qingshu paused and said with a wry smile, “Your father was a very powerful martial artist, but he didn’t teach you a single technique. He did it to keep you away from all the grievances in the martial world.”

“I hate that I am useless. Not only was I unable help to my father in critical moment, but I also dragged him down.” Miao Ruolan’s expression darkened, and she looked like she was about to cry.

“Do you want revenge?” Song Qingshu asked in a deep voice.

“Yes…” Miao Ruolan nodded, her tone extremely firm, “I must avenge my father’s murder.”

“Lan’er, that man in black clothes is also this Big Brother’s enemy. Big Brother will help you take revenge.” Calculating old and new grudges together, Song Qingshu knew that he and Zhang Wuji would have a fight to the death sooner or later. Some people were destined to be lifelong enemies.

“That man is very good at martial arts. I can help Big Brother after learning martial arts!” Miao Ruolan tilted her head and thought for a while, but still didn’t waver in her determination to learn martial arts.

Song Qingshu smiled slightly, “Lan’er, if you want to learn martial arts. Big brother can teach you, but you must agree to one condition.”

Miao Ruolan looked delighted and excitedly said, “Not just one condition, even if it’s a hundred or a thousand, I will agree.”

Bing Xue’er was startled, thinking how could a girl say such things to a man casually? Moreover, she was very well aware of Song Qingshu’s wicked and cynical temperament, and was afraid that Song Qingshu would make some shocking request.

“I won’t ask for that many conditions.” Song Qingshu smiled, “There is only one condition, and that is, Lan’er, you must not live in hatred in the future, otherwise your father will definitely be sad.”

Hearing his words, Miao Ruolan couldn’t help but feel her heart tremble, and an inexplicable emotion appeared in her eyes. After a long silence, she suddenly nodded heavily, “Alright, since Big Brother said so, Lan’er will definitely do it.”

“No need to be so serious.” Song Qingshu laughed, “Lan’er, what kind of martial arts do you want to learn first?”

Miao Ruolan looked troubled, “I don’t know anything about martial arts, so I don’t know what to learn first.”

“Hmmm…” Song Qingshu thought for a moment, “Why don’t I teach Lan’er a set of movement technique first? After you learn it, you won’t be tainted with murderous intent, but will also have the ability to protect yourself.”

“Okay, okay!” Miao Ruolan clapped her hands excitedly.

Song Qingshu handed Miao Ruolan into Bing Xue’er’s arms and sorted out his thoughts a little, “I know a total of four kinds of movement techniques. I will show them one by one. Lan’er, you can choose which one you like to learn.”

“Yes.” Miao Ruolan nodded, staring at him intently, for fear of missing a detail.

“The first one is the Gecko Climbing the Tree.” Song Qingshu stood between two towering trees, jumped up, tapped his toes on one tree trunk, and moved his whole body towards the other tree like a feather. However, just when he was about to collide, his toes hit the tree again. In that way, he flew to the top of the tree following a zigzag trajectory.

After jumping down from the tree, Song Qingshu explained to Miao Ruolan, “The essence of the Gecko Climbing the Tree is the use of force. It is an indispensable weapon for flying over eaves and walls.”

Miao Ruolan wrinkled her nose and shook her head slightly, “The name is really unpleasant, Lan’er doesn’t like it.”

Bing Xue’er couldn’t help but chuckle, and Song Qingshu awkwardly touched his nose, “The name is indeed a bit inelegant, and it is not suitable for our Miss Lan to practice. How about this, Lan’er, how about taking a look at the Cloud-Ascending Ladder?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Song Qingshu shot up into the sky like a sharp arrow. When he saw that he was about to fall, his whole body jumped up more than ten feet out of thin air.

After Song Qingshu fell down, he explained, “For vertical leaps, no movement technique in the world can compare to Wudang’s Cloud-Ascending Ladder.”

“This is beautiful, Lan’er wants to learn it.” Miao Ruolan’s eyes were filled with brilliance.

“Does it really look good?” Song Qingshu was confused, “There are also two other kinds of movement technique. You can decide which one to learn after you see them.”

Miao Ruolan hurriedly nodded, Song Qingshu quietly transmitted a message in secret, and said to Bing Xue’er, “You should also take a good look, and I will teach you when we have the time.”

Bing Xue’er’s cheeks felt hot, but she also understood that the other party wanted to give her more self-protection skills. She was moved and gently nodded her head.

“The Slithering Snake Jumping Raccoon Technique comes from the Nine Yin Scripture. It is very useful for moving to dodge enemy attacks during a fight.”

Seeing Song Qingshu lying on the ground and rolling around strangely, Miao Ruolan quickly shouted, “Stop, stop, stop! Lan’er doesn’t want to learn this.”

Song Qingshu shrugged, as if he had known that it would turn out like that, and continued to transmit the secret message to Bing Xue’er, “I knew that Ruolan would definitely refuse to learn this, and the reason why I still showed it was to let you learn. After all, you often fight with people, and learning this might allow you to avoid a fatal blow at some point in the future.”

Seeing Bing Xue’er carefully nodding her head, Song Qingshu turned around and looked at Miao Ruolan, “The last movement technique is called the Traceless Sand Treading Steps.” As soon as he finished speaking, his whole body shot forwards like a cannonball that was fired from the barrel. Then he tiptoed on the tree trunk about ten feet away, and quickly turned back. The whole process happened in a blink of an eye.

“When it comes to straight-line sprinting, the Traceless Sand Treading Steps is undoubtedly the best in the world.” Song Qingshu looked proud, thinking that Miao Ruolan would definitely choose to learn it.

Unexpectedly, Miao Ruolan pouted and said, “No.”

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