Chapter 386: When I Grow Up (part 1)

“Eh?” Song Qingshu’s smile froze, “Why?”

“If I run so fast, my hair and clothes will all be messed up. It damages the dignity of a young woman. Lan’er doesn’t want it.” Miao Ruolan twirled her fingers solemnly and remarked on the shortcomings of the Traceless Sand Treading Steps.

Hearing Miao Ruolan’s confident words, Bing Xue’er couldn’t help but cover her mouth and chuckle. 

Song Qingshu was left dumbfounded and cursed in his heart, ‘How on earth did that guy Miao Renfeng raise his daughter?’

“Okay, then let me teach you the Cloud-Ascending Ladder.” Song Qingshu was speechless and explained the formula of the Cloud-Ascending Ladder to Miao Ruolan in detail.

Although Miao Ruolan was young, she was very smart and she quickly understood what Song Qingshu was talking about. In addition, Song Qingshu came from a modern era and he particularly pursued the understanding of various martial arts principles. His detailed and easy to understand examples made it easy for Miao Ruolan to comprehend the core principles of the technique.

“Why can I only jump so short?” Miao Ruolan pouted, with an angry look on her face. Although she had injured her feet, she felt that she had understood what Song Qingshu had just taught her, but the result made her extremely frustrated.

“That’s because you don’t have any internal energy in your body,” Song Qingshu smiled and touched the top of her head, then explained, “You will have to learn how to cultivate internal energy. The higher the internal energy, the better your movement technique will be.”

Miao Ruolan’s depressed expression disappeared and she excitedly spoke up, “Okay, okay! Big Brother, please teach Lan’er the method you practice.”

Song Qingshu stretched out his hand, picked her up and said awkwardly as he hurried on, “I’m afraid the internal strength that Big Brother is best at is not suitable for you to practice.” 

Although the Joyful Meditation Method was the most profound internal energy cultivation method in Tantric Bud*hism, it’s outward characteristics made it seem too much like an evil method. So, if he tried to explain it to a pure minded young lady like Miao Ruolan, wouldn’t it taint her ears?

“Why?” Miao Ruolan blinked her big bright eyes and looked at him with an innocent gaze.

Song Qingshu hesitated and didn’t know how to answer, but Bing Xue’er’s face turned red. She had personally learned Song Qingshu’s technique, and the whole process was immensely embarrassing when she thought about it.

“Lan’er, dear, you are not old enough to practice that method now, so let your Big Brother teach you something easy to learn first.” As she saw Song Qingshu hesitating, Bing Xue’er quickly came to Song Qingshu’s rescue.

“So that’s how it is…” Miao Ruolan looked disappointed, but quickly cheered up again, “Then when I am old enough, Big Brother will teach me that method right?.”

Bing Xue’er’s vision went dark and she almost fell over. 

Song Qingshu smiled, “We’ll talk about that later. The internal energy cultivation method that Big Brother will teach you is called the Nine Yin Scripture. It is one of the best methods in existence. It is also a Yin based method, so its characteristics are more suitable for women to practice.”

Saying that Song Qingshu began to explain the general principles of the method.

“Lan’er has never learned martial arts before. If you teach her this advanced internal energy cultivation method all at once, will it not be too difficult for her?” Bing Xue’er said worriedly.

Song Qingshu explained, “It will indeed be difficult for her to understand the contents of the Nine Yin Scripture. That’s why I won’t teach her the entire scripture. Instead, I will only teach her the trajectory of the internal Qi of the Nine Yin Scripture. As long as she remembers that route, and practices diligently every day, it won’t be difficult for her to reach the state of learning, but if she wants to achieve great s uccess, she can only wait until she grows up and slowly understands it.”

“By the way, you should learn it as well. The Jade Heart Sutra of your Ancient Tomb Sect is too dangerous, and it can easily lead to death. It’s quite inconveninent, so you shouldn’t continue on that path.”

Bing Xue’er shook her head slightly, her tone remained gentle but her attitude was firm, “I told you before why I didn’t want to learn it. Our founder was able to equal Wang Chongyang, the number one martial artist at the time with the Jade Heart Sutra. So I believe that after practicing it to perfection, it may not be worse than the Nine Yin Scripture.”

“Then so be it…” Song Qingshu suddenly showed a hint of ambiguity on his face, and he leaned into her ear and said, “Last time, we were interrupted while practicing the Jade Heart Sutra, and it failed as a result. Should we continue out practice?”

“No!” Bing Xue’er bit her lip, “Next time I will ask my junior sister to practice with me. It’s all your fault for making her leave.”

A picture emerged in Song Qingshu’s mind. Two stunning, country toppling beauties practicing internal energy next to each other without any strands on their bodies… 

‘Wait, why is my nose feeling itchy?’

“Big Brother, when will you start teaching me the internal energy cultivation method?” As the two were flirting, Xiao Ruolan, who was left alone, suddenly became bored.

Bing Xue’er came back to her senses and couldn’t help but glare at Song Qingshu, “I’ll go to the front to explore the way first. You can teach Xiao Ruolan well.”

Song Qingshu knew that Bing Xue’er didn’t want to hear the formula of the Nine Yin Scripture, so she was using the opportunity to leave them alone, “Then you should be careful.”

“Don’t worry, my Young Junior Sister can defeat the Mongolian State Teacher. No matter how weak I am compared to her, I can at least protect myself.” Seeing that Song Qingshu was treating her like a porcelain doll, Bing Xue’er suddenly became a little dissatisfied.

Song Qingshu also realized that he was worrying too much. 

Bing Xue’er’s martial arts was not bad in the first place. Although there was not much mention of her martial arts in the original novel, she was described to use a silk ribbon to beat a group of young people from Heavenly Dragon Cult to the ground. And, she could even fight on par with Miao Renfeng.

Even Hu Yidao didn’t see the flaw in Miao Renfeng’s swordsmanship, so it seemed that Bing Xueer’s martial arts was at least on the same level of Hu Yidao.

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