Chapter 386: When I Grow Up (part 2)

In the past, Song Qingshu had taught Bing Xue’er the White Python Whip Technique, and it increased her strength quite a lot. So the current Bing Xue’er could be considered a first-class martial arts master in the world. 

And now, even if she encountered those so-called master-level figures, with the top movement technique of the Ancient Tomb Sect, she shouldn’t have any problems with self-protection.

“Big Brother, do you like my aunt?”

Seeing that Song Qingshu’s eyes were always paying attention to Bing Xue’er’s retreating back, Miao Ruolan tilted her head and asked.

“Children shouldn’t talk nonsense.” No matter how thick-skinned Song Qingshu was, he wouldn’t dare to admit the close relationship between the two in front of Miao Ruolan. After all, the relationship between the Hu and Miao families were somewhat special, and Bing Xue’er was the widow of the Hu family.

“I feel relieved now.” Miao Ruolan breathed a sigh of relief.

Song Qingshu asked strangely, “What were you worried about?”

“It’s nothing…” Miao Rulan lowered her head, as a mysterious blush flashed across her face. Then suddenly, she raised her head and asked, “Big Brother, will I marry you when I grow up?”

“Eh, what did you just say?” Song Qingshu was suddenly lost for words.

“Forget it if you didn’t hear clearly…” Miao Ruolan’s small and delicate face showed a charming flush, “Big Brother, let’s start learning the method.”

“Oh, alright.” Song Qingshu agreed as he thought in his head, ‘Why is this little girl’s mind full of such complicated matters? I really have to find a way to dispel her thoughts. I mean, I can’t just tell her that I can’t marry you because I am sleeping with your mother…’

Shaking his head, Song Qingshu emptied his mind of the complicated thoughts. Then he slowly spoke up with a calm expression on his face, “Lan’er, because you have no foundation in martial arts and don’t know how to circulate Qi, I will be injecting a stream of my own True Qi into your body, and then I will control that True Qi to create a circulation path in your meridians. All you need to do is remember the order in which the True Qi flows through each acupuncture point, and study diligently in the future.”

“Yes.” Miao Ruolan hummed.

Song Qingshu looked around his surroundings. Although there were few people nearby, just to be on the safe side, he still jumped to a big tree with Miao Ruolan in his arms. That way, even if someone passed by later, it would be difficult for them to disturb the people on the tree above them.

Miao Ruolan felt the wind whistling in her ears, and before she could even realize what had happened, she was already standing on a tree branch several feet above the ground. Looking down, Miao Ruolan suddenly felt dizzy, her whole body swayed, and she was about to fall down.

“Be careful!” Song Qingshu quickly supported her.

With Song Qingshu by her side, Miao Ruolan suddenly felt an unprecedented sense of security. She hummed and replied, “Big Brother, I will close my eyes and stop looking down. Let’s get started.”

“Okay.” Song Qingshu stretched out his finger and pointed on Miao Ruolan’s vest, injecting a strand of his True Qi into her body.

Originally, because of practicing the Joyful Meditation Method, the Nine Yin Qi and Divine Brilliance Qi that Song Qingshu had previously practiced were all merged with the Joyful Qi and disappeared. However, not long ago, Song Qingshu understood the secret of virtual dantian, so he was now able to easily simulate the Nine Yin Qi as well.

Feeling a cold breath penetrate into her body, Miao Ruolan couldn’t help but groan.

Song Qingshu’s heart skipped a beat when he heard her groan, and he quickly woke up, then secretly berated himself, ‘You basta*d! How could you imagine such nasty things just by listening to the voice of such a young girl!’

“Lan’er, remember the path of the True Qi.” Song Qingshu quickly gathered his thoughts and carefully controlled the direction of the True Qi. 

Miao Ruolan was still quite young and she had very a delicate body. He could easily damage her meridians if he wasn’t being careful, so Song Qingshu couldn’t help but pay extra attention.

Miao Ruolan tried to endure it at first, but as time went by, the tingling feeling in her body became more and more obvious. She couldn’t bear it any longer and giggled, “Big Brother, Lan’er feels so itchy.”

Hearing her delicate and sweet breathing, Song Qingshu’s face became a little unnatural. He did not expect that Miao Ruolan’s body would be so sensitive. 

However, now that the arrow was on the string, he had no choice but to shoot. If he suddenly withdrew his True Qi, Miao Ruolan would probably suffer a lot. After thinking about it for a while, he could only say, “I will try to slow down the speed of the True Qi. Lan’er, calm down and focus on memorizing the route.”

“Yes, Lan’er will remember it well.” Miao Ruolan’s pretty face turned red and her whole body slightly trembled. 

However, she was young and quite strong-minded. So she quickly calmed down and began to work hard to memorize the acupuncture points through which the True Qi was flowing.

The process made Song Qingshu feel utterly miserable, as Miao Ruolan’s gentle panting from time to time made him extremely uneasy. 

In order to make Miao Ruolan remember as much as possible, he planned to guide the True Qi in her body for three circulations, but as soon as he finished the first circulation, he hurriedly withdrew his fingers and asked with an unnatural expression, “Do you remember Lan’er?”

“I only remember a small part.” Miao Ruolan said timidly, feeling a little embarrassed, and fearing that Song Qingshu would blame her, “How about Big Brother let the True Qi circulate in Lan’er’s body again, so that I can remember it.”

‘This is going to kill me!’

Of course, this time, Song Qingshu wouldn’t be as reckless as before, so he quickly comforted the little girl,

“Lan’er, don’t worry, you didn’t know anything about meridians and acupuncture points before. You just listened to my hurried explanation just now, and it’s already pretty good if you can remember less than half of it. We will try again after you become more familiar with the acupuncture points and meridians of the human body.”

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