Chapter 387: The Martial Dream

“Thank you, Big Brother.” Miao Ruolan smiled brightly, her eyes bent like crescent moons.

“As long as you remember the path of the True Qi, you can cultivate your internal strength every day, then gradually nourish and strengthen the True Qi I injected into your body. With enough practice little Lan’er can become a martial arts master in the future.” Looking at it. Miao Ruolan’s innocent face made Song Qingshu feel a gentle and doting feeling in his heart.

“I’m not that young. In two or three years, I will be old enough to get married.” Miao Ruolan pouted and said with a dissatisfied expression.

“That’s nonsense!” 

‘I don’t know who decided that girls should be allowed to get married at such a young age. Their bodies are clearly not mature. Moreover, once pregnant, the child is prone to die and the mother is prone to dystocia. It’s really unreasonable.’ Song Qingshu was immediately filled with indignation. 

In his previous world, women had to be at least twenty years old before they could get married. Although there were family planning reasons, at least the woman’s physiological development was fully considered. In this world, people could get married at the age of twelve and have children at every turn. It was really damaging to a woman’s body.

‘Considering that this world is constantly at war and men are scarce, I know that it would be unrealistic to require women to wait till twenty years old before getting married like the modern age. But no matter what, the marriageable age should at least be sixteen years old…ah no, eighteen!’

Miao Ruolan looked at Song Qingshu’s angry expression in confusion, and said in a low voice, “For thousands of years, women have been able to get married at this age.”


Song Qingshu almost fell down. The values ​​of the two worlds made it difficult for him to change his mind so quickly. “Forget it, let’s not think about this problem for now. Let’s go to the front to find your aunt now.”

“Yes.” Miao Ruolan nodded obediently.

“Hold on.” Song Qingshu picked up Miao Ruolan and ran in the direction where Bing Xue’er had disappeared.

Not long after, they found Bing Xue’er hurriedly returning from the front. Song Qingshu stopped and asked, “Bing…Sister-in-law, did something happen in front?”

In front of Miao Ruolan, Song Qingshu and Bing Xue’er were naturally embarrassed to show too much intimacy. 

At the moment Miao Ruolan was immersed in the wonderful feeling of leaning on Song Qingshu’s arms, her little face was red with excitement, so she didn’t notice that the two people’s expression’s were a bit unnatural.

Bing Xue’er obviously understood what he meant, and said in a slightly lively but gentle voice, “Brother-in-law, there are two groups of people confronting each other in front. The argument is very fierce, and they look like they are going to fight at any time.”

“Oh? What a dangerous world. You encounter fights and conflicts at every turn…” Song Qingshu sighed with emotion, “By the way, does Sister-in-law know who they are?”

Bing Xue’er frowned and carefully thought, “It feels like the martial arts of both sides are ordinary. There is a middle-aged man who seems to exude the aura of a master. It sounds like they are arguing about King Gui of the Tang Dynasty. He should belong to one of the anti-Qing factions.”

“Let’s go and have a look.” Song Qingshu said in a deep voice. 

Now that the world was in chaos and foreigners were raging on their lands, all the Han people should unite. It would be a waste to allow these righteous men to kill each other and create blood feuds amongst themselves.

Holding Miao Ruolan in his arms and Bing Xue’er by his side, Song Qingshu thought of a popular trope in the various webnovels in his previous world— a handsome man, carrying a heavy sword on his back, holding a little girl in his arms, with a giant eagle as his mount.

There just so happened to be a little girl with a soft body and a soft voice in his arms. Although there was no black iron heavy sword on his back, he had the Wooden Sword from the lineage of Dugu Qiubai. As for the giant eagle, Song Qingshu glanced at Bing Xue’er next to him, ‘Hmmm…I’m also “mounting” her anyway, so the difference shouldn’t be that big.’

Noticing the strange look in Song Qingshu’s eyes, Bing Xue’er touched her cheek and asked doubtfully, “Is there something dirty on my face? Why are yous staring at me like that?”

“How can there be dirt on your face? It must be because Big Brother thought that aunt is beautiful and couldn’t help but take a sneak peek. And you caught him in the act.” Miao Ruolan chuckled, casually adding to the chaos.

“Kid, don’t talk nonsense.” Bing Xue’er’s face turned red, but she agreed with Miao Ruolan’s guess in her heart.

Song Qingshu guiltily looked away and smiled. If Bing Xue’er knew what he was thinking, she would definitely get angry. There would be no chance for him to…‘mount’ on her again.

As the three of them moved forward using their movement technique, it didn’t take long before a small clearing appeared not far away. 

Two groups of people were confronting each other, and the sounds of quarreling could be heard from time to time.

The leader on the left was about twenty-five or six years old. He was tall and thin, handsome, with a dark face, and was surrounded by more than a dozen heroes.

Noticing a gorgeous woman standing behind him, Song Qingshu was startled, ‘Isn’t that Fang Yi?’

If he hadn’t suddenly seen her now, Song Qingshu would have almost forgotten about the woman. To be honest, because of her image as the scheming bit*h in the original work, Song Qingshu didn’t have any good impressions of Fang Yi. If he hadn’t been forced by Su Quan on the way to the Mystic Dragon Island, he would never have slept with her.

After doing the deed, Song Qingshu actually regretted it quite a lot, so when Fang Yi later proposed that she wanted to find the missing princess Mu Jianping, he had no intention of holding her back and allowed her to leave.

There was another girl next to Fang Yi. She had light eyebrows and long eyelashes, a small mouth and a straight nose, a really beautiful face, coupled with an innocent look on her face. 

Song Qingshu judged that this must be Mu Jianping, the youngest princess of Prince Mu’s Mansion. And the young man at the front should be Mu Jiansheng, the young master of Prince Mu’s Mansion.

Song Qingshu thought to himself, ‘Which force is Prince Mu’s Mansion in conflict with?’ 

Looking to the right, he saw that they were also a mighty group of people, and their faces were filled with the air of martial arts masters. However, in Song Qingshu’s eyes, they were just a group of low-level thug.

On the contrary, the bearded middle-aged man in front seemed to have practiced some kind of internal skills. Judging from his posture, he seemed to be the bodyguard of the young master next to him. 

This young master was handsome, and it was unclear what kind of influence he belonged to.

The young master loudly said, “Kill all the invaders, and the Emperor’s descendant shall return to the Dragon Court.”

Mu Jiansheng replied in a deep voice, “The Emperor had passed on, leaving only a young prince behind. He is actually a wise man, and he is currently living in seclusion in the mountains.”

The young master sneered and said in a sinister tone, “Only the deserving have the right to rule.”

Song Qingshu suddenly realized that this young master was from the Zheng family in Taiwan. Judging from his appearance, he should be the handsome and rich Zheng Keshuang who competed with Wei Xiaobao for Ake in “The De*er and the Cauldron” and almost ended up as the winner.

Talking about Ake, Song Qingshu suddenly remembered that Wu Sangui had sent her to the palace and presented her to Kangxi. But now that Kangxi was dead, Ake had become a hot potato.

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