Chapter 389: Guilt

“Who are you?” Everyone from Prince Mu’s Mansion and Prince Yanping’s Mansion looked at Song Qingshu and his party with caution. 

It had to be known that they were now in the sphere of influence of the Qing Dynasty, and what they were talking about was a major matter of rebellion. If this newcomer was someone related to the Qing Court, it might spell disaster for the two factions.

“We are just passing by, so don’t mind us, you can continue.” Song Qingshu didn’t seem to care and smiled slightly.

Zheng Keshuang withdrew his greedy gaze, and decided to show off his power in front of Bing Xue’er. He sneered and ordered Feng Xifan, “He is acting suspiciously. He might be the Qing Court’s dog! Master Feng, take him down.”

Although Feng Xifan looked down on Zheng Keshuang a little in his heart, his prosperity and wealth were all tied to him, so he obeyed Zheng Keshuang’s words. 

Currently Zheng Jing from the Prince Yanping’s Mansion favored Chen Jinnan, and Chen Jinnan was the supporter of the eldest son Zheng Kezang. Once Zheng Kezang succeeded the position of family head, Feng Xifan would lose his chance to trample Chen Jinnan under his feet. So he wanted to make Zheng Keshuang become the leader of the Prince Yanping’s Mansion.

Seeing that Song Qingshu was about to suffer a disaster, the little princess Mu Jianping let out a sigh. Taking Bai Hansong’s incident into account, the kind-hearted princess didn’t want to see this stranger suffer a sudden disaster.

Fang Yi quickly grabbed Mu Jianping’s hand and whispered, “Don’t worry, little princess, Feng Xifan is going to suffer now.”

Mu Jianping looked at Fang Yi strangely and asked, “Heh? Senior Sister, how do you know?” 

Fang Yi’s face turned red and she muttered, “I know, I just know, you don’t have to care how I know.”

“Oh~” Mu Jianping said with a knowing expression and a sweet voice, “Senior Sister must know this person.”

Fang Yi’s face turned even redder, thinking that she knew more than just that.

Mu Jianping noticed Fang Yi’s expression, and the girl’s desire for gossip drove her to continue asking, “Senior Sister, did you two…”

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Fang Yi’s expression changed. She was still a servant of Prince Mu’s Mansion in name. Without her mistress’s consent, she couldn’t fall in love with other men, let alone have a private life.

“I know that Senior Sister has always disliked Xiaobao. This man is more handsome than Xiaobao.” Mu Jianping looked understanding.

Mu Jianping’s previous favorable impression of Wei Xiaobao was based on a young girl’s admiration for a strong man. Strictly speaking, there was no love between them at all. In addition, as the relationship between the two parties was starting to warm up, Mu Jianping was captured and taken to the Mystic Dragon Island. The two were far apart, and there was no news from Wei Xiaobao, so the feelings in her heart slowly faded away. (G: She is one of the female leads of the De*er and the Cauldron.)

When Hongli sent an army to get rid of the Mystic Dragon Island, Mu Jianping was sent to other islands to perform tasks, and was rescued back by people from Prince Mu’s Mansion who got the news. Later, when Fang Yi and everyone in Prince Mu’s Mansion gathered together, Mu Jianping found out that Wei Xiaobao had died a long time ago. She cried in sadness for several days, but with Fang Yi’s constant comfort, Mu Jianping gradually let go of the budding feelings. She became the carefree and happy little princess she once was.

Hearing Mu Jianping mention Wei Xiaobao, Fang Yi couldn’t hide the disgust on her face, “Don’t mention that person again, let’s focus on how that Feng will suffer.”

As expected, it quickly diverted the attention of the innocent Mu Jianping. She had seen Bai Hansong die under Feng Xifan’s sword with her own eyes, so she was extremely angry. After hearing how confident her Senior Sister was, she also expected Song Qingshu to teach the vile man a lesson.

Looking at Feng Xifan who was gradually walking towards him, Song Qingshu smiled slightly, “Hmm, so you claim to be the One Sword Thrust that Draws No Blood?”

Currently, Song Qingshu’s martial arts had returned to its origin, so Feng Xifan couldn’t feel the aura of a master from him. Seeing that he was still holding a little girl in one hand, Feng Xifan didn’t take him seriously in his heart. Naturally, he had no intention of talking to him and just wanted to end the matter as soon as possible.

With a flash of sword light, Feng Xifan stabbed towards a fatal point on Song Qingshu’s body. However, the opponent’s figure seemed to slightly tilt to one side, and his sword actually missed the target.

Seeing that the tip of Feng Xifan’s long sword had stopped half an inch away from Song Qingshu’s chest, Zheng Keshuang thought that Feng Xifan was showing mercy. He was a little surprised at why the ruthless master had suddenly changed his nature. 

Zheng Keshuang’s plan was to let Feng Xifan restrain Song Qingshu, and the beautiful woman would have to beg him to let her lover go. And then, he would…he he!

Thinking of the wonderful things he would be able to enjoy, Zheng Keshuang ordered impatiently, “No need to show mercy, quickly capture him.”

Seeing that Zheng Keshuang had misunderstood him, Feng Xifan broke into a cold sweat. He already understood that the person in front of him was probably a master who was hiding his secrets.

However, Feng Xifan had always been confident in his swordsmanship. He didn’t use his full strength just now, and his opponent seemed quite overconfident as well. Not only was he not fighting back, but he also dared to hold a little girl in his hand. 

Feng Xifan has always adhered to the principle of taking advantage of the opponents weakness to kill them. His eyes flashed with a look of viciousness, and he wanted to take the opportunity to kill Song Qingshu with his sword.

Therefore, he executed three more sword strikes. Each strike was the pinnacle of his life in terms of speed, strength and angle. 

His opponent, on the other hand, remained unmoving, but his upper body kept shaking with a strange rhythm, which made him miss every strike.

The rest of the people in the scene originally thought that Feng Xifan was concerned about the little girl in the strangers hand, so he was showing mercy. Although Mu Jiansheng hated Feng Xifan in his heart, he felt a little admiration for him when he saw it.

Unexpectedly, after continuing to watch for a while, he realized that that was not the case. Feng Xifan’s expression was ferocious, and every sword strike was filled with murderous intent. He wasn’t holding back at all!

In that case, the young man holding the little girl must be a hidden master, that’s why he could easily dodge it every time.

Mu Jiansheng had heard Feng Xifan’s name for a long time, and had just seen his swordsmanship that killed people without blood. He knew that even if the people from Prince Mu’s Mansion swarmed him, they might not be able to defeat him. But this young man was treating Feng Xifan like a child. Just how hight was his martial arts realm?

“Senior Sister, it hurts.” Mu Jianping suddenly cried out in pain and glanced at Fang Yi. It seemed that Fang Yi was so anxious that she had grabbed Mu Jianping’s hand with a little too much force.

“Little Princess, I’m sorry.” Fang Yi hurriedly apologized, but her attention remained entirely on Song Qingshu. Although she knew that the other party was highly skilled in martial arts, but her heart still trembled when she saw Feng Xifan’s sword tip missing Song Qingshu’s body only by a slight distance.

Song Qingshu seemed unconcerned and extremely at ease, but his consciousness was monitoring everything around him, and Fang Yi’s expression naturally did not escape his notice.

Seeing that Fang Yi’s concern for him didn’t seem fake, Song Qingshu was moved in his heart, thinking that he might be too ruthless towards her. 

Fang Yi in the original The De*er and the Cauldron was indeed a capricious woman, who had harmed the protagonist Wei Xiaobao many times…but with Song Qingshu’s interference, things had changed quite a lot. 

Moreover, this was an entirely different world, and this Fang Yi had made completely different choices. 

‘Why should I make her pay for some mistakes that never happened?’

In the original novel, Fang Yi, who was prideful and arrogant, looked down on the wretched and despicable Wei Xiaobao, so she betrayed him several times. 

‘I am not Wei Xiaobao. I have the confidence to make her devote herself to me wholeheartedly.’

As for Fang Yi’s scheming nature, that was something common for a woman. 

Huang Rong also used to be quite vicious when she was young, but after she got married, didn’t she also become more tame?

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