Chapter 390: Taking a Life for a Life

When Song Qingshu looked at Fang Yi, he couldn’t help but feel guilty. 

Fang Yi noticed his remorseful gaze, and the resentment accumulated in her heart gradually disappeared. Then suddenly, she found that Feng Xifan was stabbing at her beloved with another sword strike, and she couldn’t help but exclaim with anxiety, “Careful!”

It turned out that Feng Xifan was overjoyed when he saw that Song Qingshu was suddenly distracted during the fight. So he quickly stabbed at Miao Ruolan in Song Qingshu’s arms with his sword. He now clearly understood that Song Qingshu’s martial arts realm was way too high, so attacking him directly would be all but useless. However, if he could catch the opponent off guard, it might be possible to hurt him.

If he aimed for the little girl in the opponent’s arms, the opponent would definitely try to rescue her. Saving someone else and saving oneself were two completely different matter. Saving oneself was all based on instinct, and there would be less flaws in their movements and reactions, but there would be more flaws while the opponent was trying to save another person. Feng Xifan was waiting for exactly that opportunity.

Noticing Feng Xifan’s actions, Song Qingshu immediately understood what he was thinking, and he became furious. 

‘I didn’t want to help any side, but you’re forcing my hand. So, don’t blame me for your own death.’

With that thought, Song Qingshu stretched out his palm to block the tip of the sword. 

Feng Xifan was immediately overjoyed, and thought to himself, ‘You want to block the swords with your hand? Such stupidity!’

So he used all his strengths to pierce the opponent’s palm. However, the moment the sword tip connected with the palm, it felt as if he had hit a iron wall, and he was unable to move forward at all.

Song Qingshu coldly snorted, and gently moved his palm forward, breaking Feng Xifan’s long sword inch by inch as if it was a rotten piece of wood.

Feng Xifan, on the other hand, felt as if his chest had been hit by a heavy hammer. He couldn’t circulate his internal energy at all, and his whole body went numb, as he stood stunned on the spot.

Song Qingshu didn’t give Feng Xifan’s another chance, and leisurely tapped his Tanzhong acupoint with his fingers, as he coldly said, “You should also have a taste of killing without blood.”

The potent True Qi destroyed Feng Xifan’s vitality in an instant. His face turned red, his throat rattled, the life in his eyes gradually disappeared, and he finally fell to the ground.

Seeing Feng Xifan fall to the ground, Zheng Keshuang was shocked, but he didn’t take it seriously. He ordered his subordinates to help him up. 

One of the subordinates ran ahead to check, then sighed, and stammered, “Second Young Master, Feng… Master Feng…he is…”

“Feng what? You imbecile!” Zheng Keshuang was already very angry, and when he saw that his subordinates were stunned still, he became furious.

“Master Feng is dead!”

As soon as these words came out, the scene suddenly fell into a strange silence, and even the people in Prince Mu’s Mansion looked incredulous. 

Just a minute ago, Feng Xifan was still here showing off his power, and he died just like that?


The tea cup in Zheng Keshuang’s hand fell to the ground. He was the first to react because he knew that his subordinates would never dare to deceive him. If they said that Feng Xifan was dead, then he really was dead!

Thinking of how Feng Xifan had dominated all his opponents so many times before, Zheng Keshuang felt a chill run down his back. He finally understood that he might have offended someone he shouldn’t have offended.

“You…you actually killed Master Feng. You…do you know who I am?” Zheng Keshuang said with a serious expression.

“Why can’t I kill him? He just killed Master Bai from Prince Mu’s Mansion. It’s quite fair to pay for one life with another one.” Song Qingshu thought that he would be offending the Prince Yanping’s Mansion anyways, so he might as well take the opportunity to leave a good impression on Prince Mu’s Mansion.

In fact, from Song Qingshu’s point of view, the Prince Mu’s Mansion was now in decline, and it was far less valuable than the Prince Yanping’s Mansion. However, after just a brief contact, Song Qingshu understood that he and Zheng Keshuang were incompatible, and they were destined to be enemies. So it would be better to get along with Prince Mu’s Mansion, not to mention that Fang Yi also belonged to their side.

Sure enough, after hearing what Song Qingshu said, everyone in Prince Mu’s Mansion looked grateful, especially Bai Hansong’s younger brother Bai Hanfeng and Mu Jiansheng.

The reason why Mu Jiansheng was so grateful was because he knew that it would’ve been difficult for them to kill Feng Xifan to avenge his men with their own strength. Under his leadership, everyone in Prince Mu’s Mansion has been striving for the illusory goal of countering the Qing Dynasty and restoring the Ming Dynasty for many years. But, there was no possibility of success at all. 

Their morale was already quite low, and now, if he failed to avenge Bai Hansong, it might as well be the last thing that broke the camel’s back. It would be a huge blow to his prestige, and Prince Mu’s Mansion might fall apart.

However, now that Song Qingshu had killed Feng Xifan, he had solved a potential crisis for him. How could Mu Jiansheng not be happy?

Fang Yi’s eyes began to sparkle. In her opinion, Song Qingshu was doing all this for her sake. Otherwise, why would he risk offending the Prince Yanping’s Mansion and kill Feng Xifan, considering that he had no prior friendship with Prince Mu’s Mansion at all.

Mu Jianping’s face lit up, her cherry mouth opened wide, and she murmured, “Senior Sister, your friend’s martial arts skills are so good!”

Song Qingshu didn’t expect that he would garner so many good relationships at once. He just looked at Zheng Keshuang coldly and said, “I know that you are the second son of the head of the Prince Yanping’s Mansion. I admire his heroic deeds in the past, so I won’t hurt his descendants. Just scram.”

“Who are you? Do you dare to tell me your name, the Prince Yanping’s Mansion will settle the account in the future.”

Zheng Keshuang understood that with the opponent’s martial arts, if the man wanted to take his life, the group of “masters” around him wouldn’t be able to stop him at all. But when he heard Song Qingshu’s words, he breathed a sigh of relief and felt that he would be able to escape alive. So he couldn’t help but say a few words to save some face.

A sarcastic smile appeared on Song Qingshu’s face, “Song Qingshu, I’ll be waiting for you at any time.”

Zheng Keshuang’s face immediately turned pale. 

Feng Xifan was considered the best master in the Prince Yanping’s Mansion but the man in front of him was in a league of his own. In the past two years, Song Qingshu was recognized as the number one master in the Qing Dynasty, and one of the most powerful in the world!

Under Sang Feihong’s arrangement, many of her sisters from the Five Lakes Sect sang songs on the streets and publicized Song Qingshu’s deeds.

What’s more, Song Qingshu had defeated many famous martial arts masters, which was also promoted by the members of the Five Lakes Sect. In the hearts of people in the world who didn’t know the truth, Song Qingshu had the qualification to become the best martial arts master in the world.

Zheng Keshuang belonged to the kind of people in the world who didn’t know the truth. In addition, he saw the usually invincible Feng Xifan killed by him with his own eyes, which deepened the fear in his heart. He knew that he might not be able to get revenge at all even if he tried. So he dejectedly ordered his subordinates to retreat and left.

Mu Jiansheng took the opportunity to step forward and respectfully saluted, “Your Excellency turns out to be the righteous Master Song who attempted to assassinate the false emperor Kangxi. This Mu has admired you for a long time.” 

The Prince Mu’s Mansion had always believed that the Qing Dynasty had stolen the throne of the Ming Dynasty, so they had never recognized Emperor Kangxi as a true emperor.
Mu Jiansheng was praising him not for his martial arts, but for his reputation for “failed attempt” in assassinating Kangxi, and it made Song Qingshu feel quite emotional, ‘These people from the Prince Mu’s Mansion are indeed righteous people who continues to fight against the Qing Dynasty. Their martial arts talents may not be high, but their spirit is worthy of respect.’

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