Chapter 392: Thoughts Between Women (part 2)

“Hush, don’t talk nonsense. It’d be terrible if someone heard it.” Song Qingshu looked around warily and said with a smile.

“But if this happens, what will Head Zhou of Emei do?” Bing Xue’er suddenly asked.

“Zhou Zhiruo?” Song Qingshu was startled and soon got a headache, “I’ll look for the road once I’m at the foot of the mountain; let’s talk about it later.”

“You are finally experiencing the trouble of  having too many women.” A gentle smile appeared on the corner of Bing Xue’er’s lips.

Song Qingshu nodded, “It would be great if all women were like my Sister-in-law.”

Bing Xue’er couldn’t help but blush, stretched out her finger and gently poked his head, “You can be so lucky.”

“By the way, there’s something I want to tell you.” Song Qingshu’s tone suddenly turned serious.

“What’s the matter…why are you acting so serious?” Bing Xue’er noticed the change in Song Qingshu’s expression and suddenly asked in confusion.

“What Sister-in-law just said about rebelling against the Qing Dynasty is actually not accurate. To be honest, I will be rebelling against myself…” 

In response to Bing Xue’er’s confused look, Song Qingshu began to explain his previous plan to assassinate Kangxi in Shengjing and then his time in disguise as his replacement, along with a series of subsequent plans.

As Song Qingshu explained, Bing Xue’er’s mouth opened wider and wider, “It’s incredible!”

The whole thing seemed like a fantasy to her. If she hadn’t known that Song Qingshu wouldn’t lie to her, she would never have believed that the dignified Qing Emperor had been replaced by a different person.

After finally digesting all the information, Bing Xue’er’s expression turned complicated, “Brother-in-law, this matter is of great importance. You don’t actually need to tell me.”

Song Qingshu looked at her and gently said, “Sister-in-law, when I was at my most desperate and lowest, your appearance was like the first ray of sunshine that shined into my dark life. You protected me all the way and accompanied me to find a way to heal…if I don’t even trust you, then who can I trust?”

Listening to him talk about his feelings for her, Bing Xue’er became more and more moved and couldn’t help but lean into his arms, “When I first met you, I never thought that I would be so entangled with your life. You really are the bane of my life.”

After the conversation, no barrier remained between the two lovers, and they talked about love along the way. 

Alas, all things had to end, and they soon arrived at the inn where they had agreed to meet Xia Qingqing.

After marking the designated place, Song Qingshu returned to the room and breathed a sigh of relief, “Now it’s time for Qingqing to come find me after dark.”

Bing Xue’er looked at him with a strange expression, “I really wonder if you have any special preferences. Why do you like to seduce other people’s wives so much.”

Song Qingshu said with a sour look “Don’t use such an ugly word as seduction, okay? It’s obvious that we are in love. Can you tell me with your conscience, did I seduce you?”

Bing Xue’er stretched out her hand, put it on his left chest, and nodded solemnly, “Yes!”

Song Qingshu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and made a fierce look, “Since you said so, then I will seduce you even more.” 

After saying that, he rushed over and held her in his arms.

Feeling the naughty hands reaching into her clothes, Bing Xue’er suddenly panicked, “Don’t…Miss Xia is coming soon!”

“There’s still some time before dark, and we have more than enough time.” Song Qingshu remarked, as he put his nose against her cheek.

Being held in her lover’s arms, Bing Xue’er couldn’t help but feel her body go soft, but a woman’s reservations made her still resist, “Ruolan…Ruolan is still here…”

“The child sleeps a lot. She is sleeping soundly. She wouldn’t know…” Song Qingshu glanced at Miao Ruolan, who was sleeping soundly, and said with a smile.

“Last time, Junior Sister knew about it. And if a child catches us this time, how will I live?” Bing Xue’er was obviously a little moved, but she was still frightened by the lessons learned from the past.

“Don’t worry, it won’t happen. With my skills, I will be able to detect Ruolan as soon as she wakes up.” Song Qingshu promised, patting his chest.

“Last time you noticed that Junior Sister was awake, so why didn’t you tell me?” Bing Xue’er remembered the hateful incident from last time.

“That situation was different…” Song Qingshu looked embarrassed, “I’m not that perve*ted to do it in front of a little girl.” After saying that, regardless of Bing Xue’er’s protests, he picked her up and walked to the bed.

Now that things were heating up, Bing Xue’er has no intention of resisting anymore. She buried her head in Song Qingshu’s arms and reminded, “ quick…”

Touching Bing Xue’er’s soft and supple body, Song Qingshu shook his head and smiled, “How can such a thing be quick?”

When Song Qingshu untied her dress, Bing Xue’er hurriedly held his hand and softly said, “Let’s leave it like this…otherwise it will take time to get dressed later.”

Song Qingshu laughed, “We are not having an affair, why should we be so secretive?”

Bing Xue’er remained silent, and firmly shook her head. When she heard that Xia Qingqing was also a widow, she immediately felt sympathy for her, and had already made up her mind to get along well with her fellow sister.

But what if Xia Qingqing came over early and happened to catch the two of them in the act? Wouldn’t it mean that she would end offending her as soon as they met? 

That’s why Bing Xue’er repeatedly begged Song Qingshu to make haste.

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