Chapter 393: The Twelve Factions

Seeing Bing Xue’er holding on to the hem of her skirt and not allowing him to take it off anymore, Song Qingshu smiled helplessly, “Well, it’s okay to just do it like this as well.” 

After saying that, he kissed her delicate red lips, and entered her wet cave. 

Unlike how she usually behaved, Bing Xue’er seemed quite active in this session. She had secretly made up her mind to make Song Qingshu reach his peak as soon as possible. So she began to sway her waist seductively, trying her best to tame the invading raging dragon inside her wetness. 

Song Qingshu didn’t expect Bing Xue’er to be so unrestrained. He could feel the love nectar overflowing from the secret garden of the beauty underneath him, as well as her grip on his shaft. In the end, the extreme stimulation proved to be too much for him, and it forced him to reach his peak much earlier than he wanted. 

So he couldn’t help but tightly hug her body and feigned anger, “You’re so insidious!”

Bing Xue’er gasped and then angrily pushed him away, “Aren’t you satisfied?”

Song Qingshu couldn’t help but admit, “It felt pretty good.”

“That should be enough…okay, now, hurry and clean up. Miss Xia might come anytime.” Bing Xue’er urged with a blushing face.

“It’s still early, how can she…” Before he could finish his words, Song Qingshu’s expression suddenly changed. He suddenly detected that Xia Qingqing was holding up her skirt and stomping upstairs.

“Uh, speak of the devil…” Song Qingshu’s expression turned strange and he began to hurriedly put on his clothes. He was not afraid of being seen by Xia Qingqing, but he was worried that it would hurt the other party’s heart.

Bing Xue’er’s face turned even more pale. She kicked Song Qingshu off the bed and hurriedly put on her clothes as well. Fortunately, she hadn’t take them off completely just now, and she was able to tidy up quite fast. Except for some wrinkles on her clothes, there was nothing suspicious about her.

“Brother Song…” Xia Qingqing ran in excitedly, but suddenly noticed that there were other women in the room, and her voice suddenly stopped.

Although the two had tidied up their clothes, it failed to fool Xia Qingqin’s eyes.

In the first place, a man and a woman staying behind closed doors in broad daylight was quite suspicious, and looking at the faint blush on Bing Xue’er’s fair face, how could she not realize what the two of them were you doing just now?

Xia Qingqin looked at Bing Xue’er carefully. Although the woman was a little older than her, she had a beautiful appearance and a graceful figure, especially her temperament that seemed as pure as crystalline ice. 

As a woman, even Xia Qingqing had to admit her charm, and she suddenly felt a little sour in her heart.

While Xia Qingqing was looking at Bing Xue’er, Bing Xue’er was also looking at Xia Qingqing. Seeing her beautiful appearance, especially the faint charm between her eyebrows, Bing Xue’er thought that it was no wonder that Song Qingshu was so obsessed with this woman.

As the two women continued to stare at each other, the room fell into a strange silence. 

Song Qingshu was feeling a headache, and quietly hit Miao Ruolan with a wisp of his True Qi.

Miao Ruolan woke up with a cry from the pain. She sat up sleepily and looked around. When she saw Xia Qingqing, she couldn’t help but wonder, “Big Brother, who is this beautiful Elder Sister?”

Song Qingshu almost hugged Miao Ruolan in glee, and thought in his heart, ‘Children are indeed the best tool to resolve awkward situations since they can’t read the room.’

Hearing Miao Ruolan’s words, Xia Qingqing felt quite pleased, and her tense face melted away. 

Song Qingshu coughed, “Let me introduce you two.This is Xia Qingqing, the wife of the former leader of the Golden Serpent Camp, Yuan Chengzhi. And, this is Bing Xue’er, the wife of the late Hero of Liaodong Hu Yidao, and this little girl is the orphan of Miao Renfeng, the Golden-faced Buddha.” 

‘A wife, a young girl, what a mess.’ Xia Qingqing had a strange look on her face as she secretly complained in her heart. And when Song Qingshu introduced Bing Xue’er’s identity, she couldn’t help but be stunned, ‘Is she also like me, a poor widow?’

Just as Bing Xue’er felt sympathy for her, Xia Qingqing suddenly felt a sense of intimacy towards Bing Xue’er, but when her eyes turned to Song Qingshu, her heart was filled with hatred, ‘Does this ba*tard specialize in seducing widows…’

“I’m not a little girl!” Miao Ruolan protested in dissatisfaction, making Song Qingshu and others smile.

With Miao Ruolan’s interruption, Bing Xue’er came to her senses and walked over to hold Xia Qingqing’s hand, “What a charming and lovely woman. No wonder Brother-in-law keeps mentioning Miss Xia.”

Xia Qingqing suddenly felt a sense of absurdity, ‘On the surface I am still Madame Yuan, and you are still Madame Hu. Don’t you find it inappropriate to say such ambiguous words to Song Qingshu?’

Xia Qingqing finally reacted and smiled, “How can this little sister be as beautiful as the Elder Sister…”

As the two women exchanged the useless dialogue, Song Qingshu rolled his eyes and interrupted, “Youyou, what’s the situation inside the Golden Serpent Camp now?”

‘Youyou…why are you being so affectionate in front of other people? I am here with the identity of Madame Yuan!’ 

Xia Qingqing glared at him angrily and was about to answer, when she suddenly remembered that there were other people present and couldn’t help but glance at Bing Xue’er in worry.

Song Qingshu knew her concerns and quickly said, “Youyou, but it doesn’t matter, she is one of our own.”

When they heard the words “our own”, both Bing Xue’er and Xia Qingqing couldn’t help but blush, thinking that if that was the case, then why did you introduce us as Madame Yuan, and Madame Hu?

Xia Qingqing looked up and saw Bing Xue’er staring at her with the same embarrassed look. The two women were stunned for a moment, but soon looked at each other and smiled.

Xia Qingqing cleared her throat and softly said, “Ever since Yuan… Brother Yuan’s accident, the Golden Serpent Camp quickly fell into pieces, and several powerful figures set up their own factions one after another. These leaders had grievances with each other before, and Brother Yuan used to suppress them to keep them in check. As soon as Brother Yuan left, no one accepted the other’s will, and they soon started fighting and developed a deep grudge against each other. If the imperial army hadn’t come to encircle and suppress them in a overwhelming manner, they wouldn’t have gotten back together again.”

Song Qingshu sighed with emotion. 

Kangxi was really a genius strategist. After Yuan Chengzhi died, most of the people in the court advocated pursuing the victory, but Kangxi abnormally stopped all previous orders for encirclement and suppression. Without external pressure, the Golden Serpent Camp suffered from civil strife and fell apart.

If Kangxi hadn’t been killed by Song Qingshu, he would have been able to eliminate the Golden Serpent Camp, a serious thorn in his domain, without spending a single soldier! 

“How many factions is the Golden Serpent Camp divided into now?” Song Qingshu suddenly asked.

Xia Qingqing pondered for a moment and explained, “There are many factions in the Golden Serpent Camp, but there are a total of twelve very important ones. They all used to be the direct subordinates under Brother Yuan. Some of them were friends with Brother Yuan, such as Hu Guinan and some of them used to be Brother Yuan’s father’s old subordinate, such as Sun Zhongshou, Zhu Anguo, Ni Hao, Luo Daqian and others. Each of the faction leaders have some troops under their command. I can’t speak for Hu Guinan, after all, I didn’t have any friendship with him in the past. As for the other people, although they respect me as their leader in name, I may not be able to really mobilize them.” 

“As for the other factions, Gai Mengchang and Meng Bofei are quite famous in the world, and they are quite powerful.”

 “Zheng Qiyun, the leader of the seventy-two islands, controls the most elite navy under the Golden Serpent Camp, and is one of the most powerful, but he generally does not participate in the disputes between the factions.”

“Chu Hongliu, who used to be the leader of Qianliu Village, was a famous bandit in Shandong. Most of his men were also former subordinates of Qianliu Village. When Brother Yuan died, he returned to his old profession.” 

“Sha Tongtian, the leader of Hugou Village was once a bandit who was as famous as Chu Hongliu. Most of his subordinates were also former bandits. He and Chu Hongliu had never got along with each other due to conflicts of interest. However, because they both used to be bandits in Shandong in the past, they often cooperated with each other. So although there were many disputes, it didn’t reach the point of a full scale fight.”

“Cheng Qingzhu, the leader of the Qingzhu Gang in Hebei Province, is closely related to the Beggar Gang, but unlike the Beggar Gang’s chivalrous reputation, they are engaged in robbing families and homes. Chu Hongliu, Sha Tongtian regards them as a common enemy.”

When Xia Qingqing talked about the Qingzhu Gang, she subconsciously recalled the situation when Ajiu was among the Qingzhu Gang, and couldn’t help but sigh softly, ‘I wonder how she is doing now…’

But she quickly regained her composure and continued to explain,

“Jiao Wan’er and Luo Liru are the daughters and apprentices of Jiao Gongli, the leader of the Jiangsu Golden Dragon Gang. Most of their current subordinates are also former subordinates of the Golden Dragon Gang. Their faction has always been on good terms with Brother Yuan…”

Speaking about them, Xia Qingqing suddenly let out a sigh. She had always felt very sorry for Jiao Wan’er. 

Jiao Wan’er also liked Yuan Chengzhi in the past. She was young and ignorant at the time, and was jealous and unreasonable, which led to Jiao Wan’er being wronged and marrying her senior brother Luo Liru.

“Youyou, what’s wrong?” Song Qingshu noticed her change in mood and asked with concern.

“Nothing.” Xia Qingqing forced a smile and continued to explain,

“Master Shi Li used to be the abbot of Qingliang Temple in Nanyang, Henan. In order to save the people, he also joined the Golden Serpent Camp. Although they didn’t have many people, they had the most masters in the Camp. It is said that he has a good personal relationship with the abbot of Songshan Shaolin and the abbot of South Putian Shaolin.”

“Shui Jian, before joining the Golden Serpent Camp, was the general soldier of the Ming Dynasty, so the people under his command are the most elite and knowledgeable about military affairs among the factions. They are all warriors.”

“Nie Tianfeng, used to be the master of Feihuyu Village in Huainan. He was also a master who robbed homes and houses. He doesn’t get along with Chu Hongliu, Sha Tongtian, and Cheng Qingzhu.” 

Hearing his name, Song Qingshu had a strange expression on his face as he muttered in his heart, 

‘Fortunately his name is not Nie Feng, otherwise I would be really worried that I wouldn’t be able to withstand his Snow Drinking Crazy Saber and Divine Phoenix Kick.’ (G: He’s referring to a Taiwanese television series.)

Xia Qingqing naturally couldn’t hear the thoughts in Song Qingshu’s mind and continued,

“Rong Cai used to be the leader of  Longyou Gang in Zhejiang. It is said that he has recently become involved with the Southern Song Dynasty imperial court, but everyone is too busy taking care of themselves so no one bothers about him.” 

“There is also Situ Bolei. It is said that he used to be a subordinate of Wu Sangui, the commander-in-chief of Shanhaiguan Pass. However, he was dissatisfied with Wu Sangui letting the invaders enter the pass, so he left with some of his subordinates who were also dissatisfied, and later settled down in Wangwu Sect. After the Qing Court encircled and suppressed them, they moved from their base, and defected to the Golden Serpent Camp. His subordinates are all from the regular army. So his Strength is also very important among the factions.”

“Situ Bolei?” Song Qingshu recognized the name. 

He had rescued them in the past, and asked them to defect to the Golden Serpent Camp. Now it seemed that he had made the right decision.

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