Chapter 396: Mystery Person

‘Zhou Zhiruo, let’s use you as a shield first. I’m not lying anyways…’

Song Qingshu also understood that once he refused, regardless of how euphemistic his reasoning was, he was most likely to offend the Wangwu Sect. 

In “The Legend of the Con*dor Heroes,” Yang Guo’s rejection of Guo Jing’s marriage proposal sowed seeds of hatred in Guo Fu, leading to a severed right hand. Drawing a parallel, Song Qingshu was well aware that refusing Zeng Rou could have similarly adverse consequences for him.

Judging by her character, Zeng Rou shouldn’t be capable of doing such horrible things. However, for Song Qingshu to secure the role of Golden Serpent King, he still needed the Wangwu Sect’s support.

As the saying goes, business cannot be done without righteousness. It’s not that Song Qingshu didn’t want to marry Zeng Rou; he already had a wife. That way, everyone’s face will be saved.

Due to this force majeure, marrying someone from the Wangwu Sect would become impossible. Song Qingshu believed that they would understand. If the Wangwu Sect still didn’t support him; he should be able to gain approval from the other relevant parties with Xia Qingqing endorsement without much trouble.

Upon learning about Song Qingshu’s marriage, Xia Qingqing gave him a complex look, momentarily feeling sensitive about her own identity.

On the other side, Zeng Rou had a shy expression, nervously playing with the hem of her clothes. However, as soon as she heard Song Qingshu’s response, the color drained from her face.

Unexpectedly, when Situ Bolei heard Song Qingshu’s words, his expression remained unchanged, and he wasn’t angered at all.

“This old man understands that, with Rou’er’s status, she won’t seek the position of the Young Master’s wife. She only wants to be by his side.”

Upon hearing Situ Bolei’s response, the room’s occupants were shocked.

As they were the part of the Golden Serpent Camp, Xia Qingqing knew how much Situ Bolei valued Zeng Rou. 

Zeng Rou, known for her gentle demeanor and beauty, had received marriage proposals from other faction chiefs after the Wangwu Sect’s defection, but Situ Bolei rejected them all without hesitation. It was speculated that he intended to keep Zeng Rou as his successor.

Now, seeing Situ Bolei seemingly giving her away like a maid to Song Qingshu, Xia Qingqing couldn’t hide her shock.

Zeng Rou didn’t expect her master’s response, and she stood still for a moment, unsure of how to react.

Song Qingshu had thought that if he used Zhou Zhiruo as a shield, Situ Bolei would back down. However, Situ Bolei’s unexpected response left him bewildered.

Glancing at Zeng Rou, Song Qingshu noticed a faint blush on her face. She stood timidly next to Situ Bolei, evoking a sense of pity.

Although charming, Song Qingshu questioned if he could just accept any charming woman in the world.

Sensing Xia Qingqing’s gaze, Song Qingshu felt a slight tremor and quickly said, “Old hero Situ, Miss Zeng is gentle, virtuous, and beautiful. She deserves a husband who will wholeheartedly protect her. If you follow my suggestion, Miss Zeng won’t be wronged. I hope you reconsider.”

“Young Master Song, don’t worry. Rou’er will definitely be willing to marry a hero like you,” Situ Bolei reassured.

Zeng Rou, feeling everyone’s gaze, blushed and replied softly, “Rou’er will obey Master’s arrangements.”

Xia Qingqing, understanding Song Qingshu’s dilemma, quietly pulled him and motioned toward Zeng Rou. Seeing Zeng Rou’s teary eyes, Song Qingshu hesitated.

As he pondered, Xia Qingqing spoke up, “Since the old hero Situ has thought things through, our Young Master agrees.” 

Situ Bolei looked at her strangely, prompting Xia Qingqing to explain her role as the young master’s confidant maid. She emphasized her young master’s admiration for Zeng Rou and stated that he was concerned about potentially mistreating her. 

Situ Bolei happily accepted.

With others in the room expressing congratulations, Zeng Rou, with a shy face, hurried to the back hall.

Now, with things at this point, Song Qingshu had no choice but to acquiesce. Further refusal would damage the Wangwu Sect’s reputation. What was initially a positive move could turn disastrous. 

Song Qingshu, having strategically placed this chess piece in the Golden Serpent Camp, couldn’t allow the entire game to collapse now.

Contemplating this, Song Qingshu shot a fierce glance at Xia Qingqing.

Unfazed, Xia Qingqing thought to herself, ‘It’s none of my business. He’s not my husband anyway. Let Zhou Zhiruo handle her concerns.’

If Song Qingshu could read Xia Qingqing’s thoughts at this moment, he would probably be so angry that he would vomit three liters of blood. However, out of politeness, he still had to formally reply to Situ Bolei, “Thank you for your favor, Senior. I will treat Miss Zeng well in the future. I won’t let her get hurt at all.”

“You still call me Senior,” Situ Bolei pretended to be unhappy. “You and Rou’er…well, no, your martial arts are so high. I can’t be your senior, so, well, Rou’er’s late father and I were close friends for eight years. From now on, the Young Master, please call me Uncle Shi.” 

Song Qingshu broke into a cold sweat and could only say, “If that is so, Uncle Shi should not call me Young Master as well.” 

Situ Bolei laughed loudly, “In that case, I will call you Shu’er from now on.”

“You might as well call me my nephew…” Song Qingshu slandered, thinking of Xiang Shaolong in “The Story of Qin.” The concubine named Shue’r was killed first and then…

Song Qingshu felt a chill and quickly started chatting with Situ Bolei.

“Shu’er, when do you think the wedding will be held?”

“Well…there is no need to hurry. Now there are internal and external troubles. Not only do we have to compete for the Golden Serpent King, but we also have to deal with the imperial army.” 

“Well, that’s what I said…” 

Before Situ Bolei finished speaking, Situ He suddenly said, “Dad, I don’t agree with this point of view. Nowadays, everyone is living a life of licking blood on the head of a knife, and no one knows what will happen tomorrow. It’s better to let the two get married as soon as possible. If they can give birth to a boy or a girl, everyone will have something to look forward to.”

“Have a baby?” Song Qingshu was dumbfounded for a moment. “There is no need to be so fast, right?” 

He couldn’t help but secretly complain. Originally he wanted to delay the marriage. Who knew that the other party would now put having children on the agenda.

“That’s right, Brother Song, please don’t underestimate this issue of heirs. Since Brother Song agreed to marry Junior Sister, we are naturally a family. From now on, the Wangwu Sect will follow Brother Song’s lead. Even if Brother Song is unfortunately killed, we can still regard Brother Song as our leader, and his descendants will unite people’s hearts.”

“If Emperor Chongzhen’s heirs had escaped from Beijing, there would not have been the split of Nanming. Let’s just talk about recent things. Why did the Golden Serpent Camp, which was once prosperous in the past, fall into pieces now? Isn’t it because Xia Qingqing failed have a progeny of the Golden Serpent King Yuan Chengzhi? If she had given birth to a son, everyone would just let his son be the Golden Serpent King, and there would be no trouble among the various faction leaders.”

Seeing Xia Qingqing’s face getting darker and darker, Song Qingshu laughed secretly, ‘You deserve it! Just now you pushed me into the fire pit, did the fire burn you now?’

Although it was a bit satisfying to gloat about the misfortune, Song Qingshu did not dare to let Situ He continue talking. If Xia Qingqing really got angry, it would be difficult to have a good end. He quickly interrupted Situ He and said, “In today’s troubled times, there is no assurance of life and death. What if we get married so early, and Miss Zeng ends up as a widow, how can I feel good about it?”

Seeing what Situ He wanted to speak up, Song Qingshu quickly said, “At least we have to wait until after this Golden Serpent Conference. Otherwise, if I fail to compete for the Golden Serpent King, I will not have the face to stand before Miss Zeng and you all.”

Situ Bolei said with a smile, “Shu’er, what are you talking about? If you can’t become the Golden Serpent King, at worst we will break away from the Golden Serpent Camp and start a new force. With your martial arts and intelligence, I’m sure the achievements would be no less than those of the Golden Serpent Camp.”

Situ Bolei came from the world-famous Guan Ning Cavalry, a powerful army. At that time, he fought head-to-head with the most elite Eight Banners cavalry, so naturally, he did not put the Golden Serpent Camp and other bandits in eyes.

Seeing that Situ Bolei had reduced Yuan Chengzhi’s hard work to nothing, Xia Qingqing suddenly felt dissatisfied. Just as she was about to argue with him, she suddenly thought that she had decided to follow Song Qingshu from now on. If she spoke for Yuan Chengzhi at this time, would that be right? Wouldn’t it hurt Song Qingshu?

Worrying about gains and losses, Xia Qingqing forgot to speak for a moment.

Situ Bolei and Song Qingshu chatted for a while, and suddenly said mysteriously, “There is no urgency about when the wedding will be held. Now there is a person in the camp who wants to meet Shu’er.” 

“Meet me?” Song Qingshu looked surprised and asked.

Situ Bolei was so solemn about the matter that he couldn’t help but ask curiously, “Who wants to see me?”

“Um…” Situ Bolei glanced at Xia Qingqing hesitantly, then shook his head and said, “You’ll know when you see them yourself..”

Song Qingshu suddenly fell into deep thought, ‘Who else in the Wangwu Sect is worthy of Situ Bolei’s solemnity? He shouldn’t be an insider… Situ Bolei used to be Wu Sangui’s subordinate. Could it be that Wu Sangui’s envoy is also here?’

Song Qingshu shook his head slightly and quickly drove that thought out of his mind, ‘Situ Bolei had always hated Wu Sangui’s traitorous behavior; how could he get along with him? But if it’s not Wu Sangui, then who is it?’

Xia Qingqing was obviously surprised. She stood up and said to Song Qingshu, “I’ll go with you.” 

She was obviously worried that there could be a trap.

Situ Bolei quickly waved his hand and said, “No, that person has already made it clear that they will only meet Shu’er and not anyone else.”

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