Chapter 397: Vengeful Woman

Song Qingshu sensed that Situ Bolei, with his temperament, wouldn’t pose a threat to him, especially given his current martial prowess, ordinary ambushes and traps would be futile against him, so Song Qingshu decided to remain vigilant and discreetly observe.

“In that case, let us go and meet them.” Song Qingshu signaled to Xia Qingqing, urging her to stay composed.

“With my martial arts, they shouldn’t be able to trap me. But you should be cautious and seize an opportunity to escape if anything seems awry,” Song Qingshu secretly transmitted the message to Xia Qingqing as he followed Situ Bolei out of the hall.

“Be careful…” Xia Qingqing silently moved her lips, expressing her concern.

Walking alongside Situ Bolei through the stronghold, Song Qingshu took a chance to approach him and whispered, “Uncle Situ, there are no outsiders here. Can you discreetly disclose who wishes to see me?”

Situ Bolei appeared uneasy and replied, “Shu’er, the main reason is that I promised not to reveal that person’s identity. You will meet them soon anyway.”

“Can you at least give me a hint? If the matter is serious, I want to be prepared.” Song Qingshu pressed anxiously, troubled by the unexpected rigidity in Situ Bolei’s stance, especially after agreeing to Zeng Rou’s marriage.

“This…” Situ Bolei hesitated, showing a hint of emotion. “Shu’er, do you know why I betrothed Rou’er to you as your concubine without feeling it’s unjust?”

Perplexed, Song Qingshu couldn’t fathom why Situ Bolei brought up this matter. He couldn’t simply boast about his martial skills and fame, as that wouldn’t align with Situ Bolei’s current demeanor.

Situ Bolei sighed, revealing, “Shu’er, you’re a remarkable individual, but I’ve loved Rou’er like my own daughter since she was a child. I would have contested for her as the main wife, but upon learning about that noble person, I had to give up on the thought of competing. Becoming your concubine may not honor Rou’er, but it avoids her being slighted.”

‘What does that even mean?’

Confused, Song Qingshu pondered the implications. ‘Did Situ Bolei give Zeng Rou to me due to the influence of this mysterious person? Is it Zhou Zhiruo? But does she truly have such a noble status?’

As he was sifting through his memories, he suddenly remembered a rumor he saw on the Internet in his previous life. 

The name Zhou Zhiruo was elegant and refined, and it was definitely not something that an ordinary fisherman could give their child. Therefore, people were more willing to believe that Zhou Zhiruo was the daughter of King Zhou Ziwang, the leader of the White Lotus Sect.

‘But, how could the Wangwu Sect be related to the White Lotus Sect?’

Song Qingshu was shocked and confused. 

‘Why did Zhou Zhiruo take the initiative to see me this time? No, with Zhou Zhiruo’s temperament, she probably wouldn’t come to me like this, but if it isn’t her, who could it be?’

“The guest is in the front courtyard; I won’t accompany you further.” Situ Bray interrupted his thoughts, pointing to a serene courtyard.

“Alright.” Song Qingshu responded absentmindedly, proceeding cautiously, his senses heightened.

Upon entering the courtyard, he wondered about the absence of lights. 

Before he could ask Situ Bolei, he realized he was alone. Concerned that Situ Bolei might harbor ill intentions, Song Qingshu abandoned caution and declared, “If you’ve invited me, show yourself!”

Yet, silence persisted within the dark room.

“Huh?” Closing his eyes, Song Qingshu extended his consciousness, detecting no hidden ambush but a single slender figure.

However, this person had a special aura around them, so they were definitely a master.

‘Humph, even if the other party is very skilled in martial arts, it is impossible to deal with me alone.’

“Since Your Excellency won’t come out, I’ll come in by myself.” Song Qingshu smiled, strode forward, pushed the door open and walked in.

For a moment, Song Qingshu had trouble getting used to the darkness in the room, so he subconsciously closed his eyes, when he suddenly sensed a fierce sword energy stabbing towards him from behind the door.

Song Qingshu understood the other party’s plan and realized that the other party had used the opportunity to force him into the house, and then exploited his unfamiliarity with the darkness to attack.

It’s a pity that with Song Qingshu’s current realm, he didn’t even need to see the enemy with his eyes. His consciousness covered the surrounding environment for several feet at any time. Not even a mosquito could escape his senses, let alone a living person.

“So you think that would be enough?” Song Qingshu smiled slightly, closed his eyes and took a gentle step into the house.

In the eyes of the person in the darkness, it was clear that Song Qingshu had only taken a small step, but his whole body moved more than ten feet in a flash, and their confident sword strike only stabbed into the empty space, causing them to feel extremely uncomfortable.

“You’ve finished your move, it’s my turn.” Song Qingshu snorted coldly and poked the opponent with one finger.

With Song Qingshu’s current state, even though it was just an ordinary finger stab, he was able to accurately predict the opponent’s movements and sealed off the space for their escape.


The person in the darkness grunted, their waist seemed as soft as if there were no bones, and they dodged backwards in mid-air, showcasing their flexibility

“Are you a woman?” Song Qingshu was startled when he heard the other party’s voice. 

Song Qingshu, reluctant to harm a woman, dodged the continuous attacks as he while inquired, “What grudge do you hold against me? Why are you using such lethal moves?”

“You destroyed someone’s most precious thing, and you still have the nerve to ask!” The woman in the darkness obviously changed her tone of voice on purpose, and replied gruffly.

“The most precious thing?” Song Qingshu’s first reaction was that Zhou Zhiruo was looking for revenge on him, and then he shook his head. There was no need for her to hide her identity deliberately, so who else could it be?

‘The most precious thing? Could it be that her husband or son was killed by me?’

Song Qingshu sifted through the characters who died in his hands in his mind and shook his head in distress.

He never liked killing, and even in this troubled world, he had only killed just a few people in total. He really couldn’t imagine who this woman could be.

‘Wei Xiaobao? Impossible. Judging from the body shape, she can’t be Shuang’er.

Manager Sai of Prince Bao’s Mansion? It’s impossible. Compared with this woman’s martial arts, he isn’t even worthy of carrying her shoes, so it can’t be related to him either.

Someone related to Taoist Wuchen of the Red Flower Society? Still a no, he is too old to be this woman’s father.

It can’t be to avenge Feng Xifan, right? No, the news couldn’t have spread so fast…’

Despite contemplating various possibilities, he remained clueless. Therefore he resolved to first capture her, and then unveil her identity. 

And so, adjusting his defensive stance, Song Qingshu engaged in the impending confrontation.

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