Chapter 4: Master of the Dark Sword II (part 1)

The world was always a harsh place for the weak.

Those without power must live while getting trampled on.

Such a cruel reality… she found out very quickly.

She had lived a life crawling on the bottom since childhood.

She needed to train herself to survive, and decided the best way to survive.

To become an adventurer.

Aside from the grandiose name that conveyed freedom and excitement, it referred to countless mercenaries struggling to survive.

People who take on reckless ‘adventures’ who commit themselves to missions that may kill them for a penny.

The Adventurers Guild, where such people gathered, was the place where she was struggling to survive.

A place where the person you talked to yesterday would become a corpse today and would be buried in the ground.

Although the story was different for those who were strong enough to be noticed by nobles or merchants, but for people like her and the rest, that was a case that was as rare as picking a star in the sky…

With no interest in such a futile dream, she…

Ophelia Crimson, a low-level adventurer who had been in this profession for exactly two years now, was quietly maintaining her weapon while waiting for the recruitment announcement to be posted shortly.

It was longsword with a black blade.

It was a weapon she accidentally obtained after entering a dungeon floor, and it was a friend she could trust more than anyone else, as it had saved her life several times.

‘I hope I get a better job this time…’

In general, there were two types of requests one could receive through the Adventurer Guild.

One was a nomination request targeting middle and high-level adventurers whose names were well-known.

Most of the quests were related to escorting long-distance trade with the East, and the rewards were quite good. However, it was unattainable for the majority of low-level adventurers because it basically required a lot of skill, and the duration could also last a few weeks if short, up to a year or more.

Another type of job involved recruiting people through formal announcements.

They were relatively simple missions that could be completed in a few weeks at the most, so they hired small and medium adventures to protect their journey to trade with neighboring countries or cities.

Of course, the payment was only at a level that the adventurers wouldn’t starve to death.

Of course, the mission that Ophelia, a low-level adventurer, was waiting for belonged to the latter, but unexpectedly, there were times when she received missions corresponding to the former.

The reason was that…

“Ophelia. You have a nomination request. Please follow me.”

“All right.”

A nomination request that other low-class adventurers would have been happy to get, but Ophelia’s face showed no trace of it.

There was no hint of joy.

For she knew that this was not the result of luck or anything like that.

‘It’s a personal request… this time, it’s definitely… a similar case.’

With that thought in mind, Ophelia slowly began to walk towards the place she was being guided to.

The place she arrived at was the most spacious and always neatly arranged room in the guild hall.

It was a part that allowed her to roughly guess how much power this client had.

Ophelia went inside while preparing her mind for what was to come.

In front of her eyes, along with the clerk, sat a man she had never seen before.

A young man with a moderate body and a sharp feeling.

Ophelia quietly stood in front of the two, thinking that this man seemed to be a little better than the old or fat pigs she had met before.

“Is this the person?”

“Yes, yes, Lord Bahamut. This is the person named Ophelia Crimson you mentioned.”

“Okay, then I’ll take care of the rest, so you may leave.”

“I understand, Lord Bahamut.”

With those words, the clerk got up from his seat, and on the way out, he lightly tapped Ophelia on the shoulder with a bitter expression on his face.

“Are you Ophelia Crimson?”

“Yes, I am.”

The man named Bahamut looked at her the next moment and showed strange excitement and curiosity in his eyes.

Just when Ophelia was feeling strangely suspicious about his actions, Bahamut spoke out.

“Well, first of all, nice to meet you. My name is Bahamut Fernandez. I made this personal request because I wanted to sign a contract with you.”

“Contract… you mean… I understand. Then we will proceed immediately.”

Ophelia spoke in a subdued voice at Bahamut’s words.

In response, Bahamut thought that the work was going to be easier than he thought, and took out the documents he had prepared in his arms.

“It’s good that you are quick to understand, then read this first and sign it…?”

And then…



The next moment, Bahamut, who was taking out the contract, stopped moving.

Ophelia, after taking a look at Bahamut’s eyes.

Suddenly started undressing in front of him.

Goblin: Honestly I feel really bad for her, but I also understand that she had to do anything to survive. It takes a really strong person to survive in this world. I hope things go well for her now that she had met the mc.

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  1. Oh no, it was going so well, I was hoping all the girls would be virgins. It’s just my preference when reading novels, it makes the relationship more wholesome, but I could care less in real life. I also saw the rape tag added on NU, I knew it would be the case cuz of the MC, but I fear women will get raped by other men now.

      1. That sounds good, I just wish Ophelia hadn’t been taken advantage of sexually in her past, that kind of stuff makes me disgusted. However, you did warn us in the beginning so I can only blame myself. I like the other translations on this website so I will stick with those, I still think this novel is good, I just can’t get over the fact disgusting guys used Ophelia’s body and she just had to go along because of her position in society and economic status.

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