Chapter 4: Master of the Dark Sword II (part 2)

Ophelia’s body was exposed na*ked as soon as she took off the black robe she had on top.

Unlike Isolda, who had a voluptuous body that Bahamut played with last night, Ophelia’s figure was slim overall.

It’s not that she didn’t have brea*sts, but they weren’t that big, and her body type attracted him towards her her hips, thighs, and the other areas were quite thin.

However, unlike the feeling of looking slim overall, her waist showed solid abs without any flab, and in addition to that, small muscles were visible here and there, showing that she had been training her body well.

However, before he even thought about appreciating Ophelia’s body like that, Bahamut started shouting out of deep bewilderment rather than excitement.

“Yes… hey… what are you doing right now? Why are you taking off your clothes?”

“B.. Yes?.. Ha… but.. you signed a contract with me, so…”

Bahamut’s reaction, which was completely different from what she had expected, rather made Ophelia quite bewildered, and Bahamut, looking away from her, spoke in an urgent voice.

“Do you think I’m here to hire some kind of prost*itute? Get dressed quickly!”

“Ah. Yes… I’m sorry.”

Hearing the words of Bahamut, who raised his voice slightly out of embarrassment, Ophelia bowed her head and hurriedly began to put her clothes back on again.

‘Really… what kind of situation is this? Was the Ophelia I know originally such a character?’

After barely getting dressed, Ophelia blushed with her head bowed in shame in front of Bahamut.

However, from the point of view of Bahamut, who knew the future, her behavior seemed a quite different than how it was portrayed in the novel.

Ophelia Crimson.

One of the strongest swordsmen in the future, and a woman who appears as a mid-boss in the fight against the main character, Isaac.

She was a villainess who was hostile to Isaac, and one who was notorious for her cruel personality without shedding blood or tears on the battlefield. However, she was a fairly popular character because of the story of her unfortunate past and her subtle sympathy towards Isaac.

Although classified as a villainess, she was a pitiful person who was hard to be seen as a bad person.

Most importantly, Ophelia at this point was literally pure, not having done anything wrong.

In this respect, Bahamut had no reason to have any ill feelings toward Ophelia, unlike he had with Isolda.

Rather, it was a situation where he felt sympathetic in that she had an unfortunate family history like himself.

However, apart from that, it was unavoidable for him to feel a bit embarrassed by Ophelia’s behavior at the moment.

‘She was someone I liked personally. I never thought it would develop like this from the first meeting…’

Bahamut knew that she had a dark past, but he really didn’t expect that she would be engaged in prost*itution like this before becoming famous as an adventurer.

It must have been because her situation was so bleak that she had to sell her body in order to make a living.

‘Well… if you think about it, it’s rather fortunate in that respect. It’s because I can take her in before she became famous.’

After calming down his hectic emotions, Bahamut looked at Ophelia and spoke to her again.

“Sit down for now. I guess I should explain it from the beginning.”

“Ah… yes… excuse me…”

Ophelia sat down while timidly answering Bahamut’s words.

After locking eyes with her for a moment, Bahamut took out the documents he had prepared and spoke to her.

“The approximate contents are written in this. To sum it up, I want you to be formally hired by our Beden Merchant Company and work by my side.”

“Yes? Work…by your side?”

Although she didn’t know Bahamut’s name or face, Ophelia knew about the Beden Merchant Company. Of course she did.

It was one of the few high level merchant companies and it was the largest in Schwyz. It was a company that enabled trade with the East.

Ophelia was feeling a sense of surprise at the fact that she, a low-level adventurer, was about to formally sign an exclusive contract! Not a temporary one-time contract.

‘No matter how you look at it, it doesn’t seem like se*x slavery… then what the hell is it for? With a top rank merchant company like his, it would be easy for him to recruit great people other than me…’

Ophelia was at a loss whether to rejoice at such an unexpected fortune or to worry.

However, in any case, it was too much of a waste for her to turn down this golden opportunity, and if she refused it, she would be making a huge loss.

Ophelia carefully looked at Bahamut and asked a question.

“I…really… are you sure? You want to contract a low-level adventurer like me…”

“Of course, you may be a low-level adventurer, but what I really need right now is someone I can trust with my life.”

Seeing Ophelia’s doubtful expression, Bahamut put a light smile on his lips and spoke to her in a friendly tone.

“I know that you have been diligently carrying out small requests up until now. Although there were no notable achievements, that alone is enough reason for me to have a high evaluation for you. You can be proud of this.”

“Ah… ”

At Bahamut’s words, Ophelia began to feel a warm feeling in her heart without realizing it.

Even in difficult circumstances, she always did her best to live.

Even though no one knew about it until now, she thought that at least she had always lived a life she could be proud of.

And now, for the first time, someone who praised her efforts appeared in front of her.

Rejoicing at the fact, although she couldn’t express it outwardly, Ophelia blushed slightly and lifted the robe lying next to her.

And, seeing Ophelia act like that, a triumphant smile automatically began to appear on Bahamut’s lips.

Now she seemed completely oblivious to it, but she would learn magic in the future and grow into a monster who could destroy a castle single-handedly!

In the eyes of Bahamut, who knew this fact, she was the same as an investment that was equal to a jackpot in the future.

And, it would be one less villainess that would wreak havoc across the world.

‘The profit is huge for a first investment. With this, I have obtained the strongest Dark Sword, and now I can feel relieved in terms of power.’

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