Chapter 4: The protagonist (part 1)

Half Angel.

The Paladin of Salvation appeared.

“Nice to meet you. Summoner.”

“Yes, nice to meet you.”

A beautiful voice tickled his ears. 

She was wearing a helmet that covered half of her face, so Ian couldn’t confirm her appearance, but just by looking at the lower part, he could tell that she was a beauty.

‘That’s not what’s important.’

Ian turned and met Stella’s eyes, who was looking at him. Her eyes were shaking as if she couldn’t believe it.

“Now what?”

“Heh, this is nonsense! How can someone like you…”

“Someone like me? You shouldn’t judge anyone until they summon their summons. The first emperor should’ve been a good example of that.”

Now that she had made a statement that disrespected the first emperor, Ian put political pressure on her. Of course, even if she was the eldest daughter of a duke, she couldn’t just say whatever she liked.

Among the the people present here, there were many children from families who had the power to put pressure on her. There were Marquis waiting for the duke’s seat to be empty, so she had to be careful of how and what she said.

It wasn’t a very good choice for her to show weakness.

Stella realized that too, so she immediately shut her mouth and glared at me.

“You, you…”

“Keep your word. Because I kept my word.”

“There’s no way that the young lady of Eritz wouldn’t have that kind of courtesy, right?”

Ian just passed Stella and went back to the room.

The Paladin of Salvation followed behind him.

“There, you, summoning a summons from within the academy is…!”

Instructor Oliver, who was heading to the staff room, stopped when he saw Ian’s summon. Then he looked at him with a look of disbelief.


Ian smiled and passed him. The dignity of a 3-star was something that could be easily recognized just by looking at it, so all the cadets Ian encountered in the hallway opened their mouths when they saw his summon.

Of the new cadets this year, there were only two people who managed to summon 3-star summons on their own—- Ian and Stella.

In other words, on the surface, Ian had became a being on the same level as the daughter of a duke.

‘It won’t last for long though.’

Ian was the child of an ordinary baron, so if he just let himself get lazy, he’d soon be overtaken by Stella who was supported by the duke.

However, Ian had the “system”, a mysterious helper that know one in this world knew about, and he had the most accurate knowledge of summoning.

‘Then the next goal is…’

Meddle with the main storyline.


Stella Eritz couldn’t believe the reality that was happening right in front of her eyes. No, she didn’t want to believe it.

‘Someone like that…’

The 3-star summon was a kind of wall dividing the upper and lower nobles.

Summoners who summoned 3-star summons were awarded the title of Count for that alone.

Even if Ian was the son of a baron, he had obtained the status of a count the moment he summoned a 3-star summon.


Even for the duke, it was not something he could easily ignore. The difference between the two and three stars were large, but the difference between three and four stars were not that great.

In fact, there were many marquis with a 3-star summon who had accumulated major achievements on the battlefield and were aiming for the position of the duke right at this moment.


And above all else, Stella had promised with her own mouth that she would give him the heirloom.

Although she was the only heir and would inherit the 4-star summoned being Ifrit, that didn’t mean she could control the family at will.

Ifrit was more of a borrowed summon rather than her own, and since no formal succession took place, Ifrit could leave her at any time and return to its original owner, her father.

“What should I do! What can I do!”

If it was a promise the two had made in secret, she could have escaped by saying that there was no such thing. But she said that in front of a lot of people…

‘No, that doesn’t make sense.’

‘It defies common sense, I thought it was only possible to summon a 2-star summon on our own!’

Because it wasn’t that rare. One in ten succeeded in summoning a 2-star summon.

However, it was not the same for 3-star summons. 

Stella was the only one who had summoned a 3-star summons with her own strength amongst this year’s cadets.

‘But it was also with the help of that…’

‘So what kind of trick did he use?’

Stella wanted to believe it was possible, but she knew it couldn’t be. If it was possible to summon a 3-star summoned being only by depending on the so-called “skills”, it’d be something beyond common comprehension.

Even the Emperor of the Empire would come running to get Ian on his side, even if he had to give away a princess or two.


Stella, who thought that she would be scolded by her father, already felt her head start to ache. 

‘I don’t want to do it. But I have no choice.’

Stella, who had been lying in bed for a while, got up and sat down at the desk. 

And she took out the paper.

She dripped the quill in the ink and started writing a letter. 

The first sentence of the letter was:

“Dear Father”

Using such cheesy words wasn’t her style, but Stella continued to write.


Returning to the room, Ian looked at the summoned being and read through her information. He already knew most of the information, but whether that would be the same here or not was another matter.

“Master… may I call you that?”

“Do as you please.”

Arriving in the room, Ian decided to have a talk with the Paladin of Salvation. First of all, that name was too long, it had to change.

“What is your name?”

“Since I gave my body and my mind to God, I also gave up my name. But, during my lifetime, I was called Anna.”

“Okay, then I’ll call you Anna. Are you feeling fine?”

Anna nodded. 

Anna, the Paladin of Salvation, was very powerful for a 3-star summon. No, she was a summons that could be used until the end!

‘She has a pretty face.’

Her face was very pretty. 

Ian had to say that twice because it was important. In Project Luna, where all kinds of beasts, monsters, and even legendary figures appeared as summoned beings, it was almost impossible to create a group purely consisting of all female summons.

It would have been better if he could just pay-to-win, but if that was the case, Ian would have attacked the Demon King after summoning a 5-star summon in the first place.

So, Ian was very lucky to have chosen Anna.

“Master, what should I do now?”



Anna was confused.

However, considering that the midterm exam still quite far away, there was still quite a lot of time left until the story of Project Luna progresses properly. So  there was nothing Ian could do at the moment.

‘No, there is something…’

There was a place he could go as a freshman.

“Then you may go back.”

“Yes. See you next time. May God’s will be with you.”

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