Chapter 40: Disciplining the Nun XIV (part 1)

“Ha… I want to leave this place soon.”

“Yeah… Me too.”

In the prison, Linda and Jake leaned on each other and talked. Although they still felt sorry for their lost wealth, there was still happiness in their hearts.

“When we get out… what are we going to do first?” Linda asked cautiously.

Jake replied in a gentle whisper, “First, we should get out of Aosta. After that, let’s lay low for a while and think about the future. Above all else, we have to have a wedding.”

“It would be great. A wedding with you… I’m sure we’ll be happy, right?”

“Yeah… I’m sure we will be…”

“Ha ha…”

For a while, the two discussed a future where they would find joy while putting aside thoughts of their failed past.

At that moment…


The sound of a door being opened was heard.


“No way…”

 As a result, the two began to hope they would finally get out of the place.

Then a group of adventurers appeared in front of them. 

At the forefront stood a female adventurer dressed in black.

“Are you finally here? Come on, quickly get us out. It doesn’t have to drag on for this long…” Jake spoke in a welcoming voice.

But, looking at him, the woman said in a cold voice, “Take him.”



The next moment, the adventurers resolutely captured Jake and Linda and led them somewhere. 

Their behavior was completely different from what Jake and Linda had expected, and they instinctively began to feel that something was terribly wrong.

“What… what is it? Why are you doing this? You said you would set us free!”

“We have a deal with your master! To treat people who are guests in such a way…”

“There is no deal.”

Ophelia cut Linda off with a firm voice. 

In response, the faces of the two people hardened, and they spoke with an urgent tone,

“That… what does that mean? We do have a deal!”

“Could it be that your master gave up the gold mine? That… there’s no way…”

“Shut up!”

The next moment, Ophelia aimed her black sword at the two noisy people’s necks. They were speechless for a moment, and Ophelia spoke in a stern voice as she watched them become quiet.

“You will know the details when you’re there. If you make a fuss more than this, an instant judgment is permitted, so please be quiet.”


Ophelia emitted a menacing presence. 

Jake and Linda felt chills run down their spines and didn’t dare to say anything more.


“I have returned. I have completed the task as you have commanded.” Ophelia spoke in a polite voice. 

Looking at her, Bahamut asked in a voice filled with affection, “Great job. Did anything happen along the way?”

“None. Since it was late, there were no witnesses, so I don’t think there will be a big problem.”

“Yeah… that’s how it should be. With this, just as the Archbishop had hoped, those two will disappear from this world without a rumor…”

“Yes, you had instructed us to dispose of them that way.”

Watching the two converse among themselves, Isolda cautiously asked, 

“Disposal…were you also going to deal with me like that?”

“Hmm… well. Do you want to experience it yourself?”

“It’s a bit unsavory to joke around with matters like this.” Uncharacteristic of her, Isolda looked a bit pouty. 

In response, Bahamut found it a bit amusing and said with a serious expression,

“I won’t kill them. I will make them experience something far worse than death.”

“Could it be… same as what you did with me?”

Suddenly, Isolda recalled memories of the past, which she regretted a little, feeling like she had wasted a lot of things.

Looking at her reaction, a smile began to form on Bahamut’s lips.

“It’s a bad habit… you… you seem like a worse person than me in this respect.”

“Whoops… is that so? I wonder what it would feel like…”


Somewhere, hidden from the sights of the populace.

Linda slowly woke up.

She didn’t know how much time had passed, but the moment she came to her senses, she found herself in a dark basement.

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