Chapter 39: Disciplining the Nun XIII (part 2)

“The contract is invalid. Handle the matter according to the original plan.”

“Yes? Ah… Yes, I understand, My Lord.”

After Ophelia left, Isolda approached the chunk of metal that Bahamut had thrown away. 

The thing shimmered with a yellow light. 

Isolda picked it up and examined it slowly with furrowed brows.

“Bahamut… this is…”

“That’s exactly what you’re thinking.”

“Hmmphl. If this is something from that gold mine, it wouldn’t even be worth considering the contract.” Isolda chimed in with a dejected tone.

Then, as if disinterested, she set the lump of metal aside and calmly asked Bahamut, “Since this happened, then that Lord’s fate is obvious… but what will you do about her?”

“That woman? Oh, that Sister Linda… No… are you referring to the impostor Linda Halls?”

“Yes. I’m just saying this just in case, but I don’t want you to be merciful to her…”

“Don’t worry, unlike you, that woman is a devil. She doesn’t deserve mercy.” Bahamut replied with deep displeasure in his voice.

In response, Isolda asked, slightly surprised, “But… wouldn’t it be a little wasteful? You, too, have been very merciful to me in the end. If we use her well…”

“Isolda, you are a thousand times better than that woman. It’s not even worth comparing.” Bahamut spoke decisively with a cold tone.

“That! It’s… um…” Isolda felt her face slightly flush red. Though she didn’t quite grasp the essence of their exchange, her heart, however, fluttered with excitement.

Observing her reaction, Bahamut asked in a slightly cautious tone, “What… Isolda, are you feeling sympathy for that woman?”

It was a question tinged with doubt, but Isolda quickly sorted out her emotions and replied without hesitation, “No, I agree with you. She is a monster that disgusts even me. There is no room for rehabilitation…”

“Yeah… That’s right. She’s the worst kind of human, one that deserves to experience hell…”

With those words, Bahamut leaned back in his chair, briefly reflecting on the evaluation of Linda Halls in the original story—she was considered the worst, a human with no potential for redemption, one of the villainess’ who must be eliminated at all costs.

There was a clear reason why Bahamut, and even Isolda, accepted this evaluation. 

Isolda, despite being a formidable villainess, lacked one trait that Linda possessed— hypocrisy.

Hypocrisy was a trait more insidious than anything. It was worse than monsters like Isolda. 

Monsters were often unaware of the suffering of others, and used them without hesitation, however, they never bothered to hide it. 

But hypocrites were acutely aware of the pain they inflicted on others, and they used them to mock and exploit their victims. They relished in the misery of others, laughing at the painful deaths of countless people right before their eyes.

That was why Bahamut considered Linda the worst. That was why he had resolved not to show her any mercy when he accepted the job. 

The gold mine had been a temporary distraction, but now it was meaningless, and there was no reason to hold back any longer.

‘A person with no hope of redemption should be made to taste hell. Talk of their rights? Nonsense! Let’s focus on the human rights of their victims.’ Bahamut thought to himself.

Hundreds of people had already suffered and perished at the hands of Linda. 

They were stripped of everything and thrown into the depths of mines, unaware that they were being used. 

Bahamut didn’t consider himself a saint, but he believed in upholding the basic duties of humanity. 

Those who crossed that line, like Linda, were beyond human and deserved no mercy.

“Otherwise… only the innocent will suffer… just as I did…” 

As he reaffirmed his convictions, Bahamut devised the most ruthless plan he could think of and prepared to put it into action.

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  1. So it wasn’t gold ore but maybe pyrite? The widely known gold of fools? So Linda won’t be a s*x sl*ve and then another lover and tool of MC? Will he send her as pro*titute to the miners, s*x sl*ve more as she won’t get paid. Nice gamble on Jake part but it didn’t work
    Thanks for chapter

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