Chapter 39: Disciplining the Nun XIII (part 1)

“Is that… is that really true?”

“It is. Bahamut…that man, accepted the deal. We can get out of here in a little while.”

“Whoa… I’m glad. Really… I’m really glad.”

Linda let out a deep sigh of relief, knowing that the worst had been averted. Though it was painful to lose everything, it was a great relief for her to have saved some of their possessions and a future to share with her loved one.

“I’m sorry. There’s nothing I could do for you. If I had handled it a little better in advance, this time we would’ve…” Jake wore a dark expression on his face and regretted not making connections with the Holy Church beforehand. 

However, Linda shook her head slowly as she looked at him, “What are you talking about? I was the one who planned this in the first place. No need to blame yourself. For now, let’s just think about the future.”

Even in such a dire situation, Linda maintained her positive attitude and smiled. 


Seeing that, Jake began to feel a sense of tranquility in his heart without realizing it.

“Yeah, you’ve always been like this. No matter how difficult things got, you overcame it with a smile.”

With a smile on her face, Linda had always protected her weaker self in the past, and Jake began to think that he should be the one to protect her from now on.

‘Yeah, I should just say it now. It’s just the two of us in this cell. I might lose the chance once we get out of this place…’

Above all, Jake feared that if something went wrong, he might be left with a lifelong regret. 

Finally, he resolved to speak his mind, “Hey… Linda.”


“I mean… I… that is…”

Jake felt a bit embarrassed as he tried to express himself, but he knew that Linda had always wanted this, and she wouldn’t refuse.

“I mean…once this matter is sorted out, and we get out… will you marry me?”


The moment Linda heard those words, her heart started to race. 

It was a prison cell, and there was no ring for a marriage proposal, but the dull prison felt like heaven when she heard those words.

“Hey… ugh…”


Overwhelmed with emotions, Linda began to shed tears. But she quickly suppressed her feelings and nodded, looking at the man she loved.

“Jake… yes…I will… I will get married! I want to be with you forever… forever.”

With trembling voices and tears, Linda agreed. 

“Thank you. Really… thank you so much, Linda.”

Jake felt overwhelming joy and hugged Linda tightly.



To be honest, Bahamut didn’t really believe in it. 

If there were truly such a thing as karma, there couldn’t be so many people committing heinous acts without consequences, and those who caused so much pain and suffering wouldn’t continue to live unpunished. 

Bahamut had always thought that way.

However, as he witnessed the outcome of his actions right before his eyes, Bahamut began to question his beliefs.

“There’s no such thing as karma… but…”

Bahamut slowly gazed at the object in front of him, a gleaming piece of metal with a sharp, angular shape, as if it had been hewn from raw materials. It was different from the polished gold ingot he had used to deceive Linda earlier; this was the natural form of the metal.

Bahamut, who recognized the material from a documentary he once saw while scrolling the internet, picked up the metal with trembling hands.

And then…



“…My Lord?”

Bahamut hurled the lump of metal away, leaving Isolda and Ophelia bewildered for a moment. 

Then, in the next moment, Bahamut started laughing manically, a laughter that held a mix of dejection, anger, and an odd sense of exhilaration.

“Ah… hahahaha… ahahahahaha!!! Ahahahaha!!!”

At some point, his laughter ceased, and he released a slow, deep sigh.


“N… yes… yes? Why… why are you acting like this?”

When her lord called her name in a cold, almost icy tone, Ophelia responded with a trembling voice. 

Bahamut looked at her, and commanded in a surprisingly chilling voice.

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