Chapter 41: The third best in the world

When Mu Wanqing heard his words, there was a sense of confusion and absurdity in her heart. How could this conversation be so familiar? The expression on her face turned frosty and she raised her arms, “Go away, or I will shoot you with a poisoned arrow!”

“This sister is so fierce! I feel so scared…” Song Qingshu hurriedly stepped aside, muttering in his mouth, “So fierce, she’s definitely not suitable to be my wife.”

Although Song Qingshu lowered his voice, he deliberately made the content of his words audible to Mu Wanqing, and she couldn’t help but grit her teeth with hatred. However, thinking that there was Yun Zhonghe here, she hurriedly shifted her attention to guard against him.

“Mu Wanqing, what’s wrong with you following me? This brother is an expert at taking good care of people.” Yun Zhonghe spoke with raised eyebrows, and an obscene tone.

“Shameless!” Mu Wanqing raised her hand and shot a “Butterfly Sleeve Arrow”. Yun Zhonghe had been prepared for this for a long time, and he swiftly drew close to her.

Song Qingshu on the side was shocked when he saw it. This Yun Zhonghe’s martial arts was nothing to speak of, but his movement technique (Qinggong) was superb. Even if it was him who wanted to catch him, he would have to rely on endurance to win.

Mu Wanqing was barely hanging on. Suddenly, her face turned pale, and she quickly swung her sword to protect herself, but Yun Zhonghe shot forward like lightning, hitting the acupuncture point on her waist with one finger. She was heartbroken when Duan Yu turned out to be her own brother. Now she was caught by Yun Zhonghe. Thinking of the incoming nightmare, she was so anxious that she fainted.

“What a great beauty, she fainted so beautifully. She’s pretty even when she passed out.” Yun Zhonghe rubbed his own hands together and looked at the beautiful woman lying on the ground. His saliva almost came out, “Should I wake her up and do the happy deed, or just do the happy deed before waking her up?”

“If she wakes up, she might commit suicide, and that scenery will be terrible, but now she is like a piece of dead wood, she lacks strength.” Yun Zhonghe was caught in a dilemma for a while.

“Sigh, the reputation of all the flower thieves in the world is corrupted by a scum like you.” At this time, a voice sounded next to him, which frightened Yun Zhonghe.

When he looked up, he saw that the foolish boy was standing there looking at him with disdain, and Yun Zhonghe fiercely glared at him, “Smelly boy, it turns out that you were pretending to be foolish and teasing this senior.”

“Prince Duan Yu is top grade even among all the playboys. He steals the women’s hearts first, then leaves after deceiving them. Those women are also willing to let him go, and in the end, he ends up with a good reputation as romantic and suave. How can he have a notorious reputation like you? Everyone will spurn you after hearing your name.” Song Qingshu’s calm expression startled Yun Zhonghe.

However, his words stung Yun Zhonghe’s nerves, and he angrily said, “Duan Zhengchun’s little brat is a dignified prince of Dali. As soon as this identity is revealed, many women would willingly throw themselves into his arms. Besides, he is good looking. His martial arts is good, and there is a lot of gold in his pockets. How can we, the common people, be compared with him?”

“So you are jealous?” Song Qingshu raised his eyebrows, and suddenly asked with curiosity, “Among the women you harmed, did any of them look like any one of Duan Zhengchun’s lovers?”

Yun Zhonghe looked a little embarrassed, so he had to tell the truth: “No…”

“Let me tell you the truth, you never really thought about improving your own situation, but chose the evil path. You have no meat on your face, and your body is like a bamboo pole, and it’s obvious that your body is hollowed out by debauchery and wine. With your notoriety, women will only look at you if they are blind.” Song Qingshu curled his lips and spoke with disdain.

“I don’t need a woman to look at me!” As he woke up from his daze, Yun Zhonghe couldn’t help being furious at the word aimed at him.

Song Qingshu shook his head, “I told you as much to make you aware of your failure in this life. I hope you will reincarnate in your next life and reflect on it.”

Yun Zhonghe laughed twice, he waved the rotten silver crane claws and attacked. Song Qingshu turned at a superb angle on the spot, just enough to create a gap between them, and pointed a finger under his opponent’s armpit.

Yun Zhonghe felt his whole body go numb. He couldn’t move, and was shocked, “How did you know that my weakness is under my armpit?”

“It’s beneficial to be cultured and educated. ‘When Crane and Snake fight, look under its armpit’, this is common sense.” Song Qingshu calmly said, but he thanked Wang Yuyan ten thousand times in his heart. In the original novel, it was she who pointed out the weak spot of Yun Zhonghe. With this information it was easy to defeat him, and it would be impossible to capture him otherwise.

Yun Zhonghe was very evil, and he had a very clever mind. With his eyes turned, he began to look for a way out, “This little brother, I heard your high opinion just now, and I noticed that you are also a fellow man on the same path. Since you have fallen in love with this beauty, I will respect your decision. Please feel free to let me go.”

“Bah! Who is the same as you?” Song Qingshu viciously stepped on his foot, and he jumped up in pain, “Besides, now you are under my mercy, and if I really want this girl. Why would I need your permission?”

“Yes, yes…Your Excellency is a proud hero. You are majestic and handsome. Your demeanor is like the autumn wind, romantic and suave…” Yun Zhonghe’s words made Song Qingshu irritated, and he waved his hand to stop him from continuing his flattery, “No matter what you say, it’s of no use today. You cannot escape death, I will send you on your way to the afterlife and avenge the women whose lives you have ruined.”

Yun Zhonghe panicked, but he noticed the intent in his tone and quickly said, “As long as the hero promises to let me go, I can give you my martial arts techniques.”

“What will I do with your useless martial arts?” Song Qingshu said with disdain.

“Of course, the martial art of this lowly one is not worth mentioning in the eyes of this hero.” Yun Zhonghe smiled awkwardly, “But, my movement technique (Qinggong) can be ranked third among all of Wulin.” His tone couldn’t hide his pride.

“Oh? Then who are the top two?” Song Qingshu suddenly became interested, as he didn’t have any martial arts techniques that were in the top ten in the world.

“The first in terms of movement technique (Qinggong) is naturally Ming Cult’s Wei Yixiao, the “Green Winged Bat King”. He is actually god gifted in terms of movement technique (Qinggong).” Yun Zhonghe said with admiration, “As for the title second best in movement technique (Qinggong), that goes to Dongfang Bubai of the Sun Moon Holy Cult, that ghostly abnormality should also far exceed me.” Yun Zhonghe’s tone was full of dread.

“And the third is you?” Song Qingshu sneered, “Do you feel no shame?”

Yun Zhonghe awkwardly smiled, “The hero is wise, there are indeed many people in the world who are not weaker than me, but there is no one notably better than me. So, I can only shamelessly claim to be the third.” Noticing that Song Qingshu still showed no interest. He panicked and hurriedly added, “This lowly one and Wei Yixiao’s movement technique (Qinggong) have the same origin. I am only inferior due to aptitude and internal strength issues, so I can’t achieve the same great results.”

“Oh? What’s the name of the movement technique (Qinggong)?” Song Qingshu was really excited now.

“Traceless Sand Treading Steps!” Finally seeing him show interest, Yun Zhonghe hurriedly repiled, “As long as Young Hero lets this villain go, this villain promises to repent and never harm any good women again.”

“Okay! Tell me the movement technique’s (Qinggong) formula. After I check it, I will naturally let you go.” Song Qingshu’s heart was pounding at this moment. It would be great if he learned the “Traceless Sand Treading Steps”. It was really not much weaker than the “Minute Ice Ripple Step”.

When he saw that his opponent promised so easily, Yun Zhonghe began to doubt in his heart and he sneered, “If I tell the movement technique’s (Qinggong) formula, and then the Young Hero decides to kill me. Then I won’t have any chance to regret.”

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