Chapter 42: A sweet smile

“Although I usually disregard the rules of etiquette, but, I am a man of my words.” Song Qingshu saw that Yun Zhonghe didn’t believe his words, so he had to say, “I can take a poisonous oath, but you must also take a poisonous oath. If you harm women in the future…”

At the moment, Yun Zhonghe was under his knife, like a fish ready to be chopped up, so he couldn’t find any other way out. He nodded and agreed. After listening to Song Qingshu’s poisonous oath, he also swore a poisonous oath, “If I continue to harm any good women in the future, I will be struck by heavenly lightning to death in the future.” But he sneered in his heart, the heavenly lightning? Was there such a way of death in the world?

Song Qingshu noticed the tricks in his oath, and didn’t care, because he knew that in all of Jin Yong’s martial arts novels, there was an iron rule, that was, the violation of the oath would be punished in the end. Since Yun Zhonghe made the oath of heavenly lightning, if he does evil in the future, it would be hard to escape the eyes of the heavenly lightning.

The two made their vows, and Yun Zhonghe hesitated for a while and then said the formula of Traceless Sand Treading Steps,”The one who scatters, the emissary of the divine. To utilize and harness its power, one must follow the instance between the moments…”

As he listened to it, Song Qingshu’s eyes started to brighten. When Yun Zhonghe finished speaking the last word, Song Qingshu felt that his body suddenly became much lighter. He looked at the mountain slopes dozens of meters away from the cliff. His heart moved, and he kicked the ground with his feet. He leaped out like a sharp sword, by the time Yun Zhonghe blinked his eyes, Song Qingshu had reached the opposite mountain slope. Then he turned around, and with a light tap of the toe, quickly flew back like lightning.

“Are you a man or a ghost!” Yun Zhonghe looked at Song Qingshu in horror. How could he have thought that this guy would be able to learn the “Traceless Sand Treading Steps” so quickly. And his movement technique (Qinggong) also greatly surpassed his own!

“Well, I’m in a good mood this time, so I will let you live.” Song Qingshu unsealed Yun Zhonghe’s acupuncture point and waved his hand, “Remember your vow.”

Yun Zhonghe picked up the rotten silver crane claws on the ground and glanced at Song Qingshu with a complicated expression, “You are very talented, it is rare. Given time, you have the ability to become the best in the world.” His expression was rather lonely, and he swiftly left the mountain.

Song Qingshu also didn’t expect that he would be this talented in movement technique (Qinggong). This “Traceless Sand Treading Steps” was very compatible with him, and in time, he will definitely be able to reach the realm of great perfection.

Thinking about his lack of talent in other martial arts, but his strange compatibility with movement techniques (Qinggong) and Bewitching Technique, Song Qing’s expression couldn’t help but become weird. Could it be that he was destined to be a flower thief?

On the side, the unconscious Mu Wanqing woke up with a soft cry. Song Qingshu’s face instantly returned to that silly look again, he squatted beside her and stared at her with a grin.

As soon as Mu Wanqing regained consciousness, she remembered that her acupuncture points were sealed by Yun Zhonghe before she fainted, and her heart sank. If she failed to protect her chastity, she could only choose to take her own life to requite her love for Duan Yu.

When she opened her eyes, what welcomed her was Song Qingshu’s silly smiling face, and she screamed in fright. Song Qingshu seemed to be taken aback by her too, so he fell back on his butt three feet away.

Mu Wanqing finally reacted, she looked at the familiar clothes on his body, and asked with uncertainty, “Are you that Little Fool?”

“Yes, yes, pretty sister, do you remember me?” Song Qingshu suddenly became excited, and leaned over again.

“Ah~ Don’t come close to me!” Mu Wanqing exclaimed, suddenly remembered Yun Zhonghe, and secretly looked at her whole body. She was neatly dressed, and it seemed that nothing dishonorable had happened. She asked strangely, “That thin bamboo pole just now. What happened to him?” She thought that Song Qingshu was really a trivial man from the wild, and he didn’t know Yun Zhonghe, so she described his appearance instead.

“Oh, the one you are talking about was beaten away by me.” Song Qingshu gave an honest smile.

“You?” Mu Wanqing glanced at him with suspicion. This guy was obviously unkempt and stupid, so she didn’t believe him in her heart.

“You don’t believe me?” Song Qingshu seemed to have guessed her mind and raised his fist, “I have great strength. I grew up in the mountains and often fought with bears and gorillas. I can knock out a buffalo with a punch!” He raised chin, like a child who loved to show off.

“You are just bragging!” Mu Wanqing snorted coldly, turned her head, and stopped looking at him.

“Then I’ll let you see for yourself.” Song Qingshu seemed to feel insulted, his expression a little anxious, he rolled up his sleeves with irritation, and hit the big tree beside him with a punch.

In front of Mu Wanqing’s disbelieving eyes, that large and thick tree was split from the waist, and she turned her head to look at the fool in front of her in horror.

Song Qingshu sighed in his heart. Just now, that punch was the “Great Devil Eradicating Fist” from the “Nine Yin Scripture”. Although it was stronger than most masters in wulin, but when Zhang Wuji used his “Seven Injuries Fist” in Guangming, he also hit a tree of the same thickness, it became a pile of fine powder. He, on the other hand, could only split the tree, so the gap was obvious.

But he was satisfied with the result for now, so Song Qingshu turned his head and looked at Mu Wanqing with a smile, “How about it, aren’t I very strong?”

After Mu Wanqing came out of her daze, she noticed that the veil on his face had been removed. Although there were many dirt stains on his face, she could still make out the fine face behind it, and she softly asked, “Why did you take off your veil? “

“Didn’t my mother say that the first woman who took off my veil, I will marry her?” Song Qingshu paused deliberately. To Mu Wanqing his smile looked a little shameless, “But then I remembered that my mother once said that girls are all very shy, they are all… uh, what was that word again? What was the word she used…” Song Qingshu deliberately made an expression of contemplation.

“Reserved!” Mu Wanqing on the ground said irritably.

Song Qingshu’s eyes lit up, “Yes, that! My mother was talking about them being reserved! So I thought, this sister is so beautiful, and she also seems to be a very reserved woman. Maybe she likes me in her heart, but she must be too embarrassed to take the initiative to lift my veil. Therefore, as a man, I have to take the initiative to make things easier for you.”

“Nonsense!” Mu Wanqing was trembling with anger, “Who likes you in her heart?”

“Isn’t that the case?” Song Qingshu showed a puzzled look. “I saw it in a play, a beautiful girl was kidnapped by bad guys in the wilderness. At that time, a young knight appeared, just like me! The bad guy ran away and the girl was rescued. Then shouldn’t that girl dedicate herself to him?”

“Who said that if a woman is rescued, she must dedicate herself!” Mu Wanqing was ashamed and angry. She lived alone with her master her whole life. Except for Duan Yu, she had never seen any other young man. Facing Song Qingshu’s endless teasing. She didn’t even know how to refute, “Besides…besides, what kind of young knight are you!”

“Wow!” Song Qingshu rolled on the ground and cried, “Mom was right, you must think I am ugly, not as good-looking as the young knights in the play.”

Mu Wanqing turned her head and looked at him. When she saw Song Qingshu crying and heartbroken, she felt it was a little unbearable and comforted him, “It’s not like that.”

Hearing her words, Song Qingshu whizzed and stood up, “Then are you willing to be my wife?”

Mu Wanqing was almost choked to death by that sentence, but she realized that the day was almost over, and it was gradually getting dark. In this wilderness, one man and a woman alone, and her acupuncture points were sealed, so she couldn’t move. If this fool had any evil intentions, she would surely suffer. So she smiled and softly said, “Little Fool, can you unseal my acupuncture points for me first, and then we can discuss this issue.”

Mu Wanqing’s expression has been as cold as ice since till now. This sudden smile was like the first melting of ice and snow, and it was like a hundred flowers blooming. Song Qingshu felt like he was hit by a heavy hammer in his chest, and he secretly regretted, “I wanted to just tease her. But, if I fall into this trap instead, I will probably lose more than I gain.”

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    1. Tbf, he initially seemed to be willing to be dedicated to one woman. Then he got spurrned not just once, but twice on a rather biblical scale. It’s not unlikely he’d turn to loving women(their bodies) but hating them at the same time(their hearts).

      I’m not excusing his behaviour. You have to be a bit psychotic to condone CN mc’s character (and can I just mention its fucking Bizzare how CN mc’s are kinda scummy across the board?). I’m just saying I understand it from that point of view.

  1. “Are you a man or a ghost!”
    ” I am a genious” he said, with his nose pointing at the skies, as if it wanted to pierce them

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