Chapter 425: Choice

Seeing Zhou Zhiruo blaming her, Zhao Min was also angry, “What does it have to do with me?”

Zhou Zhiruo poured her True Qi into Song Qingshu’s body to heal him, but she felt like she was pouring a drop of water in the sea. So she got even more angry, “If you didn’t act like a smarta*ss, how could Ming Zun target you? Then Song Qingshu wouldn’t have gotten seriously injured trying to save you.”

Zhao Min was speechless for a moment and couldn’t help but say, “I…I just wanted to help.”

“If you wanted to help, you should’ve stayed out of the fight!” Zhou Zhiruo was fuming with anger.

 “Hey, hey, were you enemies in your last life? How long has it been and you are still arguing…” Song Qingshu coughed and said speechlessly.

“Humph!” The two women turned their faces away at the same time.

“If Zhang Wuji had a soul in heaven and saw the two women who once loved him deeply fall in love with another man, I don’t know what he would think.” Ming Zun finished his recuperation and felt that he had recovered a little bit. He looked at the three who were flirting there and couldn’t help but ridicule.

“Bah!” Zhao Min spat, “No ivory will come out of a dog’s mouth!”

Ming Zun laughed and said, “Whether my mouth is bad or not, you will know later when you taste it.”

“You!” Zhao Min’s pretty face turned red and white, and her chest heaved rapidly. She was born in a noble family and had countless masters under her command. She had never been insulted by a man in such a nasty way.

Zhou Zhiruo stood up, tightened her hand on the whip, and calmly said to Zhao Min, “You take Song Qingshu away, and I will help him block it for a while.”

Zhao Min was startled, “Then how will you escape?”

Zhou Zhiruo said coldly, “Can you please stop talking nonsense? I can’t hold him off for long.”

Zhao Min gritted her silver teeth and held Song Qingshu on her shoulders. She was about to take him away, but Song Qingshu gently pushed her away, “You can go alone. “

Hearing his words, a strange look flashed across Zhou Zhiruo’s face, “Why don’t you want to leave?”

Song Qingshu smiled gently, “How can I let my woman fight to the death and escape by myself?”

Zhou Zhiruo’s heart trembled, but her face still remained expressionless, “You know that if you can leave successfully, you can avenge me in the future.”

“I know…” Song Qingshu nodded, “But you need to be sacrificed in the process…I can’t do it. So I choose to stay. Don’t you think it will be more romantic to be a pair of mandarin ducks with the same fate?”

Zhou Zhiruo trembled slightly and took a deep breath, “Okay!”

Zhao Min looked at Song Qingshu, then at Zhou Zhiruo, and saw the expression on their face. A look of determination flashed on her face, and she couldn’t help but stamp her feet, “Okay, this happened because of me. Since you won’t leave, I will stay with you until the end.” 

Ming Zun clapped his hands and said, “What a touching scene, but little Mongo1ian witch, that couple decided to live and die together, don’t you feel ashamed as an outsider?”

Zhao Min’s face turned red, and she subconsciously defended, “Now that I know that Brother Wuji has been ki1led by you, and there is no hope of revenge, it is better to go down to find Brother Wuji early, hoping that he has not drank Meng Po Soup yet.” (G: Meng Po Soup translated as Soup of Oblivion or Water of Lethe, is a drink that must be given to anyone who enters the afterlife.)

Ming Zun smiled disdainfully, “As the Mongolian princess, you should believe in the Immortal Heaven, but you actually talk about the afterlife of the Han people. You are indeed a deviant little witch. But even if you want to die, you won’t have it that easy. I have already said that I will turn you, a little witch, into a s1ave and tort*ure you day and night, in order to relieve the hatred in the heart of my people.”

The color on Zhao Min’s pretty face faded, and she quietly said to Zhou Zhiruo, “Hey, haven’t you always wanted to ki1l me? If it becomes impossible for us to escape, just ki1l me first.”

Zhou Zhiruo couldn’t help but glance at her and said curiously, “I may not have time to ki1l you later… why don’t you commit suic1de now?”

Zhao Min smiled awkwardly, “I still want to live a little longer. Besides, the great Immortal God does not allow his people to commit suic1de.” 

“If your Immortal God is so useful, why don’t you ask him to deal with this old monster?” Zhou Zhiruo curled her lips.

“Uh…” Zhao Min was speechless for a moment.

“You don’t have to waste your efforts. No one will die without my consent.” Seeing the two women arguing, Ming Zun snorted impatiently.

“Really?” Zhou Zhiruo’s face turned cold, and she quickly swung her whip, aiming to wrap around Zhao Min’s neck. With the power of the White Python Whip technique, the moment Zhao Min’s slender neck was wrapped around, she would probably suffocate to death.

Ming Zun frowned, and the Holy Flame Tablet quickly flew towards Zhou Zhiruo. 

Zhou Zhiruo withdrew her long whip and whipped it towards the Holy Flame Tablet. The Holy Flame Tablet in the air seemed to have eyes, and it avoided in an extremely weird arc.

Before Zhou Zhiruo came back to her senses, she felt numbness in several major acupuncture points on her body. It turned out that several other Holy Flame Tablets had quietly bypassed her guard and restrained the acupuncture points on her body.

Zhao Min finally reacted, touched her neck fearfully, and glared at Zhou Zhiruo, “Were you really planning to ki1l me?”

“Didn’t you ask me to ki1l you?” Zhou Zhiruo calmly responded.

“Didn’t I ask you to ki1l me later?” Zhao Min was speechless.

“We might not have a chance later.” Zhou Zhiruo sighed quietly.

“Why are you so useless? After all, you are the leader of a sect. How come you were restrained with just one move! Where did the majesty of the Lion Slaying Assmbly go?” Seeing that Zhou Zhiruo was restrained in the blink of an eye, Zhao Min fired back.

“If you are so capable, why don’t you ki1l him yourself?” Zhou Zhiruo shut up Zhao Min with just one sentence.

A burst of arrogant laughter resounded through the sky. Ming Zun approached the three of them and said to Zhou Zhiruo, “Master Zhou, just now this brat said he would stay and die with you. Are you very touched? You should understand now. It’s not that he is great, but that he knows that you can’t stop me at all and he can’t leave at all, so he just pretended to be generous and stayed.”

Song Qingshu smiled lightly and did not defend himself. 

Instead, Zhou Zhiruo sneered, “People with dirty minds will regard everyone as a despicable person.”

Zhao Min tilted her head and smiled sweetly at Zhou Zhiruo, “It is rare that we have the same opinion.”

Ming Zun’s face turned gloomy, and he ignored the two women and looked at Song Qingshu, “Song Qingshu, I can let one of you three leave. Who do you think I should let go?” 

“You would be so kind?” Song Qingshu was stunned and quickly understood the other party’s sinister intentions, “Then you should let Zhao Min go.”

Ming Zun laughed loudly, “Master Zhou, did you see? Your man would rather save another woman than his own wife. Aren’t you hurt?”

Seeing Zhou Zhiruo’s silence, Ming Zun continued, “I thought that the witch surnamed Zhao had an affair with him before, and now it seems that it is indeed the case.”

Song Qingshu was not in a hurry, but smiled, and asked leisurely, “Oh, the Princess and I have an adu1terous affair between us? I would like to hear the details.”

Ming Zun said coldly, “If you and that little demoness have nothing between you, how could you give up on ki1ling me to save her and cause this situation? If she has nothing to do with you, why would she bring you here instead of the experts from Prince Ruyang’s Palace? Why did she give up the chance to escape just now and willingly stay and die with you?”

“It indeed seems true when you say it like this…” Song Qingshu nodded in agreement, turned to look at Zhao Min, and said with a smile, “I didn’t expect that the Princess would actually be deeply in love with me. If we are lucky enough to escape this disaster, how about you forget about Zhang Wuji and follow me?”

“Bah!” Zhao Min’s face turned red. “That old monster is crazy, and have you also gone crazy with him? If I hadn’t thought that you were seriously injured, I would definitely tear your mouth apart.”

Zhou Zhiruo frowned and couldn’t help but glare at Zhao Min, “Why do you like to covet my belongings?” 

“Covets your belongings?” Zhao Min’s mouth curved with a nice arc, “Yes, this Princess likes to rob others. What can you do about it?”

“Shameless!” Zhou Zhiruo wasn’t angry, but laughed. Now that the two of them were in danger, they were bickering before their death, so it had a different feeling.

Zhao Min made a proud face, and then nudged Song Qingshu next to him, “Hey, Surnamed Song, why did you choose to let me go? Are you really interested in this Princess?”

Zhou Zhiruo raised her eyebrows and ears at once. She obviously also cared about Song Qingshu’s answer.

Song Qingshu smiled slightly, “If Zhiruo and I die together, we can still be a pair of mandarin ducks with the same fate, and we will not be lonely on the road to the Yellow Spring. If I die together with you, I will see you and Zhang Wuji together on the road to Yellow Spring. Wouldn’t it be depressing?”

After hearing the words “same fate”, Zhou Zhiruo breathed a sigh of relief in her heart and thought to herself, ‘With so many things happening between me and him, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to die together like this.’

What Zhao Min cared about was his last sentence. Listening to Song Qingshu’s tone, he seemed to be slightly jealous. For some reason, Zhao Min felt inexplicably happy.

Seeing the two women’s heartfelt smiles, Ming Zun’s heart welled up with anger, “How can it be so easy to die together?” 

As his eyes wandered between the two women, one bright and charming, while the other elegant and cold, Ming Zun’s gaze turned strange, then he smiled and said, “Song Qingshu, you can go die in peace. As a hero surnamed Cao once said, I will raise your wife, so don’t worry about it.”

Zhao Min said angrily, “You are also a master of the generation, and the teachings of Ming Cult also yearn for light, punish evil and promote good, how can you be so shameless?”

Ming Zun smiled nonchalantly, “How can ordinary people like you understand my perception of good and evil? A tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye, this is the greatest good in the world. Your Mongolian Western Expeditionary Army burned, ki1led, looted, and ra*ped women. So what is wrong if I want you to experience such humiliation?”

“What about Zhou Zhiruo? She didn’t hurt your people.” Zhao Min couldn’t help but say.

“According to the words of the Han people, a great person does not stick to trivial norms. She will be serving me, which is the greatest honor for a woman in the world.” Ming Zun said proudly.

“This level of shamelessness surpasses even me.” Song Qingshu smiled bitterly and shook his head, but secretly gathered his True Qi at his fingertips. After adjusting his breath during this period, he thought to himself, ‘If Ming Zun come over in a state of triumph, I should be able to take him down with me.’

Just as he was thinking about how to trick him without arousing suspicion, a clear female voice was heard from not far away, “Bah, bah, bah, you are so shameless!”

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